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Crystal Symphony current position

Crystal Symphony current location is at West Mediterranean (coordinates 40.56614 N / 4.25541 E) cruising at speed of 12.7 kn (24 km/h | 15 mph) en route to ES MAH. The AIS position was reported 2 minutes ago.

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Current itinerary of Crystal Symphony

Crystal Symphony current cruise is 7 days, one-way from Barcelona to Lisbon. Prices start from USD 4800 (double occupancy rates). The itinerary starts on 11 Jul, 2024 and ends on 18 Jul, 2024.

Date / TimePort
11 Jul 19:00    Departing from Barcelona, Spain hotels
12 Jul 08:00 - 16:00    Port-Vendres, France, Perpignan
13 Jul 08:00 - 16:00    Port Mahon, Menorca Island Balearic Spain
14 Jul 08:00 - 17:00    Cartagena Spain, Murcia
15 Jul 10:00 - 18:00    Gibraltar, UK
16 Jul 08:00 - 23:00    Casablanca, Marrakesh, Morocco
18 Jul 07:00    Arriving in Lisbon, Portugal hotels

Specifications of Crystal Symphony

Year of build1995  /  Age: 29
Flag state Bahamas
BuilderKvaerner Masa-Yards (Helsinki, STX Finland)
Building costUSD 250 million
Engines (power)Wartsila (36.33 MW / 48719 hp)
Speed21 kn / 39 km/h / 24 mph
Length (LOA)238 m / 781 ft
Beam (width)31 m / 102 ft
Gross Tonnage51044 gt
Passengers-to-space ratio51
Decks with cabins5
Last Refurbishment2023
Christened byAngela Lansbury
OwnerA&K Travel Group Ltd (via Crystal Symphony Ltd)
OperatorCrystal Cruises, LTD (Bahamas)

