Fred Olsen Borealis

Former name: MS Rotterdam VI (Holland America)

Fred Olsen Borealis current position

Fred Olsen Borealis current location is at North Sea (coordinates 58.82239 N / 10.34970 E) cruising at speed of 11.8 kn (22 km/h | 14 mph) en route to Oslo. The AIS position was reported 3 minutes ago.

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Current itinerary of Fred Olsen Borealis

Fred Olsen Borealis current cruise is 15 days, round-trip Discovering Scandinavian Islands Capitals. Prices start from USD 2486 (double occupancy rates). The itinerary starts on 17 Apr, 2024 and ends on 02 May, 2024.

Date / TimePort
17 Apr    Departing from Southampton, England hotels
20 Apr    Oslo, Norway
22 Apr    Visby, Gotland Island Sweden
23 Apr - 24 Apr    Stockholm, Sweden
25 Apr    Tallinn, Estonia
26 Apr    Helsinki, Finland
27 Apr    Turku, Finland
29 Apr    Copenhagen, Denmark
02 May    Arriving in Southampton, England hotels

Specifications of Fred Olsen Borealis

Year of build1997  /  Age: 27
Flag state Bahamas
BuilderFincantieri (Marghera, Italy)
Building costUSD 400 million
Engines (power)Wartsila-Sulzer (57.7 MW / 77377 hp)
Speed25 kn / 46 km/h / 29 mph
Length (LOA)238 m / 781 ft
Beam (width)32 m / 105 ft
Gross Tonnage61849 gt
Passengers1360 - 1685
Passengers-to-space ratio37
Decks with cabins5
Last Refurbishment2022
Sister-shipsMS Amsterdam (identical), MS Zaandam, MS Volendam
Former namesMS Rotterdam VI (Holland America)
Christened byHRH Princess Margriet of the Netherlands (MS Rotterdam)
OwnerBorealis Cruise Ltd
OperatorFred Olsen Cruise Lines Ltd

