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ms Europa 2 current location is at Baltic Sea (coordinates 54.70866 N / 12.49381 E) cruising at speed of 11.1 kn (21 km/h | 13 mph) en route to Kiel. The AIS position was reported 3 minutes ago.

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Current itinerary of ms Europa 2

ms Europa 2 current cruise is 12 days, round-trip Kiel - Kiel A big loop through the Baltic Sea. The itinerary starts on 09 Jul, 2024 and ends on 21 Jul, 2024.

Date / TimePort
09 Jul 19:00    Departing from Kiel, Germany hotels
10 Jul 12:00 - 18:00    Karlskrona, Sweden
11 Jul 16:00 - 12 Jul 17:00    Stockholm, Sweden
13 Jul 13:00 - 23:59    Tallinn, Estonia
14 Jul 08:00 - 17:00    Helsinki, Finland
15 Jul 13:00 - 18:30    Visby, Gotland Island Sweden
16 Jul 14:00 - 19:30    Riga, Latvia
18 Jul 07:00 - 19:00    Gdynia-Gdansk, Poland
19 Jul 07:00 - 19:00    Klaipeda, Lithuania
21 Jul 07:00    Arriving in Kiel, Germany hotels

Specifications of ms Europa 2

Year of build2013  /  Age: 11
Flag state Malta
BuilderChantiers de l’Atlantique (Saint-Nazaire, STX France)
Building costUSD 360 million
Speed21 kn / 39 km/h / 24 mph
Length (LOA)225 m / 738 ft
Beam (width)26 m / 85 ft
Gross Tonnage42830 gt
Passengers-to-space ratio77
Decks with cabins5
Last Refurbishment2020
Christened byDana Schweiger
OwnerTUI AG (via TUI Cruises GmbH)
OperatorHapag-Lloyd Cruises

