MS Prince Vladimir

MS Prince Vladimir Review and Specifications

Specifications of MS Prince Vladimir

Year built2020 new ship
BuilderKrasnoye Sormovo (Sormovsky-Nizhny Novgorod, Russia)
ClassRussian cruise ship (Project PV300LMPP-110)
Ferry route / homeportsSt Petersburg-Moscow
Building costRUB 3,2 billion (USD 57 million).
OwnerMosturflot (Russia)
Speed12 kn / 22 kph / 14 mph
Length (LOA)141 m / 463 ft
Beam (width)17 m / 56 ft
Decks with cabins3
Christened bytba

Review of MS Prince Vladimir

MS Prince Vladimir cruise ship ("теплоход Князь Владимир" круизный корабль) is a new-design Russian passenger ship owned by the private Russian shipping company Mosturflot ("Мостурфлот") and operated under charter by Russia's largest cruise company VODOHOD ("Водоход"). The 6-deck newbuild was designed and constructed in Russia. Vessel's scheduled launch is in May 2020. This modern Russian riverboat (Project PV300) is currently under construction at the shipyard Krasnoye Sormovo (Nizhny Novgorod Russia).

MS Prince Vladimir cruise ship (Russia)

VODOHOD's cruise ship "Project PV300LMPP-110"

At the end of 2016, VODOHOD signed a contract with the Russian shipbuilder USC (United Shipbuilding Corporation) for construction of one PV300 unit. The building contractor is the USC's subsidiary PJSC "Krasnoe Sormovo". The newbuild was planned to be ready for 2020 Volga River navigation season. The cost of the shipbuilding contract was around RUB 3,2 billion (USD 56,8 million).

new Russian cruise ship design (bow / forward view)

The project realized by VODOHOD partly resembles the PV300 project, as it was modified to meet the standards of the company's commercial efficiency. The full name of this ship project is PV300LMPP-110. The newbuild is planned to cruise on Volga River (between Moscow and Saint Petersburg, navigation duration up to 5-6 months) and during winter it will operate sea cruises (in the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea).

new Russian cruise ship design (stern / aft view)


VODOHOD increased the ship's passenger capacity from 300 to 342. The boat has a total of 169 staterooms, including 2 Suites, 2 Owner Suites, 2 Junior Suites, 159 Deluxe (Twin Comfort) and 4 Standard Twin cabins.

The average cabin size is 19 m2 (205 ft2). For comparison, the size of Twin Standard cabins on other Russian river ships is 10 m2 (110 ft2). All cabins on this "river liner" have private balconies. Suites and Junior Suites are sized 30 m2 (320 ft2).

A total of 22 cabin pairs (44 rooms) are connecting. There is also an option for booking a 3-Room Suite (midship-portside on Boat Deck) which is comprised of 3 connecting cabins.

Cabin amenities and shipboard services correspond to 5-star hotel standards.

Shipboard dining and entertainment options

Dining onboard features European cuisine sp[ecialties with elements of Russian traditional cooking. Breakfasts are buffet-style. Lunches include 1 meal (Russian soup). Dinner is waiter-served and with a traditional Russian food menu. Waiters are dressed in traditional costumes.

Onboard entertainment is focused on pre-scheduled activities and live performances (classical and Russian folk music). Onboard lectures are themed on the country's history and culture. Port talks (by a professional tour guide) provide information on visited river ports, nearby towns, shore excursions and tours available for booking. Passengers also enjoy traditional Russian tea ceremonies, Russian language lessons, dancing and singing classes, vodka tasting, nesting doll (matryoshka) painting classes.

Ship facilities include:

  • 2 restaurants, 2 bar lounges, Pub (Beer Bar)
  • Conference Hall, Reading Hall (Library)
  • Show Lounge (Music Hall with dance floor, stage and grand piano for live performances)
  • Ironing Room (laundry service), Kids Room, Souvenir Shop
  • Sauna, Spa Salon (Hairdresser, Massage Room)
  • 3 lifts (passenger elevators), 2 Atriums (each with its own Reception Desk)
  • Sun Deck (Solarium with loungers), Medical Room (Infirmary), 


Prince Vladimir ship cruises on Volga River with northbound and southbound itineraries - Moscow-Astrakhan and between Moscow and St Petersburg (passing through Onega and Ladoga lakes). The riverboat also operates on the route Moscow-Rostov-on-Don (passing through Volga-Don Canal).