Fred Olsen Borealis Itineraries

DateItineraryDeparture PortPrice from
2024 Jan 05 103 days, one-way from Liverpool to Southampton Liverpool $17289
2024 Jan 07 101 days, round-trip World Cruise Southampton $12438
2024 Jan 25 83 days, one-way from Puntarenas to Southampton Puntarenas $12003
2024 Feb 27 50 days, one-way from Sydney to Southampton Sydney $6218
2024 Mar 26 22 days, one-way from Dubai to Southampton Dubai
2024 Mar 30 18 days, one-way from Cape Town to Southampton Cape Town $2113
2024 Apr 17 15 days, round-trip Discovering Scandinavian Islands Capitals Southampton $2486
2024 May 02 5 days, round-trip Dutch Tulips Waterways in Five Southampton $1118
2024 May 07 7 days, round-trip Wildlife Culture of the Scenic Scottish Isles Southampton $1118
2024 May 14 11 days, round-trip Whales Volcanic Landscapes of Iceland Southampton $1615
2024 May 25 5 days, round-trip Discovering Normandy the Channel Islands Southampton $1242
2024 May 30 20 days, round-trip Cultural Adriatic Discovery Southampton $3730
2024 Jun 19 8 days, round-trip Springtime Falls Norwegian Fjords Southampton $1615
2024 Jun 27 14 days, round-trip Discovering the Castles Cultures of the Baltics Dover $2611
2024 Jul 11 11 days, round-trip Whales Volcanic Landscapes of Iceland Dover $1864
2024 Jul 22 9 days, round-trip Scenic Landscapes Wildlife of the British Isles Dover $1615
2024 Jul 31 14 days, round-trip Volcanic Islands of the Azores Madeira Dover $2486
2024 Aug 14 8 days, round-trip Summertime Norwegian Fjords Dover $1615
2024 Aug 23 5 days, round-trip Discovering Normandy the Channel Islands Southampton $1242
2024 Aug 28 14 days, round-trip Volcanic Islands of the Azores Madeira Southampton $2362
2024 Sep 11 9 days, round-trip Norwegian Fjords Autumn Fruit Harvest Southampton $1615
2024 Sep 20 13 days, round-trip Volcanic Islands of the Azores Madeira Southampton $2113
2024 Oct 03 26 days, round-trip Canada in the Fall Southampton $4601
2024 Oct 29 14 days, round-trip Cultures Cuisines of the Mediterranean Southampton $2237
2024 Nov 12 11 days, one-way from Southampton to Portsmouth UK Southampton $1615
2024 Nov 23 14 days, round-trip Winter Warmth in the Canaries Portsmouth UK $1864
2024 Dec 07 14 days, round-trip In Search of the Northern Lights Portsmouth UK $1989
2024 Dec 21 14 days, round-trip Canary Islands Christmas Funchal New Year Portsmouth UK $3233
2025 Jan 04 28 days, round-trip Island-Hopping in the Caribbean Portsmouth UK $4601
2025 Feb 01 14 days, round-trip In Search of the Northern Lights Portsmouth UK $2611
2025 Feb 15 12 days, round-trip Discovering Spain Morocco Portsmouth UK $1864
2025 Feb 27 14 days, round-trip Canaries Carnivals Portsmouth UK $2237
2025 Mar 15 10 days, round-trip In Search of the Northern Lights Newcastle upon Tyne $1864
2025 Mar 25 10 days, round-trip In Search of the Northern Lights Newcastle upon Tyne $1864
2025 Apr 04 13 days, round-trip Maritime Traditions of Spain, Portugal Gibraltar Newcastle upon Tyne $2113
2025 Apr 17 8 days, round-trip Floral Amsterdam, Normandy the Isles of Scilly Newcastle upon Tyne $1367
2025 Apr 25 7 days, round-trip Springtime Norwegian Fjords Newcastle upon Tyne $1491
2025 May 02 5 days, round-trip Dutch Waterways Works of Art Newcastle upon Tyne $931
2025 May 07 7 days, round-trip Scenic Isles of Scotland Newcastle upon Tyne $1367
2025 May 14 8 days, round-trip Exploring Iceland in Eight Newcastle upon Tyne $1615
2025 May 22 5 days, round-trip Springtime Norwegian Fjords in Five Newcastle upon Tyne $1056
2025 May 28 8 days, round-trip Scenic Fjords Falls of Norway Dover $1553
2025 Jun 05 22 days, round-trip Scenic Gems of the Dalmatian Coast Dover $4352
2025 Jun 27 7 days, round-trip Scenic Landscapes of the Norwegian Fjords Dover $1429
2025 Jul 04 13 days, round-trip Volcanic Vistas of the Azores Madeira Dover $2362
2025 Jul 17 12 days, round-trip Whales, Waterfalls Geysers of Iceland Dover $2362
2025 Jul 29 5 days, round-trip Scenic Norwegian Fjords in Five Dover $1118
2025 Aug 04 9 days, round-trip Scenic Islands Coastlines of Scotland Ireland Southampton $1864
2025 Aug 13 8 days, round-trip Mountains Fjords of Norway Southampton $1615
2025 Aug 21 5 days, round-trip Exploring the Landscapes of Espantildea Verde Southampton $1118
2025 Aug 26 16 days, round-trip Colourful Cliffside Towns of the Amalfi Coast Southampton $3233
2025 Sep 11 8 days, round-trip Scenic Landscapes of the Norwegian Fjords Southampton $1615
2025 Sep 19 14 days, round-trip Volcanic Vistas of the Azores Madeira Southampton $2734
2025 Oct 03 7 days, round-trip Exploring the Landscapes of Espantildea Verde Southampton $1304
2025 Oct 10 10 days, round-trip In Search of the Northern Lights Southampton $1864
2025 Nov 07 5 days, round-trip Five Mystery Cruise Portsmouth UK $869
2025 Nov 12 14 days, round-trip City Sights Overnights in Gibraltar, Spain Portugal Portsmouth UK $2174
2025 Nov 26 12 days, round-trip Medinas Mountains of Moorish Morocco Portsmouth UK $1864
2025 Dec 08 14 days, round-trip Fairytale Castles Old Towns of the Baltic Portsmouth UK $2112
2025 Dec 22 13 days, round-trip Canary Islands Christmas with New Year in Lisbon Portsmouth UK $3108
2026 Jan 04 10 days, round-trip In Search of the Northern Lights Portsmouth UK $1864
2026 Jan 14 14 days, one-way from Portsmouth UK to Southampton Portsmouth UK $2236
2026 Jan 28 76 days, round-trip Exploration of South America and the Antarctic Southampton $11194
2026 Apr 14 8 days, round-trip Cuisines Culture of French Cities Southampton $1429
2026 Apr 22 8 days, round-trip Scenic Landscapes of the Norwegian Fjords Southampton $1553
2026 Apr 30 5 days, round-trip Springtime Tulips of the Netherlands Southampton $993
2026 May 05 17 days, round-trip Italys Scenic Riviera with Charming Cinque Terre Southampton $3606
2026 May 22 5 days, round-trip Cuisines Culture of French Cities Southampton $1056

Fred Olsen Borealis Review

Review of Fred Olsen Borealis

The 1997-built (as "MS Rotterdam") cruise ship MS Borealis is the latest addition to the Fred Olsen Cruise Line's fleet - together with MS Bolette (fka MS Amsterdam). MS Rotterdam was the 1st R-class ship of Holland America Line, with sisterships MS Amsterdam (now Bolette), and also ms Zaandam and ms Volendam.

