Kapitan Khlebnikov icebreaker

Kapitan Khlebnikov icebreaker Review and Specifications

Specifications of Kapitan Khlebnikov icebreaker

Flag state Russia
Builder Wartsila Hietalahti shipyard (Helsinki, Finland)
Year built 1981
Owner Far East Shipping Company (FESCO)
Speed 14 kn / 26 kph / 16 mph
Length (LOA) 123 m / 404 ft
Beam (width) 27 m / 89 ft
Gross Tonnage 12288 gt
Passengers 54 - 112
Crew 70
Decks 6
Cabins 54
Decks with cabins 4

Review of Kapitan Khlebnikov icebreaker

Kapitan Khlebnikov ("Капитaн Хлeбников") is a Russian icebreaking ship. The vessel is regularly chartered by the travel company Quark Expeditions as an icebreaker cruise ship for tourist shipping operations on itineraries to Russian Arctic territories. Owned by the Russian company FESCO Group (its subsidiary "Far East Shipping Company"), this icebreaking vessel is generaly used for supplying mines, resource exploitation industries and for scientific expeditions.Kapitan Khlebnikov icebreaker cruise ship

  • The shipowner FESCO is Russia's largest intermodal transportation company. Among the services provided are marine shipping, cargo port handling and rail transportation. The company has over 70 sales offices around the world, with its headquarters in Moscow.
  • The icebreaker Kapitan Khlebnikov was constructed in Finland in 1981 as one of a quartet of Kapitan Sorokin-class icebreaking ships.
  • In 1990 she was refitted as a tour ship and was the first vessel ever to carry passengers and circumnavigate Antarctica in 1996-1997.
  • In February 2006 Kapitan Khlebnikov reached the Antarctic Bay of Whales, equalling a record set by Roald Amundsen in Fram, 1911.
  • The icebreaker was for a short time trapped in Antarctic ice in a bay close to Snow Hill Island, in the middle of November 2009. A total of 101 passengers, with the majority being UK citizens, were among the trapped ship's complement of 184 people. The "Emperor Penguin Safari" trip and was arranged by the adventure travel company "Exodus". 3 of the UK passengers were BBC film crew working on the documentary "Frozen Planet" (broadcasted in 2011). The icebreaker was several days behind schedule, but not endangered in any way.
  • In March 2012 the vessel retired as a passenger ship and returned to escort duties in Russian Arctic. Quark Expeditions then marked the occasion with special guests and itineraries. From July 10, 2011 through September 13, 2011 the icebreaker made a full Arctic circumnavigation cruise which lasted for 66 days and featured adventure activities and helicopter tours.
  • Besides Quark Expeditions, the icebreaker is also chartered by the USA-based company "Victory Cruises". The company generaly charters Russian icebreakers and ice-strengthened cruise ships, among which are Akademic Sergey Vavilov, Akademik Ioffe, Ushuaia, Ortelius, Plancius, Ocean Nova, Polar Pioneer, Stella Australis.

Kapitan Khlebnikov icebreaker

A polar-class icebreaker that combines technology with modern comforts, the Kapitan Khlebnikov ship was originally designed for the severity of the Arctic Ocean. She has twin decks which boast superstructure and engine room located in the middle, transom stern and an icebreaker bow. The stern area is cushioned to allow for close towing of other ships when helping through the ice.

Passenger accommodations include a total of 54 cabins and suites. The icebreaker has two dining rooms, a bar and lounge. Other amenities are an exercise room, sauna and heated indoor swimming pool, as well as a shop and theatre-style auditorium. The library offers polar-themed books' collection.

The ice-breaker's double hull has water ballast between, along with pumps that move ballast water at up to 74 t/min to help ice breaking. Hull thickness at the ice skirt is 45 mm and elsewhere 25-35 mm. Friction between the vessel and the ice is reduced via polymer-paint coating at the ice skirt's level. An air bubbling system aids ice breaking. Air is forced under pressure from 2m (6,6 ft) above keel from the bow of the ship to halfway down.

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