Crystal Symphony Itineraries

DateItineraryDeparture PortPrice from
2024 May 20 45 days, one-way from Lisbon to Monte Carlo Lisbon $25500
2024 Jun 22 12 days, one-way from Istanbul to Monte Carlo Istanbul $8100
2024 Jul 04 7 days, one-way from Monte Carlo to Barcelona Monte Carlo $5000
2024 Jul 11 7 days, one-way from Barcelona to Lisbon Barcelona $4800
2024 Jul 18 12 days, one-way from Lisbon to Dover Lisbon $7400
2024 Jul 30 12 days, one-way from Dover to Stockholm Dover $8200
2024 Aug 11 10 days, one-way from Stockholm to Copenhagen Stockholm $6200
2024 Aug 11 38 days, one-way from Stockholm to Dover Stockholm $20500
2024 Aug 21 11 days, one-way from Copenhagen to Reykjavik Copenhagen $6700
2024 Sep 01 7 days, round-trip Baltic Northern Europe - Reykjavik To Reykjavik Reykjavik $5400
2024 Sep 08 10 days, one-way from Reykjavik to Dover Reykjavik $6100
2024 Sep 18 8 days, round-trip Baltic Northern Europe - Dover To Dover Dover $4600
2024 Sep 26 11 days, one-way from Dover to Lisbon Dover $6700
2024 Oct 07 7 days, one-way from Lisbon to Barcelona Lisbon $4300
2024 Oct 07 60 days, one-way from Lisbon to Piraeus-Athens Lisbon $29000
2024 Oct 14 14 days, round-trip Europe Mediterranean - Barcelona To Barcelona Barcelona $7900
2024 Oct 28 8 days, one-way from Barcelona to Civitavecchia-Rome Barcelona $4600
2024 Nov 05 9 days, one-way from Civitavecchia-Rome to Venice Civitavecchia-Rome $5100
2024 Nov 14 10 days, one-way from Venice to Piraeus-Athens Venice $5800
2024 Nov 24 12 days, round-trip Europe Mediterranean - Piraeus Athens To Piraeus Athens Piraeus-Athens $6800
2024 Dec 06 17 days, one-way from Piraeus-Athens to Abu Dhabi Piraeus-Athens $9600
2024 Dec 06 32 days, one-way from Piraeus-Athens to Mumbai Piraeus-Athens $14000
2024 Dec 23 15 days, one-way from Abu Dhabi to Mumbai Abu Dhabi $8200
2025 Jan 07 11 days, one-way from Mumbai to Singapore Mumbai $6300
2025 Jan 07 27 days, one-way from Mumbai to Hong Kong Mumbai $14200
2025 Jan 07 70 days, round-trip Asia - Mumbai To Mumbai Mumbai $42400
2025 Jan 18 16 days, one-way from Singapore to Hong Kong Singapore $9500
2025 Jan 18 27 days, one-way from Singapore to Yokohama Singapore $14200
2025 Jan 18 47 days, round-trip Asia - Singapore To Singapore Singapore $30700
2025 Feb 03 11 days, one-way from Hong Kong to Yokohama Hong Kong $6300
2025 Feb 14 11 days, one-way from Yokohama to Manila Yokohama $6300
2025 Feb 14 20 days, one-way from Yokohama to Singapore Yokohama $10000
2025 Feb 25 9 days, one-way from Manila to Singapore Manila $4900
2025 Mar 06 12 days, one-way from Singapore to Mumbai Singapore $6600
2025 Apr 09 10 days, one-way from Piraeus-Athens to Istanbul Piraeus-Athens $6700
2025 Apr 09 25 days, round-trip Europe Mediterranean - Piraeus Athens To Piraeus Athens Piraeus-Athens $14300
2025 Apr 19 7 days, one-way from Istanbul to Thessaloniki Istanbul $4200
2025 Apr 26 8 days, one-way from Thessaloniki to Piraeus-Athens Thessaloniki $5000
2025 May 04 8 days, one-way from Piraeus-Athens to Venice Piraeus-Athens $5300
2025 May 04 17 days, one-way from Piraeus-Athens to Civitavecchia-Rome Piraeus-Athens $10100
2025 May 12 9 days, one-way from Venice to Civitavecchia-Rome Venice $6000
2025 May 12 16 days, one-way from Venice to Marseille Venice $9300
2025 May 21 7 days, one-way from Civitavecchia-Rome to Marseille Civitavecchia-Rome $4400
2025 May 21 23 days, round-trip Europe Mediterranean - Civitavecchia Rome To Civitavecchia Rome Civitavecchia-Rome $13000
2025 May 28 7 days, one-way from Marseille to Tarragona Marseille $4400
2025 Jun 04 9 days, one-way from Tarragona to Civitavecchia-Rome Tarragona $5600
2025 Jun 13 9 days, one-way from Civitavecchia-Rome to Venice Civitavecchia-Rome $6000
2025 Jun 13 18 days, one-way from Civitavecchia-Rome to Piraeus-Athens Civitavecchia-Rome $10700
2025 Jun 22 9 days, one-way from Venice to Piraeus-Athens Venice $5600
2025 Jul 01 9 days, one-way from Piraeus-Athens to Thessaloniki Piraeus-Athens $6000
2025 Jul 10 8 days, one-way from Thessaloniki to Civitavecchia-Rome Thessaloniki $5300
2025 Jul 18 5 days, one-way from Civitavecchia-Rome to Monte Carlo Civitavecchia-Rome $3600
2025 Jul 23 10 days, one-way from Monte Carlo to Piraeus-Athens Monte Carlo $7000
2025 Aug 02 7 days, round-trip Europe Mediterranean - Piraeus Athens To Piraeus Athens Piraeus-Athens $4600
2025 Aug 09 11 days, round-trip Europe Mediterranean - Piraeus Athens To Piraeus Athens Piraeus-Athens $7300
2025 Aug 20 10 days, one-way from Piraeus-Athens to Venice Piraeus-Athens $6700
2025 Aug 20 21 days, one-way from Piraeus-Athens to Civitavecchia-Rome Piraeus-Athens $12600
2025 Aug 30 11 days, one-way from Venice to Civitavecchia-Rome Venice $7300
2025 Aug 30 26 days, one-way from Venice to Barcelona Venice $15600
2025 Sep 10 7 days, one-way from Civitavecchia-Rome to Monte Carlo Civitavecchia-Rome $4600
2025 Sep 10 15 days, one-way from Civitavecchia-Rome to Barcelona Civitavecchia-Rome $8900
2025 Sep 17 8 days, one-way from Monte Carlo to Barcelona Monte Carlo $5300
2025 Sep 25 9 days, one-way from Barcelona to Lisbon Barcelona $6000
2025 Sep 25 17 days, round-trip Europe Mediterranean - Barcelona To Barcelona Barcelona $9800
2025 Oct 04 8 days, one-way from Lisbon to Barcelona Lisbon $5000
2025 Oct 12 9 days, one-way from Barcelona to Civitavecchia-Rome Barcelona $5600
2025 Oct 21 10 days, one-way from Civitavecchia-Rome to Marseille Civitavecchia-Rome $6300
2025 Nov 23 6 days, one-way from Genoa to Piraeus-Athens Genoa $3900
2025 Nov 29 22 days, one-way from Piraeus-Athens to Dubai Piraeus-Athens $10400
2025 Nov 29 11 days, one-way from Piraeus-Athens to Jeddah Piraeus-Athens $6000
2025 Dec 10 11 days, one-way from Jeddah to Dubai Jeddah $5500
2025 Dec 21 12 days, round-trip Africa Indian Ocean - Dubai To Dubai Dubai $5700
2025 Dec 21 6 days, one-way from Dubai to Doha Qatar Dubai $3200
2025 Dec 27 6 days, one-way from Doha Qatar to Dubai Doha Qatar $3200