The vessel (IMO number 9122552) is currently Bahamas-flagged (MMSI 311000987) and registered in Nassau.

In July 2020, Carnival Corporation (via HAL-Holland America Line) sold 4 liners. MS Amsterdam (Bolette) and MS Rotterdam (Borealis) were sold to Fred Olsen. MS Maasdam and MS Veendam were sold to Seajets Ferries Greece. All scheduled for the 4 ships cruises were canceled or assumed by other HAL ships.

  • A total of 41x Holland America Rotterdam ship cruises were canceled (November 8, 2020, through March 12, 2022), including 15-16-day Panama Canal (between Fort Lauderdale and San Diego), 16-day South America (between San Diego and Callao-Lima Peru), 32-day (San Diego to Hawaii, Tahiti Marquesas), 14-21-day Transatlantic repositioning (Fort Lauderdale to Rotterdam Holland), 7-14-21-day Norwegian Fjords from Rotterdam (2021, April 24 through June 26), 16-30-day Transatlantic repositioning (Rotterdam to Boston), 17-day roundtrip Boston to Greenland, Newfoundland and New England (2021, July 26 through August 29), 10-day Canada and New England (between Boston and Montreal, 2021 Sept 15 through Oct 5), 14-day repositioning (Montreal to Fort Lauderdale) and 14-day Panama Canal transition voyages (between Fort Lauderdale and San Diego, 2022 January 15 through March 12).
  • On July 26, following the Suez Canal transition, Rotterdam and Amsterdam anchored off Port Limassol (Cyprus).

Holland America Rotterdam ship (IMO number 9122552) was Holland-flagged (MMSI number 246167000) and registered in Rotterdam Netherlands. For Fred Olsen, Borealis was reflagged to The Bahamas (MMSI 311000987) and registered in Nassau.

History - construction and ownership

Fred Olsen Cruise Lines Ltd is a Norwegian-owned and UK-based cruise shipping company, part of the Fred Olsen Group (Fred Olsen & Co / shipowner, headquartered in Oslo, Norway). The company is headquartered in Ipswich (Suffolk England) and is owned by Bonheur and Ganger Rolf. The company was founded in 1848 (in Hvitsten, Norway) by the three Olsen brothers (Petter, Andras, Fredrik Christian) who bought their first ships and established an international shipping company. Today Fred Olsen Group is into its 5th family generation and operates subsidiary companies specializing in cruise passenger shipping, trade, shipbuilding, aviation, offshore industries.

Fred Olsen Borealis cruise ship (MS Rotterdam VI)

Fred Olsen Group wholly owns the companies Fred Olsen Cruise Lines Ltd, Fred Olsen Travel Ltd (worldwide tours and vacations via independent operators), Fred Olsen Marine Services AS (shipowner and vessel management), First Olsen Ltd (tanker ships), Dolphin Drilling Holdings Ltd (offshore drilling rigs), Fred Olsen Express (Canary Islands-based fast ferries / catamarans), Fred Olsen Freight Ltd (cargo shipping and air freight), Fred Olsen Windcarrier AS (transport and installation of offshore wind turbines), Fred Olsen Production AS (offshore petroleum production), Fred Olsen Renewables AS, SeaRoc Group Ltd (offshore and marine consultancy and contracting services), ZephIR Lidar UK (wind measurement devices), Ganger Rolf ASA (energy and shipping). Also part of Fred Olsen Group, the company Bonheur ASA manages several fully-owned companies, among which are NHST Media Group AS (newspapers and online media) and the real estate companies Stavenes Byggeselskap, Koksa Eiendom, Fred Olsens gate 2. Part of Fred Olsen Group is also Timex Group BV - parent of several watchmaking companies, including the subsidiaries in the USA, India and the Philippines).