The inaugural cruise was scheduled for May 12. The 12-day (11-night) itinerary Moscow to St Petersburg visits Moscow (2 overnights), Uglich, Yaroslavl, Goritsy, Kizhi Island, Mandrogui, and St Petersburg (3 overnights). The reverse St Petersburg to Moscow itinerary has length 11 days (10 nights).

During winter, when Volga River is not navigational, the ship cruises on the Caspian Sea and Black Sea itineraries.

VODOHOD cruise deals

  • Departure port (dock/berth), check-in, boarding and landing times are indicated on the company's website ( and on passengers' boarding passes. Ship's exact departure time is clarified on the website the day prior departure.
  • Kids discount ticket prices are for children up to 14 years of age (14-yo including), the age being fixed on departure day.
  • Kids from 2 to 5 years of age (5-yo including) travel free of charge, but without providing an additional bed (if there are no free beds in the cabin). Shore excursion is also free of charge.
  • Toddlers (kids under 2) travel free of charge, but bed, food and tour services are not provided. Extra beds in staterooms (baby cribs, cots) are not available on the ship.
  • TWIN (double cabin) single supplement rate is 75%.
  • Cabin number is provided 7 days prior departure. Reservation of a specific room number costs EUR 50 pp per cruise.
  • Ticket prices are inclusive of 3 meals a day. Onboard dining includes Breakfast (buffet style, water in pitchers, tea/ coffee served, drinks - cocoa, milk, juices, hot and cold dishes), Lunch (buffet style, water in pitchers, tea/coffee served) and Dinner (waiter-served) with 1 Starter, 1 Main course (choice of 3 available / meat-fish-vegetarian), 1 Dessert (choice of 2 or fruits).
  • On embarkation day and disembarkation day (voyage's end), meal times depend on landing times. If a land tour coincides with a meal time (lunch), passengers are provided with complimentary food at a local restaurant (cafe) or given "dry rations".
  • Ticket price inclusive onboard events are Welcome Aboard ("bread and salt" ceremony), Welcome Cocktail (complimentary 1 glass of champagne or juice per person), "Tea Ceremony" (tea and traditional pies), "Vodka Show" (blini and vodka tasting), Cocktail Party (once per cruise, complimentary 1 cocktail / out of 3 choices per person), Captain's Dinner (gourmet menu, once per cruise), mulled wine or ice tea (weather-depending / upon returning from excursions), complimentary Coffee Station (coffee, hot water, packed tea, milk, cocoa, cookies, opening times 6am-breakfast, 10-12am, 4-6pm, 9-11pm), 1 bottled water (0.33l pp per day in cabins). Tickets are also inclusive of foreign language speaking guide services, onboard entertainment (language class, singing lessons, live music, nightly dancing music, Wheelhouse tour).
  • Complimentary excursions are detailed in the ship's cruise itinerary program. Optional tours are available for shipboard booking. For excursion services, VODOHOD charges foreigners with an additional fee per person per day, including children 6-14 yo. This fee is not charged to tourists from the Russian Commonwealth, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The surcharge varies by cruise tour itinerary length (1-2-days, 3-4-days, 5-days, 6-days, 7-days).
  • VODOHOD cruise tickets don't include any land transfers, beverages and snacks (in onboard bars and lounges), phone conversations, sauna visits, optional excursions, travel insurance, gratuities, personal spendings. Ticket prices include 18% VAT.
  • Non-cash onboard payments are made via the company's debit card "Vodohod"(received upon registration), which is without any interest or commissions. The card is accepted in all the ship's venues (bars, restaurant, shop, administration). Cash payments for onboard sales are not accepted. International bank cards are accepted for final payments.
  • Gift Certificate "Vodohod" (vouchers) can be pre-purchased for any amount. The recipient can choose an itinerary, cruise departure date and cabin category. The amount specified is not fixed and is set by the buyer. If the cruise tour costs less than the certificate's amount, the difference is not refundable.
  • Smoking on the ship is allowed only in designated areas (marked with "Place for smoking" signs), located aft on decks Middle and/or Boat (depending on ship). Smoking is prohibited in all interior spaces and on open decks (except at designated areas).
  • On all VODOHOD ships are available health gymnastics and morning exercises (led by a certified physician/ship's doctor), oxygen cocktail, dietary food.
  • On all VODOHOD ships are provided (free of charge) the following medical services - emergency medical care (assistance required for sudden acute illnesses, conditions, exacerbation of chronic diseases), measurement of blood pressure and body temperature, primary treatment of wounds.
  • VODOHOD recommends passengers to arrive in departure port cities at least 6 hours prior to ship departure. Boarding starts 2 hours prior departure. All passengers must be boarded at least 1-hour prior departure. Late passengers missing their cruise tour are not refunded.
  • VODOHOD's departure ports are Moscow, St Petersburg, Astrakhan, Nizhny Novgorod, Perm, Samara, Kazan, Volgograd, Rostov-on-Don, Saratov.