Crystal Symphony Review

Review of Crystal Symphony

The 1995-built Crystal Symphony cruise ship was the first and the smaller of the two Crystal Cruises ships - with fleetmate Crystal Serenity (2003).

The vessel (IMO number 9066667) is currently Bahamas-flagged (MMSI 309168000) and registered in Nassau.

Following extensive drydock refits and refurbishments in 2023, for the new (relaunched by A&K) Crystal Cruises, the Symphony ship restarted revenue operations on September 1st (from Piraeus-Athens), while the Serenity ship restarted on July 31st (from Marseille Fos).

History - construction and ownership

Crystal Cruises was founded in 1988 as a subsidiary of the Japanese NYK Line (Nippon Yusen Kaisha) - one of the world's largest container shipping companies. In 2015, NYK Line sold Crystal Cruises Inc to Genting Hong Kong Ltd (GHK). Following the acquisition, the company was renamed to Crystal Ltd. In January 2022, GHK filed for bankruptcy and all its assets were put to sale. In June 2022, the brand Crystal Cruises was acquired by A&K Travel Group Ltd (Abercrombie & Kent). The company currently groups the ultra-luxury travel brands Crystal Cruises (ocean-going ships), Crystal River Cruises (European riverboats), Crystal Yacht Cruises (mega-yachts), Crystal Luxury Air (aircraft) and Crystal AirCruises (fly-cruise deals).

Crystal Symphony cruise ship

Following the bankruptcy of the parent company GHK-Genting Hong Kong Ltd in January 2022, the GHK's subsidiary Crystal Cruises Inc (USA) went bankrupt in February.

In June 2022, both Crystal Cruises' ocean ships (Serenity and Symphony) were auctioned in The Bahamas. Both vessels (being under arrest in Freeport Bahamas since February 5th) were sold via a sealed tender auction, with bids submitted to The Bahamas' Supreme Court and a 10% deposit.

On June 15th, Bahamian sources announced that both vessels are sold in the auction - Symphony to CSY Ltd for USD 25 million (EUR 24M / GBP 20,5M) and Serenity to CSE Ltd for USD 103 million (EUR 99M / GBP 84,6M). The financiers were presented by the Bahamian law firm Alexiou Knowles & Co. Reportedly, both shipowning companies (CSY and CSE) are owned by Manfredi Lefebvre d'Ovidio de Clunieres di Balsorano (1953-born multibillionaire, co-owner of Silversea, Chairman of Heritage Group, Co-Chairman of A&K/Abercrombie and Kent).

On June 22nd was announced that both vessels are now owned by A&K Travel Group Ltd - a joint venture of Abercrombie & Kent Ltd (owned by Geoffrey Kent) and Heritage Group Monaco (Lefebvre family-owned private equity specializing in luxury travel, VIP tourism, medical technologies). Following extensive drydock refurbishments, both ships restart operations in 2023 for the relaunched Cristal Cruises brand, which was fully acquired by A&K. For the ships' management, A&K contracted the Monaco-based V.Ships Leisure Ltd (part of V.Group Holdings Ltd).

