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Hanseatic Inspiration Review and Specifications

Specifications of Hanseatic Inspiration

Year built 2019 new ship
Builder Vard Holdings Ltd., Norway
Class ice-strengthened expedition ship
Building cost USD 155 million
Owner TUI AG
Operator Hapag-Lloyd Cruises
Passengers 120 - 230
Cabins 120
Christened by tba

Review of Hanseatic Inspiration

Hapag-Lloyd Cruises introduced the Hanseatic brand name by naming its new, top-luxury expedition cruise vessels "MS Hanseatic Inspiration" (launched October 2019) and MS Hanseatic Nature (launched April 2019). Both polar cruise ships are of the same design. The investment was made by the parent company TUI Group on behalf of its subsidiary company Hapag-Lloyd (based in Hamburg Germany).

History - construction & ownership

The 230-passenger cruise ship ms Hanseatic Inspiration was built by Norwegian company Vard Holdings Ltd., which is a subsidiary of Italian Fincantieri Marine Group. The vessel boasts the highest ice class for passenger ships, PC6. Hanseatic Inspiration features many advantages, such as outstanding five-star service provided by the crew, unforgettable culinary, more space for the passengers and a lot of hidden amenities. 

Hapag-Lloyd Cruises new expedition cruise ship design (bow view)

The design concept for ms Hanseatic Inspiration is called “inspired by Nature” and reflects the expeditionary spirit which is the creative idea backing the vessel. Nature is not only expessed outside, but is also reflected in the interior design of the ship through the choice of materials, forms and colours, as well as in the lines and contours of walls and surfaces, and therefore in the interplay between the world outside and the interiors.

There are 2 extendible glass balconies providing passengers with the unique feeling of floating over the water. An all-round deck (top deck forward) ensures the expedition cruising feeling with passengers being able to experience the real action at close quarters.

Hapag-Lloyd Cruises new expedition cruise ship design (aft view)

Hanseatic Inspiration is fitted with modern environmental-friendly technologies and equipment. The vessel's hull shape is optimised to reduce fuel consumption and the overall bunker consumption. The ship has SCR catalytic converter, reducing NOx emissions by nearly 95%. The ship's propulsion features a PROMAS rudder with specially-designed propeller that helps reducing fuel consumption and lowers emissions. A special polar equipment are the ice detectors - thermal imaging technology with infrared cameras. Cold ironing (shore-to-ship power capabilities) are also available.

Cruise itinerary program

MS Hanseatic Inspiration itinerary program is based on cruise expeditions to Polar destinations (Arctic and Antarctica), as well as tropical destinations like the South Seas and Amazon remaining on the itinerary. 


MS Hanseatic Inspiration accommodates up to 230 passengers (up to 199 on Antarctic expeditions) in a total of 120 cabins.

Dining options - Food & Drinks

Meals are offered within open seating during the day, dinner is served in Hanseatic Inspiration’s main restaurant. The ship has 3 restaurants.

Entertainment options - Fun & Sport

MS Hanseatic Inspiration offers sophisticated atmosphere and the chance to visit exotic ports. Each voyage is accompanied by lectors. There are extensive wellness and fitness areas, as well as an aft marina platform for water sports. 16 onboard Zodiacs and E-Zodiacs featuring eco-friendly electric drive systems make possible landings in remote expedition areas, regardless of their vicinity to a port.

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