CFC Renaissance

Former names: Aegean Myth (Seajets Ferries Greece), MS Maasdam (Holland America Line)

CFC Renaissance current position

CFC Renaissance current location is at North East Atlantic Ocean (coordinates 50.68696 N / -0.97621 W) cruising at speed of 13.9 kn (26 km/h | 16 mph) en route to Portsmouth UK. The AIS position was reported 1 minute ago.

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Current itinerary of CFC Renaissance

CFC Renaissance current cruise is 4 days, round-trip 4 Nuit Les Icircles de la Manche. The itinerary starts on 12 Jun, 2024 and ends on 16 Jun, 2024.

Date / TimePort
12 Jun 17:00    Departing from Le Havre-Paris, France hotels
13 Jun 10:00 - 17:00    Isle of Portland, Weymouth, Dorset England
14 Jun 07:00 - 17:00    Guernsey Island, St Peter Port, Channel Islands UK
15 Jun 07:00 - 17:00    Portsmouth UK, England
16 Jun 07:00    Arriving in Le Havre-Paris, France hotels

Specifications of CFC Renaissance

Year of build1993  /  Age: 31
Flag state Bermuda
BuilderFincantieri (Monfalcone, Italy)
Building costUSD 180 million
Engines (power)Wartsila-Sulzer (34.56 MW / 46346 hp)
Speed22 kn / 41 km/h / 25 mph
Length (LOA)220 m / 722 ft
Beam (width)32 m / 105 ft
Gross Tonnage55575 gt
Passengers1285 - 1510
Passengers-to-space ratio37
Decks with cabins5
Last Refurbishment2022
Sister-shipsMS Ryndam (Celestyal Journey), MS Statendam (CMV Vasco da Gama), MS Veendam (Aegean Majesty)
Former namesAegean Myth (Seajets Ferries Greece), MS Maasdam (Holland America Line)
Christened byJune Allyson (for Holland America Line)
OperatorCompagnie Francaise De Croisieres (CFC Cruises)