Crystal Symphony and Serenity left Freeport on July 6th, en route to Europe (arriving in Trieste Italy on July 24th) for drydocking at the Fincantieri shipyard. The project also included installing shore power connectivity that allows the berthed vessel to plug into the port city's power grid for the electricity needed for all hotel operations.

Crystal Symphony cruise ship

The 1000-passenger ship Crystal Symphony underwent three major drydock refurbishments (in 2006, 2009, 2012) as part of a 5-year fleet renovation plan to redesign all passenger staterooms and add new venues and amenities. The 5-year project cost the company USD 65 million.

The interior spaces were designed by the companies Tillberg (Sweden), II By IV Canada), KNA (USA) and the UK designer firms SMC, Clixby, The Syntax Group, Adfecto, DPA Lighting.

Decks and Cabins

Most Crystal Symphony staterooms (310 total), most are the Veranda Suites - Sapphire (85x, sized 430 ft2 / 40 m2, balcony 110 ft2 / 10 m2) and Aquamarine (72x, sized 320 ft2 / 30 m2, balcony 85 ft2 / 8 m2). The smaller Balcony cabins (Double Guest Room with Veranda) are only 22x, each sized 215 ft2 / 20 m2 (balcony 55 ft2 / 5 m2). The new Sapphire Oceanview Suites (48x) are same-sized as the Sapphire Veranda.

After the refit in 2023, Crystal Symphony now has 18x Single cabins (out of 71x total Oceanview staterooms) which are bookable without single supplements. Also new are the 8x Junior Crystal Penthouse Suites (sized 645 ft2 / 60 m2, terrace 160 ft2 / 15 m2). The largest accommodations are the 4x Crystal Penthouse Suites (sized 935 ft2 / 87 m2, terrace 110 ft2 / 10 m2).

The boat has 12 decks, of which 8 are passenger-accessible and 5 with cabins.

Before 2023, the standard Balcony cabins (59% of all accommodations) were sized 23 m2 / 245 ft2. The ship used to have a total of 477 staterooms (of which 65x Suites and 215x Balconies) in 13 categories, including 10x wheelchair-accessible cabins.

There were a total of 477 staterooms (65x Suites, 215x Balconies), and the largest were the two Crystal Penthouses (sized 982 ft2 / 91 m2, balcony included).

Shipboard dining options - Food and Drinks

The formal restaurant on Crystal Symphony serves open-seating breakfast and lunch. Dinner is in two assigned seatings, or open seating. Although there is no additional charge for the Italian and Asian specialty restaurants, reservations are required. On select days, theme luncheons and dinners are offered poolside and special wine dinners are held in the Vintage Room. Other choices include the casual Lido buffet for breakfast and lunch; poolside grill for snacks and casual lunch; The Bistro specialty coffee & wine bar for snacks all day and evening. Afternoon tea is served in Symphony's Palm Court. Room service is available 24 hours, with an extensive menu. Selections can be delivered during dinner hours from the menu of the formal restaurant. Suite passengers can order from specialty restaurants.

Crystal Symphony cruise ship

Follows the complete list of Crystal Symphony restaurants and food bars.

  • "Crystal" (aft Dining Room, features a gourmet menu with regionally inspired and traditional dishes; offers "Dining by Reservation" option - guests can reserve each night at different times by contacting the Maitre D)
  • "The Vintage Room" (10-seat fine dining venue with sommelier service, at surcharge US$200 plus, depending on the wine selection; on special sailings, it operates as "Ultimate Vintage Dining Room" and some of the rarest wines in the world are served - the cover charge sores up to US$1,000 and more)
  • "Tastes Kitchen & Bar" (waiter-service lido pool buffet/fka Tastes) is a family-style dining venue offering tapas-style cuisine. It serves casual late Breakfast, Lunch and alfresco Dinner. 
  • The “Osteria D'Ovidio” restaurant (starboard location) is an Italian fine dining venue for dinner (reservations required, open 6-10 pm). The menu has signature dishes and fine wines selection.
  • "The Sushi Bar" (Japanese specialty dinner restaurant; reservations-only)
  • "Prego" (Italian specialty dinner only, reservations-only restaurant)
  • "Trident Bar & Grill" (fast-food venue; features lush greenery with live olive trees)
  • "Lido Cafe" (self-service buffet restaurant; serves the pool deck area).