Note: You can see the CruiseMapper's list of all river cruise ships and riverboats in the "itinerary" section of our River Cruises hub. All companies and their fleets are listed there.

MS Prince Vladimir wiki

In 2017, the companies Vodohod, Krasnoye Sormovo (shipyard) and Goznak-Leasing signed a 3-party contract for building and delivery of one Project PV-300 unit. Under this agreement, the vessel was built at Krasnoye Sormovo shipyard, which is part of United Shipbuilding Corporation, and delivered to the customer Goznak-Leasing and the consignee Vodohod by February 1, 2020.

The shipbuilding project (management firm MNP Group) stated that the ship can be operated in coastal areas and sea, as well as in Onega and Ladoga lakes with waves up to 3 m (10 ft) high. Designed by Marine Engineering Bureau, the vessel is the second within the project built at Russian shipyards.

Vodohod targets with the newbuild both Russian and foreign customers who consider river cruises in Russia as a great travel vacation alternative. This best-choice leisure ship provides luxury hotel amenities and the highest level of comfort.

Lotus Shipyard (in Astrakhan Russia) is fully-owned by USC (United Shipbuilding Corporation).

Russian cruise ship Project PV300

In August 2016, the "Lotos" plant in Astrakhan started the construction of the first Russia-made cruise liner for the past 60 years. It is expected to construct 2 more same-design vessels, following the scheme PV300.

MS Prince Vladimir river cruise ship (Russia)

The new Prince Vladimir ship has maritime class "river-sea" and 5-star level of luxury and comfort. The RSCM (River Shipping Company of Moscow) and affiliated company Mosturflot took part in the development of the vessel's technical plan. "Mosturflot" is the first company to operate the newbuild, featuring the following main characteristics: length 141 m (463 ft), width 16,8 m (55 ft), capacity 300 passengers.

new Russian river cruise ship design (Mosturflot project PV300)

Shipbuilder Krasnoye Sormovo

Krasnoye Sormovo Shipyard is one of Soviet Union's (USSR's) oldest shipbuilding factories. The yard is located in Sormovsk (city district of Nizhny Novgorod). The shipyard was founded in 1849 by the companies "Nizhny Novgorod Machine Factory" and "Volga Steam Navigation".

The shipbuilder started construction of solid metal steamers (steam-powered ships) in 1851 and 3 years later developed screw schooners production. In 1858, Nizhny Novgorod Machine Factory (yeard's original mane) produced Russia's first steam dredger. The first Russian 2-decked steamship (Perevorot) was constructed at the yard in 1871. In 1913, it produced Danilikha - a dry bulk cargo steamship. The factory built a total of 489 steam-powered vessels in the period 1849-1918. It also produced carriages, steam engines, steam locomotives, bridges, tramcars, diesel engines, pontoons, even cannons and projectiles.

During Russian Civil War (1918-1920), Nizhny Novgorod Machine Factory constructed armoured carriages, armoured trains and various weapons for ships of the Volga Military Flotilla. During World War 2 (the period between 1941-1945), the renamed shipbuilder Krasnoye Sormovo Factory constructed T-34 tanks. After the war, it switched to large-block and sectional construction of vessels - (ocean and river ships, oil tankers, river dredgers). Krasnoye Sormovo was among USSR's most innovative factories.

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