CFC Renaissance Itineraries

DateItineraryDeparture PortPrice from
2024 May 22 11 days, round-trip 11 Nuit Rythmes Leacutegendes Celtes Le Havre-Paris
2024 Jun 02 10 days, round-trip 10 Nuit Highlands eacutecossais, icircles du Nord et Edimbourg Le Havre-Paris
2024 Jun 12 4 days, round-trip 4 Nuit Les Icircles de la Manche Le Havre-Paris
2024 Jun 16 14 days, round-trip 14 Nuit Soleil de Minuit et Fjords de Norvegravege Le Havre-Paris
2024 Jun 30 14 days, round-trip 14 Nuit Joyaux de la Couronne Le Havre-Paris
2024 Jul 14 14 days, round-trip 14 Nuit Islande, Terre de Feu et de Geysers Le Havre-Paris
2024 Jul 28 14 days, round-trip 14 Nuit Soleil de Minuit et Fjords de Norvegravege Le Havre-Paris
2024 Aug 11 6 days, round-trip 6 Nuit Escapade estivale en Irlande et vers les Icircles Britanniques Le Havre-Paris
2024 Aug 17 10 days, round-trip 10 Nuit Treacutesors des Icircles Britanniques Le Havre-Paris
2024 Aug 27 10 days, one-way from Le Havre-Paris to Marseille Le Havre-Paris
2024 Sep 06 3 days, round-trip 3 Nuit Fecirctes Corses Sardes Marseille
2024 Sep 09 5 days, one-way from Marseille to Heraklion Marseille
2024 Sep 09 9 days, one-way from Marseille to Piraeus-Athens Marseille
2024 Sep 09 12 days, one-way from Marseille to Souda-Chania Marseille
2024 Sep 14 7 days, one-way from Heraklion to Souda-Chania Heraklion
2024 Sep 18 7 days, round-trip 7 Nuit Mythes et Paysages de la Gregravece Piraeus-Athens
2024 Sep 21 7 days, one-way from Souda-Chania to Heraklion Souda-Chania
2024 Sep 25 7 days, round-trip 7 Nuit Mythes et Paysages de la Gregravece Piraeus-Athens
2024 Sep 28 7 days, round-trip 7 Nuit Mythes et Paysages de la Gregravece Heraklion
2024 Oct 02 7 days, round-trip 7 Nuit Mythes et Paysages de la Gregravece Piraeus-Athens
2024 Oct 05 7 days, round-trip 7 Nuit Mythes et Paysages de la Gregravece Heraklion
2024 Oct 12 5 days, one-way from Heraklion to Marseille Heraklion
2024 Oct 17 3 days, round-trip 3 Nuit Escapade Italienne Corse Marseille
2024 Oct 20 14 days, round-trip 14 Nuit Odysseacutee Homeacuterique Marseille
2024 Nov 03 8 days, round-trip 8 Nuit Deacutecouverte Ibeacuterique Marseille
2024 Nov 11 11 days, round-trip 11 Nuit Beauteacutes dItalie Marseille
2024 Nov 22 7 days, round-trip 7 Nuit Rois Empereurs Marseille
2024 Nov 29 3 days, round-trip 3 Nuit Escapade Italienne Corse Marseille
2024 Dec 02 10 days, round-trip 10 Nuit Traditions de Meacutediterraneacutee Occidentale Marseille
2024 Dec 12 10 days, round-trip 10 Nuit Gibraltar et Meacutediterraneacutee Occidentale Marseille
2024 Dec 22 7 days, round-trip 7 Nuit Buon Natale Croisiegravere de Noeumll Marseille
2024 Dec 22 14 days, round-trip 14 Nuit Fecirctes et Traditions de Noeumll en Meacutediterraneacutee Marseille
2024 Dec 29 7 days, round-trip 7 Nuit Feliz Antildeo Nuevo Croisiegravere du Nouvel An Marseille
2025 Jan 05 8 days, round-trip 8 Nuit Deacutecouverte Ibeacuterique Marseille
2025 Jan 13 6 days, round-trip 6 Nuit Renaissance Italienne Marseille
2025 Jan 19 6 days, round-trip 6 Nuit Perles des Baleacuteares Marseille
2025 Jan 25 7 days, round-trip 7 Nuit Traditions de Meacutediterraneacutee Marseille
2025 Feb 01 3 days, round-trip 3 Nuit Merveilles de Toscane Marseille
2025 Feb 04 8 days, round-trip 8 Nuit Deacutecouverte Ibeacuterique Marseille
2025 Feb 12 6 days, round-trip 6 Nuit Renaissance Italienne Marseille
2025 Feb 18 10 days, one-way from Marseille to Le Havre-Paris Marseille
2025 Mar 01 15 days, round-trip 15 Nuit Agrave la recherche des Aurores Boreacuteales Le Havre-Paris
2025 Mar 16 15 days, round-trip 15 Nuit Agrave la recherche des Aurores Boreacuteales Le Havre-Paris
2025 Mar 31 11 days, round-trip 11 Nuit Leacutegendes Vikings Le Havre-Paris
2025 Apr 11 9 days, round-trip 9 Nuit Highlands eacutecossais et icircles du Nord Le Havre-Paris
2025 Apr 20 10 days, round-trip 10 Nuit Leacutegendes Vikings Le Havre-Paris
2025 Apr 30 10 days, round-trip 10 Nuit Treacutesors des icircles Britanniques Le Havre-Paris
2025 May 10 11 days, round-trip 11 Nuit Fjords de Norvegravege Le Havre-Paris
2025 May 21 11 days, round-trip 11 Nuit Rythmes et Leacutegendes Celtes Le Havre-Paris
2025 Jun 01 14 days, round-trip 14 Nuit Soleil de Minuit et Fjords de Norvegravege Le Havre-Paris
2025 Jun 15 14 days, round-trip 14 Nuit Islande, Terre de Feu et de Geysers Le Havre-Paris
2025 Jun 29 14 days, round-trip 14 Nuit Soleil de Minuit et Fjords de Norvegravege Le Havre-Paris
2025 Jul 13 14 days, round-trip 14 Nuit Pays des Trolls Le Havre-Paris
2025 Jul 27 9 days, round-trip 9 Nuit Highlands eacutecossais et icircles du Nord Le Havre-Paris
2025 Aug 05 11 days, one-way from Le Havre-Paris to Marseille Le Havre-Paris
2025 Aug 16 7 days, round-trip 7 Nuit Rois et Empereurs Marseille
2025 Aug 23 7 days, round-trip 7 Nuit Histoire Insulaire et Tunisie Marseille
2025 Aug 30 11 days, round-trip 11 Nuit Eacutepopeacutee Eacutegeacuteenne Marseille
2025 Sep 10 10 days, round-trip 10 Nuit Treacutesors de lrsquoAdriatique Marseille
2025 Sep 20 3 days, round-trip 3 Nuit Fecirctes Corses et Sardes Marseille
2025 Sep 23 4 days, round-trip 4 Nuit Escapade Hispanique Marseille
2025 Sep 27 7 days, round-trip 7 Nuit Heacuteritage des Civilisations Marseille
2025 Oct 04 14 days, round-trip 14 Nuit Odysseacutee Homeacuterique Marseille

CFC Renaissance Review

Review of CFC Renaissance

The 1993-built CFC Renaissance cruise ship (fka "MS Maasdam"/HAL and "Aegean Myth"/SEAJETS) was the second Statendam (S-class) liner of Holland America Line, with sisterships MS Statendam, MS Ryndam and MS Veendam.