UMI UMA Restaurant (fka Silk Road, rebranded as Umi Uma & Sushi Bar) is an Asian dinner-only specialty restaurant serving Master Chef Nobu Matsuhisa's signature dishes as well as fusion cuisine that blends Japanese traditional dishes with Peruvian ingredients. Dinner reservations are required. On shorter voyages (up to 11 days) Crystal Cruises offers a complimentary dinner at UMI UMA per person/per cruise. On longer voyages (12+ days) are offered two complimentary reservations per person.

Shipboard entertainment options - Fun and Sport

Тhe "upgrades" of Crystal Symphony added in 2004 the Feng-Shui spa complex (8 spa rooms), a new teak deck, upgraded saunas, separate areas for Yoga and Pilates training classes, The Vintage Room (winery), the "Computer University@sea" area (capacity 25 guests), renovation of the Crystal Dining Room, new decors to all accommodations, and new Photo Gallery (deck 6).

The refit in Norfolk, Virginia, in 2006 featured the "Starlite Club", the Crystal Casino, new Bistro Cafe and boutiques, a new disco-club, redesigning of the staterooms, reconstruction of the Tiffany deck, new equipment.

In 2009, up-to-date equipment was installed in The Hollywood Theater (audio-visual systems), renovations of the penthouses, bathrooms, of the Main Dining room, of the Lido Cafe and the "Prego" restaurant, new furniture and Jacuzzis on the pool deck.

During the 2012 refurbishment of Crystal Symphony, there was a redesign of some public spaces, which included the Avenue Saloon, that relocated the piano to make more room for brass-tack couches, embossed-leaf barstools, and tufted booths. Seating was also changed in the panoramic-view Palm Court, and the dancing was enlarged. The vessel's two theaters also underwent considerable updates. In addition to new furniture and decor, new stage extension expanded the performance space in the Galaxy Lounge by 30 %. And both the Galaxy Lounge and Hollywood Theatre obtained technological upgrades of lighting, sound, and projectors.

Crystal Symphony amenities include 24-Hour Room-Service, Internet/WiFi Access, Laundry & Self-Serve Laundromats, Babysitting.

Crystal Symphony cruise ship

Follows the complete list of Crystal Symphony lounges, clubs and other entertainment venues for kids, teens, and adults.

  • "Crystal Cove" (66-seat piano bar)
  • "Galaxy Lounge" (463-seat main show lounge for grand show productions; with a large hydraulic stage and a full orchestra)
  • The "Crystal Casino" (410 m2, with 86 slots and poker machines, gambling tables)
  • "Hollywood Theatre" (143-seat cinema; has a stage for live performances; also hosts conferences, lectures, presentations, Broadway-style show productions, comedy shows)
  • "Jade" disco & nightclub (hosts DJ program nightly, karaoke and trivia shows)
  • "Avenue of the Stars" (280 m2 shopping area; has three duty-free boutique shops - Crystal Collection, Apropos, Facets)
  • "The Bistro" (70-seat Paris-inspired specialty coffee bar, all-complimentary)
  • Atrium (2-deck high midship area with a waterfall)
  • "Library" (2000+ books in different languages, movies, and videos, board games)
  • "Starlite Club" (350-seat lounge with circular bar; hosts daily trivia quizzes, presentations, bingo games, music performances in the evening)
  • "PhotoShop" (photo and video services, accessories, equipment)
  • "Connoisseur Club" (fine cognac and cigar club/smoking lounge)
  • "Avenue Saloon" (58-seat piano bar)
  • "Computer University @ Sea" (24-hour 25-seat capacity Internet computers room; hosts computer and Internet classes)
  • "The Studio" (serves the "Creative Learning" enrichment program: language lessons, digital film making, Yamaha keyboard and piano lessons, all complimentary)
  • "Bridge Lounge" (22-tables cards playing room)
  • "Palm Court" (250-seat observation lounge & bar; serves Afternoon Tea, hosts art auctions, themed parties, classic concerts)
  • "Waves" (teen club lounge)
  • "Fantasia" (kids club lounge area with two playrooms for children 3-7yo and 8-12yo; babysitting is available for toddlers 1+ yo)
  • Seahorse Pool area (with a lap pool flanked by a large 20-person capacity Whirlpool)
  • "Scoops" (outdoor Ice Cream Bar)
  • "Fitness Center" (with panoramic floor-ceiling windows; has a separate room for complimentary classes (yoga, pilates, aerobics)
  • "Crystal Spa" (540 m2 Feng Shui-inspired Wellness Center; includes the Gym, relaxation area, treatment rooms, 2 saunas/steam rooms and the "Crystal Salon")
  • Promenade deck (walking/jogging track; hosts the "Walk On Water" daily walking program)
  • Deck Games (Shuffleboard, Quoits); Tennis Tables; "Wimbledon Court" (2x full-size sports courts for playing paddle tennis and pickleball); Golf Putting Green.

