The 10 Most Popular Types of Cruises

By ,   May 7, 2015 ,   Tips & Tricks

Why should you choose specific types of cruises and which one is the right for you? First answer the question about how are you planning to cruise - alone, or with kids? May be you're preparing honeymooners a wedding gift or wishing to celebrate at sea your anniversary? You'll be able to find the most appropriate voyage after reading about the 10 most popular types of cruises.

Adventure Types of Cruises

There are different types of cruises concerning adventure voyages as well. The most common types of adventure cruises are expedition, conventional, land and cruise combinations. Determine first which cruise line you would want to sail with, the date of departure and the duration of cruise. Choose a destination, and think about the number of the individuals involved - family, friends, or other. Make a decision about the adventure cruise type and think about if it's going to suit the preferences you have.

  • Conventional adventure cruises provide shore expeditions.
  • Choose an expedition cruise - the perfect chance for nature lovers. It offers onboard presentations and explanations of the culture and history that surrounds the chosen destination.
  • The "land and cruise" combinations give an opportunity to do land sightseeing for a period of time.

Don't forget to search for discounted tours and package deals - some lines provide year-long discounts, while other prefer to do so during peak seasons.

Family cruises

Which types of cruises are best for families with children? Try lines with larger ships as they provide more fun activities for different age groups, clubs and supervised programs for young kids and teens. The best rated companies include Disney Cruise Line featuring non-stop kids' activities; Carnival Cruise Lines "Fun Ships"; Norwegian Cruise Line program "Kids's Crew" for kids aged 2-17; Royal Caribbean huge ships wtih basketball courts, rock-climbing walls, ice skating rinks, numerous swimming pools, fun programs for children. Family cruises are fun for both sides - young and old. Mediterannean cruises are a firm favourite, especially from Southampton. They offer short flight times and calm waters. During family cruise holidays parents can relax as they know that kids are under supervision of highly trained professionals. Most lines now provide facilities for kids that range from nursery (up to 3 years old), to teen clubs, though some lines prove to be more family friendly. The big question about accommodation, that is also family friendly, is sometimes difficult to solve as specific staterooms can be few.

Food and Wine Cruises

Food & wine cruises represent the variety of international cuisine and wines. These voyages enable guests to immerse in this cultural and social aspect of ports of call. All that includes local dining etiquette, wine appreciation and food traditions awaits on these gastronomic adventures. Cookery courses, tasting sessions, tips and recipes for creating authentic flavours ensure guests get a closer experience with different cultures. Le Cordon Bleu Chefs are always on hand on these types of cruises to offer instructions and help uncover your inner cook. Wine is the ideal accompaniment to any cuisine, also covered amongst food and wine voyages, arming passengers with the needed knowledge to accomplish the perfect meal. Wine is an excellent topic, whether discussing a particular variety's notes or identifying the wine which is ideal to accompany a specific dish. Expert tasters are close on hand to guide passengers through grape varieties and discuss. Fine dining or feasts, these types of cruises will reawaken your exquisite tastes.

Honeymoon cruises

A romantic cruise vacation is the best way for a just-married couple to celebate wedding. The upscale lines that offer this types of cruises have the necessary features: dining tables for two, open-seating dining, in-room service and spacious staterooms. Regent Seven Seas Cruises features ocean-view staterooms and complimentary service. The worry-free atmosphere rules over the smaller Silversea Cruises ships - they provide unbeatable service and more intimacy. The real sailing yachts of Windstar Cruises are may be the most romantic, with a variety of getaways in the itineraries. No question that cruise honeymoons are great hassle-free vacations. Lines continue to attract newly married couples with fresh flowers and Champagne, but do you know what the best bet for a honeymoon is? It depends on the type of personality - if both are active, they should try outdoorsy types; another thing are the luxury-seekers, or those who prefer more informalatmosphere. Age matters, too, but there are plenty of options for mature folks because late-in-life marriages also deserve celebrations.

Luxury cruises

Seabourn, Silversea and Regent Seven Seas Cruises occupy the first three places in luxury cruises ratings. What they offer is an all-inclusive vacation, high space per passenger rates, extended complimentary Concierge and room service with no tips required, and specialty restaurants with exquisite cuisine and gourmet dining, spirits and wines during meals. Luxury cruises provide open dining arrangements and you can choose and with whom, at what time you dine. Or you can enjoy the full dinner menu in your suite, again with attentive waiter service. Rooms are elegant and spacious, many of them feature private balconies. Luxury cruise ships are smaller in size. Their staff and crew to guests ratio is higher than other ships. Secrets of luxury cruising consist of the award-winning service and specially selected staff - always on hand to exceed your expectations. Luxury cruises feature the same activities that you would find aboard larger ships on other cruise vacations, with sun decks to relax, luxury spa, gym, swimming pool as well as port talks and guest lecturers to stimulate mind and body.