ms Europa 2 Itineraries

DateItineraryDeparture PortPrice from
2024 Jun 27 9 days, round-trip Hamburg - Hamburg Norways legendary fjord world Hamburg
2024 Jul 06 3 days, one-way from Hamburg to Kiel Hamburg
2024 Jul 09 12 days, round-trip Kiel - Kiel A big loop through the Baltic Sea Kiel
2024 Jul 21 8 days, one-way from Kiel to Hamburg Kiel
2024 Jul 29 12 days, one-way from Hamburg to Lisbon Hamburg
2024 Aug 10 13 days, one-way from Lisbon to Malaga Lisbon
2024 Aug 23 9 days, one-way from Malaga to Monte Carlo Malaga
2024 Sep 01 9 days, one-way from Monte Carlo to Civitavecchia-Rome Monte Carlo
2024 Sep 10 9 days, round-trip Civitavecchia Rome - Civitavecchia Rome Italys superb south Civitavecchia-Rome
2024 Sep 19 9 days, one-way from Civitavecchia-Rome to Dubrovnik Civitavecchia-Rome
2024 Oct 01 9 days, one-way from Dubrovnik to Piraeus-Athens Dubrovnik
2024 Oct 10 6 days, one-way from Piraeus-Athens to Santa Cruz de Tenerife Piraeus-Athens
2024 Oct 16 12 days, one-way from Santa Cruz de Tenerife to Cape Town Santa Cruz de Tenerife
2024 Oct 28 17 days, one-way from Cape Town to Benoa Cape Town
2024 Nov 14 19 days, one-way from Benoa to Melbourne Benoa
2024 Dec 03 15 days, one-way from Melbourne to Auckland Melbourne
2024 Dec 18 20 days, one-way from Auckland to Lautoka Auckland
2025 Jan 07 17 days, one-way from Lautoka to Benoa Lautoka
2025 Jan 24 15 days, one-way from Benoa to Hong Kong Benoa
2025 Feb 08 14 days, one-way from Hong Kong to Shanghai Hong Kong
2025 Feb 22 16 days, one-way from Shanghai to Tokyo Shanghai
2025 Mar 10 16 days, one-way from Tokyo to Yokohama Tokyo
2025 Mar 26 18 days, one-way from Yokohama to Los Angeles Yokohama
2025 Apr 13 18 days, round-trip Los Angeles - Los Angeles Premiere Americas West Coast with Canada Los Angeles
2025 May 01 15 days, one-way from Los Angeles to Panama City Los Angeles
2025 May 16 16 days, one-way from Panama City to New York Panama City
2025 Jun 01 10 days, one-way from New York to Hamburg New York
2025 Jun 11 13 days, one-way from Hamburg to Kiel Hamburg
2025 Jun 24 13 days, one-way from Kiel to Hamburg Kiel
2025 Jul 07 12 days, one-way from Hamburg to Bilbao Hamburg
2025 Jul 19 11 days, one-way from Bilbao to Barcelona Bilbao
2025 Jul 30 8 days, one-way from Barcelona to Monte Carlo Barcelona
2025 Aug 07 9 days, one-way from Monte Carlo to Palma de Mallorca Monte Carlo
2025 Aug 16 9 days, one-way from Palma de Mallorca to Civitavecchia-Rome Palma de Mallorca
2025 Aug 25 10 days, one-way from Civitavecchia-Rome to Dubrovnik Civitavecchia-Rome
2025 Sep 04 9 days, one-way from Dubrovnik to Piraeus-Athens Dubrovnik
2025 Sep 13 9 days, round-trip Piraeus Athens - Piraeus Athens Greek charm and trendy Istanbul Piraeus-Athens
2025 Sep 22 8 days, round-trip Piraeus Athens - Piraeus Athens Hotspots of the Aegean Piraeus-Athens
2025 Sep 30 11 days, one-way from Piraeus-Athens to Naples Piraeus-Athens
2025 Oct 11 11 days, one-way from Naples to Lisbon Naples
2025 Oct 22 11 days, round-trip Lisbon - Lisbon Perfect Portugal Lisbon
2025 Nov 02 11 days, one-way from Lisbon to Santa Cruz de Tenerife Lisbon
2025 Nov 13 15 days, one-way from Santa Cruz de Tenerife to Willemstad Curacao Santa Cruz de Tenerife
2025 Nov 28 12 days, one-way from Willemstad Curacao to New York Willemstad Curacao
2025 Dec 10 10 days, round-trip New York - New York Glittering magic of New York New York
2025 Dec 20 19 days, one-way from New York to Colon New York
2026 Jan 08 17 days, one-way from Colon to Los Angeles Colon
2026 Jan 25 20 days, one-way from Los Angeles to Papeete Los Angeles
2026 Feb 14 20 days, one-way from Papeete to Valparaiso-Santiago Papeete
2026 Mar 06 21 days, one-way from Valparaiso-Santiago to Rio de Janeiro Valparaiso-Santiago
2026 Mar 27 15 days, one-way from Rio de Janeiro to Santa Cruz de Tenerife Rio de Janeiro
2026 Apr 11 10 days, round-trip Tenerife - Tenerife Volcanic landscapes and colourful underwater worlds Santa Cruz de Tenerife
2026 Apr 21 12 days, one-way from Santa Cruz de Tenerife to Bilbao Santa Cruz de Tenerife
2026 May 03 12 days, one-way from Bilbao to Hamburg Bilbao
2026 May 15 14 days, round-trip Hamburg - Hamburg Picturesque Iceland and sacred Scottish sites Hamburg
2026 May 29 13 days, round-trip Hamburg - Hamburg Highlands, teatime and royal traditions Hamburg
2026 Jun 11 3 days, one-way from Hamburg to Kiel Hamburg
2026 Jun 14 12 days, one-way from Kiel to Hamburg Kiel
2026 Jun 26 14 days, round-trip Hamburg - Hamburg Norways unique fjord world and the North Cape Hamburg
2026 Jul 14 13 days, one-way from Hamburg to Malaga Hamburg
2026 Jul 27 9 days, one-way from Malaga to Monte Carlo Malaga
2026 Aug 05 11 days, one-way from Monte Carlo to Civitavecchia-Rome Monte Carlo
2026 Aug 16 9 days, one-way from Civitavecchia-Rome to Dubrovnik Civitavecchia-Rome
2026 Aug 25 12 days, one-way from Dubrovnik to Piraeus-Athens Dubrovnik
2026 Sep 06 10 days, one-way from Piraeus-Athens to Istanbul Piraeus-Athens
2026 Sep 16 12 days, one-way from Istanbul to Piraeus-Athens Istanbul

ms Europa 2 Review

Review of ms Europa 2

The 2013-built MS Europa 2 cruise ship is a top luxury vessel that entered service for Hapag-Lloyd in May 2013. In the company's history, this was the 5th ship named "Europa".

The vessel (IMO number 9616230) is currently Malta-flagged (MMSI 229378000) and registered in Valletta.

History - construction and ownership

Hapag-Lloyd Cruises (Kreuzfahrten) is a Hamburg-based passenger shipping company and premium travel brand owned by TUI AG (shipowner) and managed by its subsidiary TUI Cruises. Between 2017-2020, Hapag-Lloyd Cruises was fully owned by Hapag-Lloyd AG (German-Chilean shipping company, one of the world's oldest), currently ranked the world's 5th largest container shipping line in terms of fleet capacity.

The shipowner TUI AG (Hanover Germany-based) is a British-German multinational currently ranked the world's largest leisure and travel company. It was founded in 1923 and until 2002 was named "Preussag AG". TUI Group's companies specialize in hospitality and tourism services worldwide, with a portfolio including passenger airlines, cruise shipping, package vacations, hotels and resorts, travel agencies, retail shops.