In 2024 (December) the Crystal Casino (410 m2) would be replaced with Casino de Monte-Carlo (93 m2). The Casino de Monte-Carlo will be located where the current Casino Lounge is.

The CRYSTAL LIFE FITNESS (280+ m2 / 3000+ ft2) groups the Fitness Center/GYm, a Weight Room and an Aerobics Studio. The complex is with panoramic views (floor-ceiling windows) and is fitted with professional free weights and Technogym equipment. The cruise company's Wellness program offers complimentary classes (yoga, mat pilates, spinning). The ship's Fitness Director provides fitness advice and stretch and aerobic instructions.

CRYSTAL LIFE SPA & SALON consists of the AURORA SPA and BEAUTY SALON, both offering health and beauty services for women and men. The complex groups sauna and steam rooms, as well treatment rooms for massages and therapy.

Outdoor activity facilities include the GOLF DRIVING NETS & PUTTING GREEN, and the WIMBLEDON COURT. The onboard golfing facilities are served by expert trainers (including PGA Golf Pro certified). Complimentary are provided TaylorMade golf club sets (from the ship's Sports Director) for personal use while the ship is docked in port. The WIMBLEDON COURT is a full-sized sports court for playing PADDLE TENNIS and PICKLE BALL.

The 2023-introduced Aurora Spa is with a new design (by TDoS/Tillberg Design of Sweden) and features a starlight ceiling (fiber optic-illuminated) and new treatments like Aurora LED & Cryo Facial, BIOTEC 2.0 Ultimate Facial, Aurora Stone Signature Massage (hot stones), and The Chariot of Light (LED light skin therapy). The complex is served by professional therapists and is through an exclusive partnership with ELEMIS (skincare brand) and Kerastase (haircare brand).

Crystal Symphony's Aurora Spa is managed by OneSpaWorld (Florida USA-based health and wellness provider) and houses 10x treatment rooms, 2x Steam Rooms (male and female), 2 Sauna Rooms, a Relaxation Room, Beauty Salon (hair care and nail treatments, makeups for men and women).

Passenger-accessible decks are interconnected via 8x elevators (3x forward, 3x midship, 2x aft) and have public restrooms. Deck 12 is accessed only via the aft lifts.


Crystal Symphony itinerary program is based on cruises to Europe (Iceland, UK, Baltic, Mediterranean), Southeast Asia, Australia New Zealand, the Caribbean/Central America, Canada and New England. The ship also operates around-the-world voyages with transits of the Panama Canal and Egypt's Suez Canal.

For the newly acquired by A&K Crystal Cruises, Symphony's maiden voyage left out of Venice on August 26th (2023). This was exclusive (VIP-only) sailing visiting ports in the Adriatic/Croatia (Dubrovnik/Aug 29) and Eastern Mediterranean/Greece (Katakolon-Olympia, Piraeus-Athens). The ship's official inaugural cruise departed from Athens on September 1st.

Following the Coronavirus crisis, in mid-April 2021 was announced that Symphony's entire 2021 program in Europe-Mediterranean (June 6th through December 21st) is canceled and replaced with 10-night "Luxury Caribbean Escapes" (roundtrips from homeports St Johns Antigua and Philipsburg St Maarten).