In July 2020, MS Maasdam was sold to SeaJets Ferries (Greece) and renamed "Aegean Myth". In August 2022, Aegean Myth was sold to CFC (Compagnie Francaise De Croisieres) and after an ~EUR/USD 10 million drydock was renamed "MS Renaissance".

During the Coronavirus pandemic period (2022-22), SeaJets' cruise ships (5x units) remained docked in Greece (Aigio and Piraeus-Athens).

History - construction and ownership

In July 2020, Carnival Corporation (via its subsidiary Holland America Line) sold 4 liners. MS Amsterdam and MS Rotterdam were sold to Fred Olsen Cruise Lines (renamed "MS Bolette" and "MS Borealis"). MS Maasdam and MS Veendam were sold to an undisclosed buyer. In late was revealed Maasdam's new shipowner's name - Eaglepower Shipping Ltd (Seajets Ferries Greece) owned by Marios Iliopoulos. The Greek ferry company operates the fastest ferries in the Cyclades Islands and starts a cruise shipping division with all 3 boats - Aegean Myth (HAL Maasdam), Aegean Majesty (HAL Veendam) and Oceana (P&O UK). For the vessels was contracted Optimum ShipManagement Services SA (Piraeus-based company) that also manages the Celestyal's fleet.

CFC Renaissance cruise ship (MS Maasdam)

All scheduled for the 4 ships voyages were canceled or assumed by other HAL ships.

A total of 32x Holland America Maasdam ship cruises were canceled (October 7, 2020, through September 27, 2021), including 64-43-31-day Transpacific repositioning (San Diego to Sydney NSW), 33-day Australia Circumnavigation roundtrip from Sydney (2021 Nov 19 through Dec 22), 13-day Southern Australian Holiday (Dec 2021), 20-40-day repositioning (Sydney to Singapore), 20-day Indian Ocean Explorer roundtrip from Singapore (Malaysia-Thailand-Sri Lanka-Maldives / 2021 Jan 24-Feb 13), Transpacific repositioning crossings (19-day Singapore to Sydney, 43-day Singapore to San Diego, 24-36-day Sydney to San Diego), 10-12-day Mexico Sea Of Cortez roundtrips from San Diego, 4-day Alaska repositioning (San Diego to Vancouver), and Alaskan voyages roundtrip from Vancouver BC (14-day Great Alaskan Explorer and 7-day Alaskan Inside Passage, 2021 May 3 through Sept 27).

Following the vessel's acquisition, Seajets Aegean Myth was initially docked/moored at Port Aigio (Egio) Greece, located approx 40 km (24 mi) to the east from Patras.

For Holland America Line, the vessel was Netherlands-flagged (MMSI 244958000) and registered in Rotterdam. For Seajets Ferries and CFC, the ship was reflagged to Bermuda (MMSI 310805000) and registered in Hamilton.

In August 2022 was announced that Aegean Myth (sold in July 2022 to Seajets for US$10M) was acquired by CFC HOLDCO (October 2020-registered, Marseille France-based holding company) for US$30 million (~EUR 30M). The new shipowner operates under the new cruise brand CFC (Compagnie Francaise De Croisieres). CFC HOLDCO is led by Clement Mousset (President) and Cedric Rivoire-Perrochat (Managing Director). Until 2022, Mousset served as General Manager for CMV France. Following the acquisition, Aegean Myth was renamed "MS Renaissance".

SEAJETS Greece (1989-founded) is a Cyprus-based shipping company that specializes in passenger and cargo ferry services exclusively in the Eastern Mediterranean (Aegean Sea). Seajets' fleet includes mainly fast-ferries (14x high-speed catamarans, max capacity 2100 passengers + 600 cars) plus 3x conventional Ro-Pax vessels (max capacity 1300 passengers + 400 cars). Seajets operates from homeports Piraeus-Athens, Lavrion and Crete (Heraklion and Rethymno) inter-connecting 26 Cyclades Islands (Crete including) with 260 connections.

The 1264-passenger ship MS Maasdam featured the New York Times-branded Explorations Coffee and a combination of Library-Digital Fun Room (touch-screen interactive computer maps, over-sized crossword puzzles). Maasdam ship's refit in April 2011 was part of HAL's USD 560 million "Signature of Excellence" fleetwide renovation program focused on modernizing all oldest vessels. Together with new carpets, upholstery and soft goods, Maasdam gained 3 signature amenities - dinner-only Italian restaurant, 2 new kinds of staterooms and the Mix Lounge (3-in-1 bar lounge).