The 1300-passenger ship MS Borealis/Rotterdam debuted in 1997 as the 6th in the line of Holland America flagships. The first Rotterdam set voyage in 1872, beginning a Holland America tradition and reputation that continued through the new Rotterdam, one of the most beloved vessels. Like her 5 classic ancestors, Rotterdam is more of a throwback to earlier cruise vessels compared to most mega-ships being built after 1995. However, with a maximum cruising speed of twenty-five knots and all of the stylish features expected of a relatively large vessel, the Rotterdam cruise ship successfully straddles the fine line between classic and modern. Size-wise, Rotterdam is solidly in the middle of the Holland America fleet, smaller than the line's Vista and Signature classes and carrying 700 passengers fewer than Eurodam, which is the largest in the lineup. Even on a full voyage, the cruise liner rarely feels crowded, except for the lunch rush at the casual Lido Restaurant on sea days and the irregular, fast-moving line in the La Fontaine basic dining room. Highlights of the Rotterdam cruise ship experience include some of the widest "standard" rooms afloat; a high percentage of outside cabins that feature balconies; upscale alternative dining venues in the Pinnacle Grill; and the Explorations Cafe - a library, Internet cafe and coffee bar wrapped into one popular hangout.

Fred Olsen Borealis cruise ship (MS Rotterdam VI)

Fred Olsen refurbished Borealis in 2022 (Oct 28 - Nov 13). The 2-week, multimillion-pound drydock refurbishment was conducted at Cammell Laird's yard in Birkenhead/Liverpool.

Decks and Cabins

MS Borealis staterooms ((742 total) include 232 Suites, 39 Balcony and 125 Inside, in all 40 cabin grades (also "Lanai" category). Most cabins are 140-320-ft2 Oceanviews (346). Around 28% of the passenger accommodations have private step-out balconies. Wheelchair-accessible cabins are 26. The largest are the Pinnacle Suites/Owners Suites (940 ft2 / 87 m2, with terrace sized 190 ft2 / 18 m2).

There are also Lanai staterooms (with sliding glass doors opening onto the Promenade Deck), Spa cabins (3x), Spa suites (20x).

The boat has 10 passenger-accessible decks, of which 5 are with cabins.

Implemented fleetwide in 2019, HAL's "Club Orange" program provides exclusive amenities to Suite passengers booked in categories Neptune and Pinnacle. Bonus perks by this program include:

  • priority services (check-in, disembarkation, tendering, dining reservations)
  • 24-hour concierge service (assistance, information, reservations)
  • exclusive dining venue (serving complimentary Pinnacle Grill breakfast and Dining Room dinner, plus exclusive dishes)
  • dedicated Concierge Desk (Guest Services and Tours)
  • room service (a la carte breakfast menu with complimentary gourmet dishes - including smoked salmon, steak and eggs)
  • sparkling wine (embarkation day), Club Orange tote bag, premium bathrobes (cabin use, available for monogramming and purchasing).
  • Club Orange Restaurant is part of the Main Dining Room (designed as a separate VIP dining section).

Shipboard dining options - Food and Drinks

La Fontaine is the ship's 2-level main restaurant venue, which serves open-seating breakfast and lunch, as well as a blend of flexible and set-seating restaurant-style meals at dinner. Breakfast hours in the MDR vary but start as early as 7:00 a.m. on port days and 8:00 a.m. on sea days, wrapping up by 9:30 a.m. Breakfast fare includes bread, cereals, French toast, blueberry pancakes, corned beef hash, egg dishes and yogurt parfaits. Portions are on the smaller side, so better opt for a second pastry. Lunch in the MDR is typically limited to an hour per day (from noon to 1:00 p.m. on sea days; closed when the ship is in port for an entire day). If you see a line of guests waiting to be seated, do not be deterred as the line moves fast and the tables are plenty. Lunch fare includes sandwiches, soups, light salads, fish and heartier entrees.

Follows the complete list of MS Rotterdam's restaurants and food bars.

  • Pinnacle Grill (88-seat reservations-only seafood/steakhouse restaurant with fine wines selection; free for passengers under 12 yo). The venue transforms into "An Evening at le Cirque" once per cruise via a partnership with "NYC Le Cirque" French restaurant.
  • La Fontaine Restaurant (684-seat, aft Dining Room; features open seating Breakfast and Lunch, two Dinner options - 2 fixed seatings or "Any Time" dining between 5:15 p.m. - 9 p.m.
  • King's / Queen's Room (La Fontaine restaurant annex, reservations-only; for private dining)
  • Terrace Grill (fast food pool bar; complimentary)
  • Lido Restaurant (418-seat complimentary buffet restaurant; offers self-service Breakfast 6:00 a.m. -11 a.m., Lunch 11:30 p.m. - 2 p.m., Afternoon Tea, and Dinner 5:30 p.m. - 8 p.m.)
  • Canaletto Restaurant (Lido Restaurant annex; operates as an Italian restaurant for Dinner, reservations required)
  • Slice (Italian Pizzeria, poolside).