  • The new Antigua homeporting program (first-time for Crystal Cruises) was scheduled for the period August 5 through December 23, 2021 (a total of 15 departures). The "Luxury Caribbean Escapes" itinerary visited the islands Barbados (Bridgetown), St Lucia (Castries), Trinidad (Port-of-Spain), St Maarten (Philipsburg), BVI Tortola (Road Town).
  • Bookings opened on April 20, 2021. However, on July 1, Crystal Symphony's homeporting in St Maarten and Antigua was canceled "due to ongoing uncertainty regarding ports of call and availability of adequate airlift".
  • In mid-July was announced that Symphony will be homeported in Boston MA (Sunday departures from Flynn Cruiseport, August 22 through September 12, 2021) and in NYC (Friday departures from Manhattan Cruise Terminal, starting September 24, 2021). From Boston and New York City, the ship had scheduled 7-night "Luxury Bermuda Escapes". The 7-night roundtrip itineraries included two days and two nights in Kings Wharf (Royal Naval Dockyard) Bermuda.

Crystal Symphony's Caribbean deployment was soon extended (November 2021 thru March 2022) with 14x 7-night itineraries (including 2x holiday voyages / 10-night "Connoisseur's Caribbean Holiday", 11-night "Tropical New Year's Celebration") visiting ports in The Netherlands' Lesser Antilles, Virgin Islands, The Bahamas Out Islands (aka Family Islands).

  • The new program started with the 7-night NYC to Nassau repositioning cruises (Nov 26, 2021).
  • 7-night itineraries included 5x "Luxury Antilles Interlude" (Miami to San Juan Puerto Rico), 5x "Luxury Caribbean Kaleidoscope" (San Juan to Miami), 3x "Blissful Bahamian Luxury" (Miami roundtrips). 14-day B2Bs (back-to-back cruises) were also offered at 5% discount.
  • Both holiday voyages in 2021 were 7-night Miami roundtrips - departing December 18th (10-night) and Dec 29th (11-night).

Promo pricing started from USD 2000 pp with double occupancy.

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    Crystal Symphony Wiki

    Crystal Symphony is the older ship of the company's two ocean vessels, with sisterships the fleetmate Crystal Serenity and NYK Line's Asuka 2 (fka Crystal Harmony).

    The vessel (STX Finland Kvaerner Masa-Yards Helsinki yard/hull number 1323) has volume 51044 GT-tons, DWT-deadweight tonnage 4500 tons, max draught 8 m. The powerplant is based on 6x Wartisla marine diesel engines (model L58/64) with combined output 36,33 MW (48720 hp). The registered shipowner is CRYSTAL SYMPHONY LTD, while the registered manager is CRYSTAL CRUISES LLC (the previous owner was SYMPHONY HOLDINGS LTD/until 2023).

    The ship was launched/floated out from drydock on January 5, 1995, and entered service on May 3rd. Under the previous ownership (until 2023) Crystal Symphony was majorly drydock refurbished three times as part of a 5-year plan (2006, 2009, 2012) at a total cost USD 65 million. This project was Crystal's most extensive upgrade ever. All staterooms and public areas were renovated in 2006. During 2006 drydock was also added the Luxe nightclub. Lido Deck was upgraded in 2009 (with an outdoor Jacuzzi for 20 people) which replaced the swimming pool. In 2009 was changed the Italian restaurant "Prego". During drydock 2012, the public spaces and two theaters were updated - the seating was changed, and some trendy technologies were implemented (projectors, lighting, surround sound).

    Maiden Voyage (2023)

    Next table shows Crystal Symphony's inaugural cruise (for the relaunched Crystal Cruises under the A&K Travel (Abercrombie & Kent) following the extensive refurbishment in 2023.

    Date / TimePort
    01 Sep 16:00Departing from Piraeus-Athens, Greece
    02 Sep 08:00 - 18:00Santorini Island, Greece
    03 Sep 08:00 - 18:00Patmos Island, Greece
    04 Sep 08:00 - 18:00Kos Island, Greece
    05 Sep 08:00 - 18:00Izmir, Turkey
    08 SepArriving in Istanbul, Turkey

    The 7-day voyage was priced from US$ 3800 per person ($543 pp per day) with double occupancy.