Senior Cruises

It’s not too late for a first cruise after 55. Reaching a certain age doesn't mean you won't be able to enjoy a cruise vacation. More and more ships cater for senior travelers. Children-free peaceful atmosphere and calm travelers of similar interests and age, might be the right choice for you. There are few senior cruises during each year. Many lines advertise these types of cruises but don't specialize in providing all-senior model, and generally seniors find themselves onboard among a younger crowd. Most senior passengers prefer senior river cruises and smaller ship cruises as compared to huge 2000+ passenger ships. The reason is that these offer a more intimate and quieter atmosphere. Most of the real senior cruises feature onboard lecturers to peak the interest. Loud party atmosphere is not common. Senior cruisers prefer to relax and learn while traveling. Many lines advertise senior cruises on older ships which means less passengers and environment free of partying all night. Senior cruises are cost-effective, because lines charge less. A growing trend with these types of cruises is senior adults taking along adult children - family reunion style for senior cruises. Children who are middle-aged are less likely to act like kids and prefer relaxing while they travel with senior adult parents.

Single cruises

All advertised on the web cruise fares are based on double occupancy unless otherwise is specified. If you plan to cruise alone, you'll end up paying twice the rates you've initially expected. Check the lines' single supplement rates in order to escape - this way you'll know how much a single occupancy costs. Single supplement fares vary from the modest 110% to 200% for the different lines and ships, and you will have pay from 55 to 100% of full double occupancy fare. Holland America Cruise Line and Carnival Cruise Lines offer the so called "single shares" - a single guest agrees to share cabin with another person, and both pay the rates advertised. Crystal Cruises has different policy concerning single types of cruises. The line has 125% rate single supplement and Crystal ships carry a great number of single travelers. The super-expensive Silversea Cruises offers super-single supplement fares of only 110% as well as the possibility to make itinerary fit your timetable.

Themed cruises

Why not enrich cruising experience by combining luxury with your special interest or hobby? Themed cruises follow usual itineraries but are geared towards particular interest topics. However, with the increasing number of guests on most ships, and stops at a large number of call ports, it isn't very practical to turn the entire vessel into a themed cruise. Cruise lines are flexible to accommodate both the ones who are onboard for the purpose of theme, the ones who are onboard simply for the cruise, and the middle ground guests who wish to choose when to take part in the themed activities. Themed types of cruises have raised in popularity over the last years with some lines reporting a significant growth in the number of passengers who whish to indulge in particular interests, whilst enjoying the cruise experience. Theme cruises offer one of the most luxurious ways to network with the ones who share your interests. Due to diversity of themed cruises, there is something for everybody onboard.

Transatlantic cruises

Choosing the best way to enjoy your cruise in relaxing atmosphere, there will be no need to get onshore for a few days in row. Transatlantic types of cruises take usually from 6 to 17 days. After the summer is over in Europe, in fall cruise ships return to the Caribbean. In spring they're sailing back to Europe for summer. Call ports vary from one to another ship, based on the itinerary. Fares on Transatlantic repositioning cruises are usually low. Book a Transatlantic cruise as early as it's possible for you and also take care of the necessary air tickets. Cunard Line is one of the best lines for Transatlantic cruising - it offers great rates for outstanding service and cruising in style.

World Cruises

Do you desire to explore new lands? This idea has been part of human nature ever since earliest times. If you want to discover different cultures and unforgettable splendours, the ultimate holiday for you are world cruises. The full world voyage experience is unforgettable, though many travelers each year opt for world cruise segments and shorter voyages. Popular sectors include Cape Town to Southampton, Southampton to Dubai or Singapore to Southampton. Passengers often add a couple of nights at hotel to explore fascinating destinations before or after their cruise. World cruises which depart from UK usually start from Southampton, then cruise westbound the US or the Caribbean before taking the Panama Canal across the Pacific, visiting Hawaii, and then heading to Australia and New Zealand. Before visiting India, round the world cruises continue around Asia, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, then either through Suez Canal to cruise Mediterranean or round Africa before sailing the North and South Atlantic. Some world voyages sail eastbound and take in most of above destinations. Book your full world cruise vacation from 80 to 120 days prior departure depending on itinerary. Another chance is to fly out and join for a world cruise segment. No matter what types of cuises you choose, remember that you have to feel it's the one for you.