Decks and Cabins

CFC Renaissance/MS Maasdam staterooms (629 total) include 149x Balcony Suites (24%), no Balcony, 352x Oceanviews (including 29x Lanai/Promenade-facing), 128x Inside and 32x Spa cabins (16x Suites, 12x Oceanviews, 4x Insides) in all 32 cabin grades. Most cabins are 175-255-ft2 sized oceanviews. Almost 25% of all passenger accommodations are with private step-out balconies. There are a total of 631 staterooms in 32 categories. Wheelchair-accessible cabins are 18, interconnecting cabins are 102, 100 are the single cabins (bookable with single occupancy/without single supplement). The largest accommodations are the Pinnacle Suites (935 ft2).

The boat has 13 decks, of which 10 are passenger-accessible and 5 with cabins.

(MS Renaissance review) Shipboard facilities and amenities

CFC Renaissance was redesigned by "Tomas Tillberg Design" (Weston, Florida USA-based firm).

The ship's redesigned and new venues include Chef’s Table (VIP dining room with max capacity 12 seats and an upscale French cuisine), Ocean Bar (navy blue and beige colored soft furniture), sundeck/poolside sunbathing area on Lido deck (renamed Moana/glass roof-covered, with 1x swimming pool and 3x Whirlpools/spa Jacuzzies).

The Maasdam-Renaissance transformation project also included the renovation of all the 629 passenger staterooms. All accommodations received new carpets, curtains, minibars. A total of 17000 m2 / 183000 ft2 of carpets (throughout) were also renewed as part of the drydock refit.

CFC Renaissance review by deck

Next are listed CFC Renaissance's venues/facilities and amenities by deck. Each cabin deck has a Lavomatique (Launderette /self-service laundry room).

On Deck 4 (La Reunion Pont) are the Centre Medical (Doctor's Office, Infirmary, Reception) and passenger cabins from 4000 to 4148.

On Deck 5 (Marie-Galante Pont) are cabins from 5000 to 5198.

On Deck 6 (Renaissance Pont) are cabins from 6000 to 6123, as well as the Lower Lobby Hall (Cruise Director's Office, Hotel Manager's Office) and Le Grand Foyer (3-deck high Atrium) and the Promenade De L'Esplanade & Promenade Francois 1 (Promenade Deck with a Walking Track).

On Deck 7 (Guadeloupe Pont) is the lower level of La Belle Epoque Theatre (600-seat theater and main show lounge, decks 7-8) also serving the cruise company's onboard enrichment program. As entertainment, La Belle Epoque offers daily lectures, media presentations, bingo and trivia games. In the evenings are presented live band music, large-scale show productions and concerts, as well as performances by stand-up comedians, magicians, and illusionists.

Also on Deck 7 are the Galerie Photos/Photo Gallery & Shop/Lab (photo-video services, equipment, accessories), Grand Atrium's Shore Excursions Desk, Front Office/Reception, and Purser Office.

Deck 7 also houses Le Decanteur/Bar A Vins (Wine Tasting Bar & Gourmet Shops/wine sampling and purchasing), Le Grand Auditorium (210-seat Cinema/venue for cooking shows and culinary classes in demonstration kitchens), Lerins/Salle De Conferences (60-seat meeting room/Card Room), Porquerolles/Salle De Conferences (90-seat meeting room on 2 levels/decks 7-8), La Table Du Chef/Chef's Table (VIP dining room/lower level 1 of 2) and Grand Restaurant Vatel (792-seat aft MDR/Main Dining Room).

The MDR serves open seating Breakfast and Lunch, and operates with 2 Dinner seating options - "Any Time" dining (between 5:15-9 pm) or 2 fixed seatings (at 5:45 and 8 pm).

On Deck 8 (Martinique Pont) are La Belle Epoque Theatre (upper level), Grand Foyer's Bar Ocean (121-seat Atrium bar with dance floor and a stage for live performances; hosts art auctions), Le Boutiques (shops selling duty-free alcohol, tobaccos, perfumes, watches, accessories, clothes, logoed merchandise, sundries, and souvenirs), Casino De France (has 11x gambling tables and 116x slots, and is served by Bar Rendez-Vous/sports bar with big TVs and an a-la-carte snacks menu), Le Fou Chantant Piano Bar, Galerie D'Art (Art Gallery on 2 levels), Bijouterie (brand jewelry boutique, assistance by dedicated Manager), Cafe-Bibliotheque Les Explorateus/Explorations Cafe (85-seat patisserie/specialty coffee bar, also serves as Library/with librarian services), Salon Hector B/Musique Classique (61-seat music hall), Futures Croisieres/Future Cruises Desk (onboard bookings, loyalty program information), Louchebem Le Grill (64-seat reservations only steakhouse/seafood restaurant open for lunch and dinner), Connexions Cafe & Internet (42-seat meeting room, also hosting complimentary digital workshops about Web blogging, social networks, photo editing, and computer classes), La Table Du Chef/Chef's Table (upper level) and Grand Restaurant Vatel (MDR/upper level).