Shipboard entertainment options - Fun and Sport

On most nights, ms Rotterdam has two Las Vegas-style shows in Queen's Lounge, which features a main floor on Deck 4 and a balcony on Deck 5. Queen's Lounge is also used for events like the Crew Show at the end of each cruise, where the dining-room stewards, housekeeping staff and other crew members entertain the passengers. The Wajang Theatre offers feature films with cookies, cappuccino and popcorn. It's also used for lectures and culinary demonstrations. Rotterdam boasts a piano bar, a band or a DJ at night in Crow's Nest, other live performances in various locations, and sports on TV in Mix Spirits & Ales sports bar. Cabin entertainment consists of a flat-screen TV with DVD player. MS Rotterdam also has a casino and activities such as art auctions, bingo and games (including shuffleboard, bridge, hockey-slapshot competitions). Other amenities include: complimentary 24-Hour Room-Service, Supervised Kids Program ("Club Hal"), cruise ship weddings, Internet/WiFi Access, Laundry/Self-Serve Laundromats.

Holland America MS Rotterdam cruise ship

Follows the complete list of ms Rotterdam lounges, clubs and other entertainment venues for kids, teens and adults.

  • Atrium (3-deck high midship open-floor area with live performances)
  • Promenade Deck, Walking Track (jogging is not permitted)
  • The Showroom at Sea (557-seat theatre/main show lounge; also serves Holland America Line's enrichment program (via a partnership with BBC Earth)
  • Queen's Room (La Fontaine annexe used as a meeting room; hosts digital workshops via Microsoft partnership, computer classes, social networks, blogging, photo editing)
  • Photo Gallery & Shop; Art Gallery
  • Wine Tasting Bar, Gourmet Shops (bottles available for purchasing, wine sampling)
  • Wajang Theatre & Culinary Arts Centre (124-seat cinema; offers culinary classes and cooking shows presented in demonstration kitchens)
  • Atrium Terrace with boutiques; Atrium Shops (boutiques for duty-free tobaccos and liquor, perfumes, watches, clothing, HAL logo merchandise, souvenirs); Marabella Luxury Shop
  • Ocean Bar (110-seat Atrium bar and lounge, with dance floor and stage for live performances)
  • MIX Lounge (sectioned into three parts - Mix Champagne wine bar, Mix Martini cocktail bar and Mix Spirits & Ales sports bar)
  • Casino (served by the Mix Lounge's sports bar)
  • Hudson Room (75-seat meeting room; used as Cards Room)
  • Explorations Cafe (65-seat specialty coffee bar and patisserie; also serves as the ship's Library and Online Centre/Internet computers room)
  • Explorer's Lounge & Bar (95-seat lounge with bar; classical concert performances)
  • Neptune Lounge (17-seat club venue for Deluxe Suite and Pinnacle guests only)
  • Fitness Center (gym with separate Aerobics Room); 5 jacuzzis
  • Greenhouse Spa & Salon; Lido Pool area, served by Lido Bar and Terrace Grill; The Retreat Pool area
  • Crow's Nest (250-seat observation lounge; bar and dance floor; becomes disco at night)
  • Tennis Court; Basketball Court; Shuffleboard
  • Club HAL (kids lounge, complimentary youth programming)
  • The Loft (teens club lounge area, with Video Games Arcade, computers, PlayStations; teen disco)
  • The Oasis (40-seat teen-only outdoor area).


Holland America MS Rotterdam itinerary program was based on European (Mediterranean and Baltic) and Asian cruises.

Fred Olsen Borealis itineraries went on sale in mid-September 2020. The inaugural cruise program 2021-2022 includes almost exclusively itineraries out of homeport Liverpool England. MS Borealis took on the existing program originally planned for the retired (in August 2020) MS Black Watch, plus new itineraries.

The ship's Maiden Voyage (first cruise for Fred Olsen) was initially a 6-night "Scottish Lochs and Isles", followed by a 5-night "Irish Capitals and Scottish Scenery" itinerary, then was planned relocation to the Mediterranean, Iceland, Norway and other destinations. Eventually, this program was changed significantly.

