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MS Kristallprinzessin current location is at Europe Inland (coordinates 49.02064 N / 12.10333 E) cruising en route to REGENSBURG. The AIS position was reported 4 minutes ago.

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Specifications of MS Kristallprinzessin

Year of build2012  /  Age: 12
Flag state Germany
BuilderOSWAG Werft (Linz,Austria)
Classday-trip Danube River cruise ship
Speed12 kn / 22 km/h / 14 mph
Length (LOA)47 m / 154 ft
Beam (width)11 m / 36 ft
Passengers140 - 290
OwnerDonauschiffahrt Wurm + Kock
OperatorDonauschiffahrt Wurm + Kock

MS Kristallprinzessin Review

Review of MS Kristallprinzessin

MS Kristallprinzessin cruise ship is a riverboat (flussschiff) owned and operated by the German travel company "Donauschiffahrt Wurm + Kock" (translated as "Danube shipping"). headquartered in Passau Germany. The ship is homeported in Regensburg and operates 1-day cruise trips on Danube River.

The vessel was launched in 2012 by the shipbuilder OSWAG Werft at its shipyard in Linz Austria. Its draft is 1,4 m and has total power output 900 hp. The ship's max passenger capacity is 290. The total number of inner seats is 140, all of which are on Entrance Deck / Main Deck. The ship's Navigation Bridge (called "Wheelhouse" on riverboats) is located forward on Upper Deck, where also is the Freideck / sundeck area (aft) furnished with comfortable seating.

Flussschiff MS Kristallprinzessin cruise ship (Donauschiffahrt Wurm + Kock)

Kristallprinzessin ("crystal princess") is one of Wurm+Kock's newest ships from the so-called "crystal fleet". Like the fleet mates Donau Kristallschiff and Kristallkonigin, its interior is marked by original Swarovski crystal elements. The boat has a yacht-design. At both entrances, there are two crystal portals, while inside there is an illuminated tree made of thousands of Swarovski crystals - with pink flowers and branches serving as chandeliers. A glass dome covers the staircase (also filled with numerous Swarovski crystals), which leads to the spacious Freideck (Free Deck / Sun Deck).

Flussschiff MS Kristallprinzessin cruise ship (sun deck)

The ship has two restrooms (themed "gold" and "silver"), a sparkling crystal bar, several flat screens, beamer, state-of-the-art kitchen, modern and powerful air-conditioning and heating systems. The riverboat is powered by two Deutz marine diesel engines.

Flussschiff MS Kristallprinzessin cruise ship (interior)

As day-trip riverboat, MS Kristallprinzessin has no passenger cabins. The other Donauschiffahrt ships homeported in Regensburg are Bruckmadl and Kristallkonigin.

Donauschiffahrt Wurm + Kock

The shipowner "Donauschiffahrt Wurm + Kock" is a cruise shipping company specializing in 1-day boat tours on Danube River, between Regensburg and Vienna. Currently, with a fleet of 13 ships, Wurm+Kock is the Bavarian-Austrian Danube's largest day-trip cruise company. The number of ships based in Passau Germany is nine, two are homeported in Deggendorf Germany and Linz Austria, and three in Regensburg Germany.

Donauschiffahrt's Danube cruising experience includes onboard buffet-style dining, a la carte priced snacks and drinks (including wines by the glass, soda, coffee, tea), professional service and enjoying the city's riverfront and the Bavarian-Austrian country riverside views along the itinerary route.

  • The company's DONAU-Card offers 20% discount on shipping (ferry travel) only. These discounted deals are not inclusive of additional services (like catering or kombi-beds).
  • Kids ages 6-13 pay half the full adult price (50% discount).
  • Kids up to 5 years old travel for free.
  • These offers are available for all itineraries/departures from Germany (Passau, Regensburg) and Austria (Linz).

Wurm+Kock's Danube cruise itineraries from Regensburg

From Regensburg, Donauschiffahrt offers the following cruises:

  • "Historical Strudel" (Regensburg city tour) is a round-trip sightseeing tour operated by MS Kristallprinzessin Via the ship's loudspeakers is provided information about the city's history and most popular sights. The cruise tour has a duration of 45 min. The itinerary is operated April through October. Pricing is EUR 8,90 pp.
  • "Eventful Roundtrip from Regensburg to Walhalla" is roundtrip from Regensburg to the Walhalla memorial operated by the ships MS Kristallkonigin and MS Kristallprinzessin. This is a hall of fame honouring distinguished German nationals - sovereigns, politicians, scientists, artists. The neo-classical design building is located east of the city. The cruise tour has a duration of 2 hours. The itinerary is operated April through October. Pricing is EUR 14,80 pp.
  • Holiday cruises from Regensburg are themed (prices pp) "Sunday Buffet Cruise" (EUR 46), "Advent Buffet Cruise" (EUR 46), "Christmas Buffet Cruise" (EUR 51 / lunch or dinner), "New Year's Weekend" (EUR 47,50 / gala buffet, with lunch or dinner), "New Years Eve Cruise" (EUR 141 / gala buffet, live music), "City Cruise Regensburg-Straubing-Passau" (EUR 36).
  • Dinner cruises from Regensburg are themed (prices pp) "Italian Night" (EUR 43 / 3-course menu), "Sunset Cruise" (EUR 21 / optional menu), "Candlelight Dinner" (EUR 47,50 / 3-course menu), "Crystal Enchantment" (EUR 47,50 / gala buffet), "Christmas Enchantment" (EUR 48 / 4-course menu), "Valentine's Day Cruise" (EUR 48 / 3-course menu, live music).
  • The firework cruise from Regensburg is themed "Walhalla Fire Enchantment" (EUR 69).

Riverboat trips on the Danube are among the best options to diversify your vacation in some of Europe's most popular cultural cities. Day river cruise tours are also often booked for special events (weddings, celebrations, private parties) and as themed excursions (like Christmas and New Year's Eve).

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