MS Europa 2 cruise ship (Hapag-Lloyd)

The 516-passenger ship MS Europa 2 is sailing worldwide, specializing in family and golf-themed cruises. Her best luxurious features, from all-balconied staterooms to onboard cooking school make passengers come back for their next vacation - obviously enjoying very much the Hapag-Lloyd's new ship top luxury cruise prices. The ratio crew-to-guest ensures the needed relaxation and comfort, guaranteed with 370 crew members. MS Europa 2 is Hapag-Lloyd's first cruise ship with both German and English being official languages onboard. This fact gives cruising experience real international flavor.

MS Europa 2 cruise ship construction

On May 10, 2013, the vessel was christened during the 824th Hamburg Port Anniversary. Europa 2 sailed on her 14-night maiden voyage from Hamburg on May 11, 2013.

Decks and Cabins

MS Europa 2 staterooms (251 total, in 12 grades) are all Suites with step-out balconies. Cabin sizes range from 300 ft2 / 28 m2 (plus balcony sized 75 ft2 / 7 m2) Veranda Suite up to 1065 ft2 / 99 m2 (terrace size 165 ft2 / 15 m2) Owner Suite.

The ship has 7x Family Apartments (connecting suites) each consisting of two connecting cabins (2x215 ft2 / 2x20 m2) and two connecting balconies (2x75 ft2 / 2x7 m2).

All passenger staterooms are in suite categories and have separate sleeping and living areas, walk-in closets, mini-bars fully stocked with bottled water, soft drinks, beers (all complimentary and replenished regularly), fresh fruits and champagne, smart HDTVs (infotainment system, Internet, on-demand movies and music). All cabin bathrooms are marble-tiled, with full-size bathtubs, glass-fronted showers, cabinets for personal items, top-brand toiletries, slippers, thick cotton robes.

The boat has 11 decks, of which 8 are passenger-accessible and 5 with cabins.

Shipboard dining options - Food and Drinks

A large number of seats are provided in each of the restaurants, and there are no set seatings, so passengers can eat whenever and wherever they want to. Restaurant Weltmeere is the largest onboard dining venue, at the stern of the ship, serving the highest-quality food. Other venues are Restaurant Elements serving Asian cuisines plus traditional Chinese dishes, Restaurant Tarragon with its French cuisine, and Restaurant Serenissima offering authentic Italian dishes. Yacht Club Restaurant surprises with a mix of dishes specially prepared for all guests by the chefs. Try alternatively Sushi Restaurant Sakura or reserve Speisezimmer for an additional charge to celebrate special occasions, or dine with family. No fixed dress code is required onboard Europa 2 ship. For the evenings, better consider smart casual style recommended. Summer suits or jackets for gentlemen would be appropriate, ties are not compulsory.

  • Passengers onboard MS Europa 2 can enjoy a huge selection of quality spirits and wines: around 19,000 bottles of wine with ~450 cuvees (specific wine blends).
  • The cruise ship has the biggest gin collection at sea - 37 different gins. The bar menu has 50 different cocktails, including 10 non-alcoholic.
  • Champagne types are 24, with 12 different champagne wine brands.
  • The ship's sommelier (wine steward, knowledgeable professional) organizes evening wine tastings in the Grande Reserve. During these special events, he combines various wines. Depending on cruise itineraries, often are added regional and local wines to the menu list.
  • Wine tasting on MS Europa 2 costs EUR 80 per person.
  • During gin tastings onboard, passengers learn all about the drink - categories, origin, ingredients. Gin tastings usually offer a sampling of 5 or 6 different kinds of gin.
  • Cruise ticket prices are not inclusive of alcoholic drinks.
  • Beverages on Europa 2 are reasonably priced. Quality wines prices start from EUR 17 per bottle. The most expensive wine is Romanee-Saint-Vivant (Burgundy France, 2008) priced EUR 1030 per bottle. Cocktails (like Mojito or Long Island Iced Tea) cost EUR 5,30. Draft beer prices start from EUR 1,60.

Hapag-Lloyd's "onboard beverage credit" is the company's all-inclusive drink package (for both non-alcoholic and unlimited alcoholic drinks) priced at EUR 200 per person per cruise.

Shipboard entertainment options - Fun and Sport

The 115-meter swimming pool is situated in an area with comfortable sun-loungers, enough in number for all passengers. The retractable roof covers the entire pool area in bad weather. Ocean Spa offers a rich menu of treatments and a separate area for a hairdresser. Let be pampered by professional physiotherapists, medical masseuses, beauticians, and pedicurists.