On Deck 9 (St Martin Pont) are cabins from 9100 to 9220.

On Deck 10 (Iles Marquises Pont) are the Navigation Bridge/Wheelhouse/Passerelle and cabins from 1001 to 1065. Midship is the Club Concierge (24-seat club venue exclusive for Suite guests, with complimentary concierge service) while aft is La Terrasse du Prado (adults-only sundeck with Piscine du Prado/swimming pool) is served by Bar du Prado.

Deck 11 (St Barth Pont) is the Lido Deck housing Centre Fitness/Fitness Center (gym with a separate Aerobics Room for classes), Salon De Beaute/Les Evens SPA & Suites Termales/Spa & Salon (adults-only wellness complex with Thermal Suite/Hydro Pool with heated seawater and 2x Jacuzzies, Saunas, Aroma Steam Rooms, Spa Reception, Therapy Rooms, Treatment Rooms for Massages, Lockers, Beauty Salon/also barber services).

Le Grill Moana (complimentary outdoor self-service fast food bar) offers burgers, nachos, sandwiches, pizzas, wraps, fresh juices.

Piscine Moana (Lido Pool area) is covered by a retractable roof and has a main swimming pool, 2x Jacuzzies, a bandstand for live performances, deck games area (table tennis and giant chess). The Lido Pool is served by the outdoor Bar Moana.

Deck 11 also houses Belle-Ile Restaurant (375-seat indoor/outdoor buffet restaurant) with self-service Breakfast (6-11 am), Lunch (11-30 am - 2 pm), Afternoon Tea (3:30-4 pm), and Dinner (5:30-8 pm, with the Main Dining Room's menu). The food is complimentary and with made-to-order specialties. There are several different food stations - Salad Bar, Grill, Sushi, Pasta & Pizza, Deli (sandwiches), Desserts, Ice Cream.

Saigon Specialites Asiatiques is a restaurant annex (portside) with waiter service. It operates as a reservations-only Asian specialty restaurant open only for dinner (5:30-9:30 pm) and is at surcharges per person.

Le Terrasse De Belle-Ile is an aft sundeck area with loungers and shaded outdoor seating.

On Deck 12 (Tahiti Pont) are the ship's children's and sports facilities.

Le Panoramique Salon & Discotheque (291-seat) is a fore-located observation lounge and nightclub with its own bar and a large dance floor. The spacious bar lounge is also used for pre-scheduled events like daily dance classes, trivia games, card playing, karaoke, live grand piano performances (in the afternoons and evenings). The Salon becomes a disco/dance club at night, with live DJ music and dance contests.

Dome Vitre Coulissant/Sliding Dome Cover is the retractable glass roof over Deck 11's Lido Pool area.

Sports facilities include Paddle Tennis/Practice Tennis Court, a full-size Basketball Court, Shuffleboard (deck games), Yoga, Pilates & Exercices En Exterieur (outdoor sports area for group classes), Place Des Lices Petanque (game court dedicated to playing petanque/in the boules sports category, like bocce and lawn bowls).

Les Gones/Clubs Enfants (aft-located) is the children's lounge with a complimentary youth program and supervised activities. It offers kids-/teens-only amenities and activities and amenities like Video Games Arcade, PlayStations (gaming consoles), computers, large TVs, themed parties, karaoke, disco, movies, video editing, sports games, and fun competitions.

(MS Maasdam) Shipboard dining options - Food and Drinks

Maasdam's restaurants include the Rotterdam Dining Room, the Lido buffet, and the intimate Pinnacle Grill. There is also a casual poolside option for hot dogs and burgers, a coffee bar, and complimentary room service round-the-clock (from hot breakfast choices to dinner selections). The Lido buffet is efficient and has great sea views through its floor-to-ceiling windows. The buffet serves continental breakfast from 6:30 a.m., full breakfast (7-11 a.m.); lunch (11 a.m.-2 p.m.); and dinner (6-7:30 p.m.) Hours are adjusted during embarkation/debarkation and on port days. There are extended hours for ice cream, sandwiches or late-night offerings. Tea and coffee are available at the Lido at all times. The lines are manageable, even at peak times, with lots of available tables.

Follows the complete list of MS Maasdam restaurants and food bars.

  • Pinnacle Grill (64-seat reservations-only seafood/steakhouse restaurant with fine wines selection; free for passengers under 12 yo). The venue transforms into "An Evening at Le Cirque" once per cruise via a partnership with NYC "Le Cirque" French restaurant.
  • Rotterdam Restaurant (792-seat, aft Dining Room; features open seating Breakfast and Lunch, two Dinner options - 2 fixed seatings or Any Time dining between 5:15 pm - 9 pm.
  • Terrace Grill (fast food pool bar; complimentary)
  • Lido Restaurant (375-seat complimentary buffet restaurant; offers self-service Breakfast 6:00 a.m. -11 a.m., Lunch 11:30 p.m. - 2 p.m., Afternoon Tea, and Dinner 5:30 p.m. - 8 p.m.)
  • Canaletto Restaurant (Lido Restaurant annex; operates as an Italian restaurant for Dinner, reservations required).