  • (maiden voyage/CANCELLED) 6-night "Scottish Lochs and Isles" from Liverpool was planned for April 23, 2021. Prices started from GBP 600 per person. Call ports included Liverpool, Belfast, scenic cruising (Loch Torridon, Loch Broom, Loch Eriboll), Lerwick, Kirkwall, Liverpool.
  • (maiden voyage/CANCELLED) 7-night "Sailing Around Iconic Ireland" (May 22, 2021) was roundtrip from Liverpool to Dublin, Cobh-Cork, Galway, Killybegs and Belfast, with prices from GBP 1200 per person.
  • (maiden voyage/CANCELLED) 9-night "The Natural Wonders of Iceland" (July 2, 2021) is roundtrip from Liverpool to Iceland's ports Seydisfjordur, Akureyri, Isafjordur and Reykjavik, with prices from GBP 1595 pp.
  • (inaugural cruise) 3-night "Borealis' Maiden Voyage" (cruise to nowhere from Liverpool/booking code S212), with prices from GBP 970 pp. The itinerary (without stopping at any ports) featured scenic cruising of Scotland's lochs (sea lakes), passing by Duart Castle (Isle of Mull), Fingal's Cave (Isle of Staffa), Dutchman's Cap (Bac Mor Island, Treshnish Isles).

Customers who booked by September 30 (2020) any Fred Olsen Borealis cruises 2021-2022 received free shipboard gratuities and up to GBP 100 per person in OBC (onboard credit).

  • On October 1, 2020, Fred Olsen announced Borealis' first World Cruise (ex-UK roundtrip departing in January 2022) that visits 37 ports. "Around the World Voyage 2022" can be booked as Liverpool roundtrip (104-days itinerary, departs on January 4) and as Southampton roundtrip (100-days itinerary, departure January 6). Prices started from GBP 10450 (Liverpool) and GBP 10000 (Southampton).
  • On March 5, 2021, Fred Olsen opened for booking Borealis' "Around the World in 80 Days" (2023) itinerary themed on Jules Verne's novel. The 79-night/80-day "World Voyage 2023" celebrates the novel's 150th anniversary and will visit many of the ports visited by the novel's protagonist Phileas Fogg.

For Fred Olsen's world voyages scheduled for MS Borealis see in the ship's Wiki section.

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Fred Olsen Borealis Wiki

MS Rotterdam (named after Rotterdam City, Netherlands) was Holland America Line's 1st R-class liner, with sisterships Amsterdam (now Fred Olsen Bolette), Volendam, Zaandam.

The vessel was built at Fincantieri's Marghera Shipyard (Fincantieri CN Italiana SpA, Venice Italy) under yard number 5980. The ship was launched (floated out from drydock) on December 23, 1996) and was delivered to the shipowner (Holland America Line NV / subsidiary of Holland-America Line Westours Inc) on November 1, 1997. The ship's christening ceremony was held on November 6, in Port Everglades (Fort Lauderdale FL). The Inaugural Cruise (Maiden Voyage) was on November 11. Ship's Godmother was HRH Princess Margriet of the Netherlands. "MS Rotterdam VI" is HAL's 6th liner with this name. Around USD 2 million is the worth of the onboard fine art-antiques collection.

Holland America Rotterdam VI cruise ship (Borealis)

The vessel (Fincantieri Marghera yard/hull number 5980) is powered by 5x Wartsila-Sulzer marine diesel engines (models 16ZAV40S/12ZAV40) with total power output 57,7 MW.

In July 2020, the vessel was sold to Fred Olsen Cruise Lines (shipowner is Fred Olsen & Co / based in Oslo, Norway), to be named "MS BOREALIS" and Norway-flagged (registered in Oslo). For Holland America, MS Rotterdam was Holland-flagged (MMSI number 246167000) and registered in Rotterdam.

By Holland America, MS Rotterdam VI was last drydock refurbished in 2017. The drydock (vessel inspections) in 2020 was at Damen Shiprepair's yard in Rotterdam Holland.

Fred Olsen Borealis was last drydocked in 2022 (Oct 28 - Nov 14) at Cammell Laird shipyard in Birkenhead (Liverpool, England UK). The drydocking was for routine maintenance works including steel repairs and overhauling the shafts and propellers.

Exploration of South America and Antarctica (World Cruise 2026)

In February 2024, Fred Olsen announced two Grand Voyages scheduled for 2026 - Borealis' "Exploration of South America and Antarctica" itinerary (76-night) and Bolette's "Discovering the World’s Idyllic Islands and Iconic Cities” itinerary (95-night).

Bookings for Fred Olsen's 2026 Grand Voyages were opened on February 7th (for Oceans Members) and on February 9th (for the general public).

Fred Olsen World Cruise 2024 (MS Borealis)

Next table shows MS Borealis' 2024 World Voyage (101-day roundtrip) from the UK.