Daytime activities provide exciting shore excursions led by expert guides. Maritime lectures for better insight to the visited regions are often offered. The two golf simulators offer a selection of the world's top golf courses. On all Europa 2 cruises, there are PGA professionals. Golf packages are available to purchase for playing different courses in ports of call.

Other MS Europa 2 facilities include a Library, Auditorium-3D Cinema, Jazz Club, Boutique, Fitness/gym area, deck games area/shuffleboard, whirlpools, Culinary School (for an additional charge).

Kids are well catered for onboard, with Knopf Club (for ages 2-3), Kids' Club (for ages 4-10), Teens' Club (for ages 11-15). Kids up to 11 years old travel free when they share with a full-paying adult. Those aged 12-15 have to pay GBP 39 per night only.

The Theatre offers spectacular shows, famous guest artists, and performances from the ship's band. Bars' selection includes the quiet Herrenzimmer smoking lounge, and Sansibar Disco - open until late at night for dancing to the DJ music. You can also choose the piano, wine and pool bars, or Belvedere.


MS Europa 2 itinerary program is based on around-the-world cruise deals to popular destinations, such as Transatlantic crossings, Caribbean, Baltic Sea, Mediterranean (French Riviera and Italian ports), Asia, South Africa. The Europa 2 cruise ship offers all-inclusive deals and is often ranked as the most expensive passenger ship in the world.

The 2017-2018 season will see the ms Europa 2 call at 22 maiden ports and offer private land-based pre- and post-cruise programs, as well as a new travel format IN2BALANCE, focusing on relaxation techniques of the Far East. For the first time, the 500-passenger Hapag-Lloyd Cruises luxury ship will call at Port Canaveral, Messina, Puerto Chacabuco and Stanley (Falkland Islands).

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ms Europa 2 Wiki

MS Europa 2 is the namesake of the fleetmate MS Europa and the 5th vessel in the Hapag-Lloyd's cruise fleet. The vessel was launched (floated out from drydock) on July 6, 2012. On April 29, 2013, it was delivered to Hapag-Lloyd and on May 10th was christened - during the 824th Anniversary of Port Hamburg. The 14-night Maiden Voyage departed from Hamburg on May 11th. The inaugural itinerary visited ports in Holland (Amsterdam), Belgium (Antwerp), France (Honfleur, La Rochelle, Bordeaux), Spain (Bilbao) and Portugal (Leixoes-Oporto) ending in Lisbon.

Europa 2 ship has a biological sewage treatment plant and seawater desalination facilities. Fuels that are used have a 0,1% max sulfur content while berthing in ports. It means the emissions are reduced by 93%. The vessel's hull is specially designed to cut down fuel consumption by 18%. The ship is equipped with SCR (selective catalytic reduction) system resulting in up to 95% fewer nitrogen emissions, in comparison to other liners.

The Eastern Mediterranean itinerary May 14-24, 2016 (Istanbul to Piraeus Athens) was scheduled as "Surprise Cruise". All passengers were allowed to vote on where the ship will go and what ports to call across Turkey and Greece will visit, as only the ports of departure and arrival were fixed on the itinerary. During this special voyage, Hapag-Lloyd Cruises hosted onboard Europa 2 the first-ever international circus arts festival. Live performances were scheduled for the German musician Roger Cicero. The ship's Captain (Christian van Zwamen) presented all passengers with a list of potential itinerary routes and ports, while a lecturer talked about the destinations' highlights. There were a total of 20 destinations to choose from, Six professional circus artists performed an acrobatics show in the theater lounge on Deck 4. Cruise fares started from £GBP 3600 pp (early booking rates).

In 2016 (October 24-November 6) MS Europa 2 visited Cuba for the first time. The 12-day itinerary (La Guardia Venezuela to Havana) stopped at the Cuban ports HavanaSantiago de CubaCienfuegosIsla de la Juventud, in addition to BVI, St Lucia, St Marteen, Jamaica, Aruba, and Curacao. Prices started from EUR 10130 pp (USD 8870 / GBP 5550).

On two Mediterranean cruises in 2017 (departures June 30 - Venice to Monaco, and August 1 - Bilbao to Hamburg), on the cruise liner performed live Circus Roncalli. The 1976-founded German circus became the first performing on Hapag-Lloyd cruise ship. The circus performed 2 different shows per voyage.  By April 2017, themed cruises were sold out.

In 2017, 3-time German Olympic champion Maria Hofl-Riesch offered special fitness sessions as ship's Director of sports and fitness program.

Like all the newbuild cruise liners, MS Europa 2 is fitted with shorepower technology allowing the boat to be plugged-in at berths with shorepower/cold ironing capabilities. When docked, the cruise ship requires 2,2 MW of electricity per hour. While berthed at homeport Hamburg's Cruise Center Altona, the vessel is provided with electricity by the company Hamburg Energie GmbH.