(MS Maasdam) Shipboard entertainment options - Fun and Sport

By day there are trivia games, bridge, bingo, sudoku, movies, cooking demos and mixology classes. Poolside bands play various music on sail-aways and sea days. The New York Times-sponsored Explorations Cafe is ship's active hub throughout the day and evening. It holds 2000+ books plus a host of periodicals and a DVD library. There are write-on/wipe-off crossword puzzle tables, touch-screen interactive maps and a cubby of puzzles and games. An adjacent card room and computer/Internet stations are also available.

Other amenities include: complimentary 24-Hour Room-Service, Supervised Kids Program ("Club Hal"), cruise ship weddings, Internet/WiFi Access, Laundry.

CFC Renaissance cruise ship (MS Maasdam)

Follows the complete list of MS Maasdam lounges, clubs and other entertainment venues for kids, teens and adults.

  • Atrium (3-deck high midship open-floor area with live performances)
  • Promenade Deck, Walking Track (jogging is not permitted)
  • The Showroom at Sea (600-seat theatre/main show lounge; also serves Holland America's enrichment program (via a partnership with BBC Earth)
  • Queen's Room (42-seat meeting room, hosts digital workshops via Microsoft partnership, computer classes, social networks, blogging, photo editing)
  • Photo Gallery & Shop; Art Gallery
  • Wine Tasting Bar, Gourmet Shops (bottles available for purchasing, wine sampling)
  • Wajang Theatre & Culinary Arts Centre (210-seat cinema; offers culinary classes and cooking shows presented in demonstration kitchens)
  • Atrium Terrace with boutiques; Atrium Shops (boutiques for duty-free tobaccos and liquor, perfumes, watches, clothing, HAL logo merchandise, souvenirs); Marabella Luxury Shop
  • Ocean Bar (121-seat Atrium bar and lounge, with dance floor and stage for live performances)
  • Casino (served by Casino Bar and Sports Bar)
  • Hudson Room (60-seat meeting room; used as Cards Room)
  • Half Moon Room (90-seat meeting room)
  • MIX Lounge (has 3 parts, with live music and trivia games)
  • Explorations Cafe (85-seat speciality coffee bar and patisserie; also serves as ship’s Library and Online Centre/Internet computers room)
  • Explorer’s Lounge & Bar (61-seat lounge with bar; classical concert performances)
  • Neptune Lounge (24-seat club venue for Deluxe Suite and Pinnacle guests only)
  • Fitness Center (gym with separate Aerobics Room); 2 jacuzzis
  • Greenhouse Spa & Salon; Lido Pool area, served by Lido Bar and Terrace Grill; Sea View Pool area served by Sea View Bar
  • Crow’s Nest (291-seat observation lounge; bar and dance floor; becomes disco at night)
  • Tennis Court; Basketball Court; Shuffleboard
  • Club HAL (kids lounge, complimentary youth programming)
  • The Loft (teens club lounge area, with Video Games Arcade, computers, PlayStations; teen disco)
  • The Oasis (40-seat teen-only outdoor area).

CFC itineraries

For Compagnie Francaise De Croisieres/CFC, the ship Renaissance is homeported in Le Havre/Paris City (during spring-summer) and in Marseille Fos (during fall-winter).

Most itineraries are 2-week long, in addition to a number of shorter voyages. A 120-night World Voyage was scheduled for 2024-Q1 (68-day Marseille roundtrip/departure Jan 7, 2024, via Cape Verde to the Caribbean/French Antilles and South America/Brazil) but it was later revised and shortened to a 32-night itinerary from Marseille to Le Havre (2024/Jan 28 thru Feb 29).

For the longest itineraries/Grand Voyages scheduled for CFC Renaissance see in the ship's Wiki section.

CFC's inaugural itinerary program (2023-2024) included 150+ call ports in 54 different countries. The inaugural season was based on 5- to 14-night Northern Europe (Norwegian Fjords, Iceland, UK, Iberia/roundtrips from Le Havre-Paris), 3- to 14-night Mediterranean voyages (roundtrips from Marseille). In the Mediterranean are also visited French-speaking countries/former colonies of France in North Africa (Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco) as well as the Eastern Mediterranean's biggest Greek islands in the Aegean Sea.