Date / TimePort
07 JanDeparting from Southampton
14 JanKings Wharf, Bermuda
16 JanCharleston, South Carolina
18 JanPort Canaveral/Orlando, Florida
19 JanPort Everglades/Fort Lauderdale, Florida
20 JanKey West, Florida
23 JanPanama Canal
24 JanGolfito, Costa Rica
25 JanPuerto Caldera/Puntarenas, Costa Rica
28 JanAcapulco, Mexico
04 FebHonolulu, Oahu Hawaii
05 FebLahaina, Maui Hawaii
06 FebHilo, Hawaii
11 FebRaiatea Island, French Polynesia
12 FebPapeete, Tahiti French Polynesia
13 FebBora Bora Island, French Polynesia
19 FebAuckland, New Zealand
22 FebPicton, New Zealand
27 FebSydney, NSW Australia
01 MarNewcastle, NSW Australia
03 MarCairns, Queensland Australia
05 MarAlotau, Papua New Guinea
10 MarKomodo Island, Indonesia
11 MarCelukan Bawang, Indonesia
14 MarSingapore
16 MarPhuket, Thailand
20 MarCochin, India
22 MarMormugao/Goa, India
23 MarMumbai, India
26 MarDubai, UAE
28 MarKhasab, Oman
29 MarMuscat, Oman
04 AprAqaba/Petra, Jordan
05 AprSuez Canal
07 AprHaifa/Tel Aviv-Nazareth, Israel
08 AprLimassol, Cyprus Greece
09 AprRhodes Island, Greece
11 AprValletta, Malta
13 AprCartagena, Spain
17 AprArriving in Southampton

The 101-day voyage was priced from GBP 13440 (USD 16140 / EUR 15130) per person with double occupancy.

Fred Olsen World Cruise 2023 (MS Borealis)

In early-March 2021, Fred Olsen announced the "Around the World in 80 Days" itinerary themed on Jules Verne's novel "Around the World in Eighty Days" (1873-published).

The 79-night/80-day "World Voyage 2023" celebrates the novel's 150th anniversary and will visit many of the ports visited by the novel's protagonist Phileas Fogg.

Signature seaports are Mumbai India, China's Hong Kong and Shanghai, San Francisco CA USA. The visit to Safaga (port to Luxor) coincided with the 100-year anniversary of Tutankhamun Tomb's discovery. Japanese ports were visited during Japan's cherry blossom season. The voyage also featured Panama Canal and Suez Canal transits.

The itinerary was officially published on March 5, 2021, with two roundtrip England UK options available - out of Liverpool (81-day/from GBP 13840 pp) and Southampton (79-day/from GBP 13540 pp), with prices based on double occupancy.

Date / TimePort
22 FebDeparting from Liverpool, England
23 FebSouthampton, England
26 FebLisbon, Portugal
02 MarBrindisi, Italy
05 MarPort Said-Cairo, Egypt
05 MarSuez Canal
07 MarSafaga-Luxor, Egypt
14 MarMumbai, India
15 MarMormugao-Goa, India
16 MarCochin, India
21 MarSingapore
23 MarNha Trang, Vietnam
25 MarHong Kong, China
28 MarShanghai, China
30 MarHakata-Fukuoka City, Japan
01 AprKobe-Osaka, Japan
02 AprNagoya, Japan
03 AprYokohama-Tokyo, Japan
10 AprHonolulu, Oahu Island, Hawaii
11 AprLahaina, Maui Island, Hawaii
12 AprHilo, Hawaii Island
17 AprSan Francisco, California
19 AprSan Diego, California
23 AprAcapulco-Guerrero, Mexico
26 AprPuerto Caldera-Puntarenas, Costa Rica
28 AprPanama Canal
29 AprCartagena, Colombia
30 AprSanta Marta, Colombia
02 MayRoad Town, Tortola Island BVI
03 MayBasseterre, St Kitts Island
09 MayPonta Delgada, Sao Miguel Island, Azores
13 MayArriving in Southampton, England

As a promo offer, all Early Booking deals received GBP 500 per person in OBC (onboard credit).

The voyage was offered in the following itinerary segments (prices per person with double occupancy):

  • 79-night roundtrip from Southampton (February 23, 2023), from GBP 11500 pp
  • 81-night roundtrip from Liverpool (February 21, 2023), from GBP 11800 pp
  • 101-night roundtrip from Southampton (January 7, 2024), from GBP 14300 pp
  • 105-night roundtrip from Liverpool (January 5, 2024), from GBP 13400 pp
  • 103-night from Southampton to Liverpool (January 5, 2024), from GBP 13200 pp

Fred Olsen's 2023 World Voyage on Borealis featured the presence of two masters/Captains (Victor Stoica and Rommel Pineda), two Hotel Managers (Iain Gibson and Hermann Stingeder), as well as Sammie Firbanks (Entertainment Manager)and David Buchanan (Executive Chef).