MS Maasdam itineraries

MS Maasdam itinerary program was based on Caribbean voyages (leaving roundtrip from homeport Fort Lauderdale Florida), Canada and New England USA voyages (out of Quebec City and Boston MA) as well as European voyages (in the Mediterranean during summer) with Transatlantic crossings ( in Spring-Fall.

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CFC Renaissance Wiki

The vessel (Fincantieri Monfalcone yard/hull number 5882) has volume 55575 GT-tons, DWT-deadweight tonnage 7406 tons, max draught 7,5 m. The powerplant is based on Wartsila-Sulzer marine diesel engines (models 12ZAV40S, ZA40S) with combined output 34,56 MW (46345 hp). The registered shipowner is CFC SHIPCO SA SU (previously MEDITERRANEAN MAJESTY INC), while the registered manager is CFC CROISIERES (previously OPTIMUM SHIPMANAGEMENT SERVICE).

Maasdam was an S-class vessel and HAL's 3rd oldest ship (2nd in its class) with sisterships Veendam (now Aegean Majesty), Ryndam (now Celestyal Journey), Statendam (now Vasco da Gama Nicko). Named after Maas River (Holland), the ship's Inaugural/Maiden Voyage was on January 1, 1993. When launched, these liners were some of the most advanced passenger ships in the world.

MS Maasdam cruise ship (Holland America)

Maasdam was HAL's 5th vessel carrying this name. Each passenger suite has a private balcony. In the Atrium is located the "Totem" sculpture (by Luciano Vistosi) consisting of 2000+ pieces of glass. Ship's expansive art collection includes 7x Japanese iron teapots and 1x charcoal brazier (all are from Japan's Edo period).

The boat's current namesakes are Coastal Renaissance (2007-built cruiseferry) and La Renaissance (1960-built hotel barge).

CFC Renaissance's naming ceremony was initially scheduled for February 10th (2023) but was postponed twice - first to May 10th, then to June 28th (held in Port Le Havre).

The Maiden Voyage for CFC (in 2023) was initially planned to depart on February 10th but was postponed twice - first to May 14th, then to June 29th. The 10-day inaugural itinerary (Le Havre roundtrip/Jun 29-Jul 9) visited 7 ports (in Scotland UK and Belgium) - Invergordon, Stornoway (Isle of Lewis), Lerwick (Mainland Shetland), Newhaven-Edinburgh, Aberdeen, and Zeebrugge-Brugge.

CFC Renaissance refurbishment 2022

CFC Renaissance's drydock refurbishment in 2022-23 (October-June) was conducted at Damen Brest Shipyard in Brest France.

The drydocking project included technical upgrades, hull and superstructure (cleaning and repainting), and complete hotel department renovations (of all staterooms and public areas), steel and aluminum works.

The boat was fitted with a new wastewater plant and new ballast water treatment plant. The old scrubber system (open-loop) was replaced with a new one (closed-loop) to eliminate any pollution from exhaust gas cleaning and discharges at sea.

CFC World Cruises/Grand Voyages

The next tables show the Renaissance ship's longest itineraries that visit popular destinations in various countries on different continents and offer plenty of late-night and overnight stays in ports..

Grand Voyage 2025 (Around Africa)

Date / TimePort
05 Jan 17:00Departing from Marseille, France
07 Jan 07:00 - 22:00Palermo, Sicily Italy
09 Jan 07:00 - 17:00Valletta, Malta
12 Jan 07:00 - 13 Jan 17:00Alexandria-Cairo, Egypt
14 JanSuez Canal
16 Jan 05:00 - 17 Jan 15:00Aqaba-Petra, Jordan
18 Jan 07:00 - 19:00Safaga-Luxor, Egypt
20 Jan 07:00 - 19:00Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
25 Jan 07:00 - 19:00Salalah, Oman
29 Jan 07:00 - 23:59Victoria, Mahe Island Seychelles
30 Jan 07:00 - 23:59Praslin Island Seychelles
03 Feb 07:00 - 04 Feb 17:00Port Louis, Mauritius Island
05 Feb 07:00 - 06 Feb 22:00Saint-Denis, Reunion Island
09 Feb 07:00 - 17:00Nosy Be Island, Madagascar
10 Feb 08:00 - 18:00Mamoudzou, Grande-Terre Island Mayotte
12 Feb 07:00 - 13 Feb 19:00Mombasa, Kenya
14 Feb 07:00 - 20:00Zanzibar, Tanzania
16 Feb 07:00 - 17:00Moroni, Grande Comore Island Comoros
18 Feb 09:00 - 19:00Mozambique Island
21 Feb 07:00 - 20:00Maputo, Mozambique
22 Feb 13:00 - 23:00Richards Bay, South Africa
23 Feb 08:00 - 18:00Durban, South Africa
25 Feb 08:00 - 18:00East London, South Africa
26 Feb 07:00 - 17:00Gqeberha/Port Elizabeth, South Africa
27 Feb 08:00 - 14:30Mossel Bay, South Africa
28 Feb 09:00 - 01 Mar 14:00Cape Town, South Africa
03 Mar 07:00 - 14:00Luderitz, Namibia
04 Mar 08:00 - 19:00Walvis Bay, Namibia
08 Mar 12:00 - 09 Mar 17:00Jamestown, Saint Helena Island UK
13 Mar 07:00 - 18:00Santo Antonio, Principe Island
17 Mar 07:00 - 19:00Freetown, Sierra Leone
19 Mar 07:00 - 20:00Banjul, Gambia
20 Mar 07:00 - 21 Mar 14:00Dakar, Senegal
22 Mar 07:00 - 19:00Saint-Louis-Ndar, Senegal
24 Mar 08:00 - 21:00Praia, Santiago Island Cape Verde
25 Mar 08:00 - 18:00Sal Rei, Boa Vista Island Cape Verde
28 Mar 07:00 - 23:59Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands
29 Mar 07:00 - 19:00Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Canary Islands
30 Mar 07:00 - 23:59Arrecife de Lanzarote, Canary Islands
01 Apr 07:00 - 02 Apr 14:00Casablanca-Marrakesh, Morocco
03 Apr 07:00 - 23:00Cadiz-Sevilla, Spain
05 Apr 07:00 - 18:00Lisbon, Portugal
06 Apr 07:00 - 23:00Leixoes-Oporto, Portugal
07 Apr 07:00 - 22:00Vigo, Spain
10 Apr 08:30Arriving in Le Havre-Paris, France

Grand Voyage 2024

32 days, one-way from Marseille to Le Havre-Paris Marseille

Date / TimePort
28 Jan 17:00Departing from Marseille
31 Jan 07:00 - 17:00Cadiz0Sevilla, Spain
01 Feb 08:00 - 23:00Casablanca-Marrakesh, Morocco
03 Feb 07:00 - 17:00Agadir, Morocco
05 Feb 07:00 - 18:00Dakhla, Morocco
07 Feb 12:00 - 08 Feb 17:00Dakar, Senegal
09 Feb 07:00 - 17:00Banjul, Gambia
11 Feb 07:00 - 19:00Sal Rei, Boa Vista Island Cape Verde
12 Feb 07:00 - 14 Feb 18:00Praia, Santiago Island Cape Verde
15 Feb 07:00 - 18:00Sao Filipe, Fogo Island Cape Verde
16 Feb 07:00 - 18:00Mindelo, Sao Vicente Island Cape Verde
19 Feb 07:00 - 18:00Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands
20 Feb 07:00 - 15:00Santa Cruz de la Palma, Canary Islands
21 Feb 12:00 - 22 Feb 15:00Funchal, Madeira Island Portugal
24 Feb 07:00 - 20:00Lisbon, Portugal
26 Feb 07:00 - 19:00La Coruna, Spain
29 Feb 07:00Arriving in Le Havre-Paris

(Holland America) MS Maasdam refurbishment 2018 review

During drydock 2018 (August 31 - September 9, done at Freeport Bahamas) the Maasdam vessel received the following Suite cabin upgrades:

  • furnishings (sofas, chairs, headboards), carpeting, wall coverings, privacy curtains, draperies, bed runners, bed skirts, (vanity), new make-up vanities (quartz stone tops, modern lighting), dressers, dressing tables, nightstands, LED reading lights, wardrobes (with lighted closet rod)
  • cabin decors and amenities (espresso coffee machine, binoculars, free mimosas with in-cabin breakfasts)
  • USB outlet (on the bed's headboard), power outlets, LED ceiling lights
  • BOSE SoundDock (iPod stations)
  • interactive HDTV system (Internet capabilities, free movies on demand)
  • All Suite bathrooms were also renovated.

Maasdam ship's 2018 refurbishment was part of Holland America Line's USD 300 million fleet renovation program (scheduled for 2016-2018) that also included updating onboard entertainment, dining and suites fleetwide.

In 2016, Holland America updated MS Maasdam's shipboard programming (enrichment, entertainment and children) replacing the old "Dancing With the Stars" with "BBC Earth" content.

  • The ship's theatre lounge started hosting daily expert lectures, presentations, a nature-themed game show with BBC Earth screenings and introductions by the crews that filmed these series. A signature concert in the evenings was based on the "Frozen Planet" program (polar regions-themed) - a spectacular multimedia show with live musicians.
  • The ship's children (Club HAL) facilities featured an explorer trail, workshops (including on journalism and filming), fact shows (animals, dinosaurs).

Holland America-themed cruises featured access to the BBC Earth series creators, sharing behind-the-scenes media and stories. Children had the opportunity to participate in filming workshops.