Fred Olsen Borealis World Cruise 2022

On October 1, 2020, Fred Olsen announced a World Cruise on MS Borealis (departing roundtrip out of the UK in January 2022) that visits a total of 37 call ports. "Around the World Voyage 2022" was bookable as a Liverpool roundtrip (104-day itinerary, January 4th) and as a Southampton roundtrip (100-day itinerary, departure January 6).

Signature destinations include Suez Canal transit, Panama Canals full transit, North America, Pacific Ocean islands (Hawaii, Papua New Guinea, Great Barrier Reef), Australia and New Zealand (3-day Sydney overnight stay), Singapore, Dubai.

"101 days Around the World" itinerary

Date / TimePort
06 JanDeparting from Southampton
13 JanKings Wharf, Bermuda
15 JanNassau, Bahamas, New Providence Island
16 JanPort Canaveral-Orlando, Florida
17 JanPort Everglades-Fort Lauderdale Florida
20 JanCartagena, Colombia
22 JanGolfito, Costa Rica
23 JanPuerto Caldera-Puntarenas, Costa Rica
26 JanManzanillo, Mexico
01 FebHonolulu, Oahu Hawaii
02 FebLahaina, Maui Hawaii
03 FebHilo, Hawaii
08 FebRaiatea Island, Uturoa, French Polynesia
09 FebPapeete, Tahiti Island, French Polynesia
10 FebBora Bora Island, Society Islands, French Polynesia
16 FebAuckland, New Zealand
18 FebPicton, New Zealand
23 Feb - 25 Feb (overnight)Sydney, NSW Australia
26 FebNewcastle NSW, NSW Australia
01 MarCairns, Queensland Australia
03 MarAlotau, Papua New Guinea
08 MarPulau Komodo Island, East Nusa Tenggara Indonesia
09 MarCelukan Bawang, Bali Indonesia
12 Mar - 13 Mar (overnight)Singapore
15 MarPhuket, Thailand
19 MarCochin, India
21 MarMormugao, India
22 MarMumbai, India
25 Mar - 26 Mar (overnight)Dubai, UAE
27 MarAbu Dhabi, UAE
28 MarFujairah, UAE
29 MarMuscat, Oman
04 AprAqaba-Petra, Jordan
07 AprHaifa, Israel
08 AprLimassol, Cyprus Greece
09 AprRhodes Island, Greece
11 AprValletta, Malta
14 AprCadiz-Seville, Spain
17 AprArriving in Southampton

Besides the full itinerary, World Voyage 2022 was available for booking in smaller segments (17- to 84-days in length). Prices started from GBP 10450 (Liverpool roundtrip) and GBP 10000 (Southampton roundtrip).

Bookings made by October 31, 2020, received up to GBP 600 in OBC (onboard credit per cabin).

(Holland America) MS Rotterdam refurbishment 2017 review

During October 2017 drydock (done at Freeport Bahamas) the Rotterdam vessel received the following Suite cabin upgrades:

  • furnishings (sofas, chairs, headboards), carpeting, wall coverings, privacy curtains, draperies, bed runners, bed skirts, (vanity), new make-up vanities (quartz stone tops, modern lighting), dressers, dressing tables, nightstands, LED reading lights, wardrobes (with lighted closet rod)
  • cabin decors and amenities (espresso coffee machine, binoculars, free mimosas with in-cabin breakfasts)
  • USB outlet (on the bed's headboard), power outlets, LED ceiling lights
  • BOSE SoundDock (iPod stations) were added only in PS-Pinnacle Suites.
  • interactive HDTV system (new wall-mounted smart TVs with Internet capabilities and free movies on demand)
  • All Suite bathrooms were also renovated.
  • Standard cabin upgrades included new (wall-mounted) smart HDTVs in all staterooms.

Rotterdam ship's 2017 refurbishment was part of Holland America Line's USD 300 million fleet renovation program (scheduled for 2016-2018) that also included updating onboard entertainment, dining and suites fleetwide.

In 2016, Holland America updated MS Rotterdam's shipboard programming (enrichment, entertainment and children) replacing the old "Dancing With the Stars" with "BBC Earth" content.

The theatre lounge started hosting daily expert lectures, presentations, a nature-themed game show with BBC Earth screenings and introductions by the crews that filmed these series. A signature concert in the evenings was based on the "Frozen Planet" program (polar regions-themed) - a spectacular multimedia show with live musicians.

The ship's children (Club HAL) facilities featured an explorer trail, workshops (including on journalism and filming), fact shows (animals, dinosaurs).