    Crystal Symphony drydock refurbishment 2023 review

    In 2023, Crystal Serenity and Crystal Symphony were drydock refitted and fully refurbished at Fincantieri's yard in Trieste. The US$150 million project was undertaken by Crystal Cruises' new owner Abercrombie & Kent (A&K Travel Group).

    The refits resulted in staterooms reduction (larger suites, new categories) as well as reduced passenger capacity and enlarged and redesigned public spaces and venues. During the drydocks, Crystal Symphony's cabins were reduced from 452 to 310 (passenger-per-space ratio from 49 to 51), and the pax capacity changed from 904-1040 max to 606-739 max.

    As part of the refurbishments, on both ships (Symphony and Serenity) were introduced two new cabin categories - "Junior Crystal Penthouse Suite" and "Single Guest Room with Ocean View" (bookable without single supplements). Additionally, on Symphony was created the new category "Sapphire Oceanview Suite" *with two large windows).

    The new Crystal Spa Aurora is a luxurious wellness complex offering various treatments, including Aurora LED, Cryo Facial Experience, Biotec 2.0 Ultimate Facial.

    All passenger staterooms on Crystal Symphony were redesigned/enlarged and their categories were changed - Deluxe Oceanview (197x) to Double Guest Room with Oceanview (53x) and Sapphire Oceanview Suite (48x), Deluxe Balcony (148x) to Double Guest Room with Veranda (22x), Seabreeze Penthouse (44x) to Aquamarine Veranda Suite (72x), Seabreeze Penthouse Suite (19x) to Sapphire Veranda Suite (85x), Penthouse Suite (19x) was redesigned/enlarged to Junior Crystal Penthouse Suite (2x), the Penthouses (44x) were redesigned into other cabins and were created single cabins (18x) forward on Deck 7.

    According to A&K, the replacement of the engines and other machinery on both ships cost the company US$50+ million. The machinery repairs and upgrades (below deck 4) were needed as the equipment was old and poorly maintained.

    Crystal Symphony refurbishment 2020 review

    The vessel's drydock 2020 (April 13-23, in Singapore) was a USD 10 million project planned mainly for regular technical and general maintenance works. Minor upgrades received some public areas and passenger staterooms, among which new carpets and furniture.

    Crystal Symphony refurbishment 2017 review

    The ship's 2017 drydock refurbishment (September 23 - October 16, done by Lloyd Werft in Bremerhaven Germany) reduced its passenger capacity in order to enable single-seating dining. Following the drydock, Crystal Symphony's passengers have free Wi-Fi (regardless of cabin category).

    On deck 9, two new balcony cabin categories were introduced - Seabreeze Penthouse Suite (12 new suites) and Seabreeze Penthouse (28 new suites). The new staterooms have the same size as the existing Penthouse (365 ft2 / 34 m2) and Penthouse Suite (490 ft2 / 46 m2). Seabreeze Penthouses are connecting cabins (sharing an entryway).

    All Penthouses offer enhanced all-inclusive amenities, including butler service, in-cabin dining, complimentary specialty restaurant dining).

    Cabin conversions reduced the ship's capacity from 1095 to 848, thus increasing its guest-to-space ratio to 60,2.

    Crystal Dining Room was renamed to "Waterside" and upgraded with additional 2- and 4-seat tables. New open-seating dining (between 6-9:30 pm) replaced the old assigned seating and the required dinner reservations. Breakfasts and lunches are served as usual.

    Lido Cafe is operated as Marketplace (during the day) and as Churrascaria (steakhouse, by night). The restaurant features an open kitchen and made-to-order dishes. The Marketplace serves buffet breakfast and lunch, while Churrascaria serves casual dinner (between 6-9 pm). The Brazilian-themed Churrascaria restaurant features Caipirinha (welcome cocktail event) and a selection of Brazilian dishes (grilled seafood and meats, tapas, ceviche, salads). Meats are served by “gauchos” (dedicated staff) on traditional meat skewers.

    Silk restaurant's menu was upgraded with modern Chinese fare (family-size dinner plates). Self-service is now available at breakfast and lunch, and also includes traditional Chinese food (dumplings, Chinois salad, soup, noodle bar). Dinners at Silk are open-seating (reservations recommended) and between 6-9 pm.

    Trident Bar and Grill serves casual grilled food (including fast food - burgers, sandwiches).

    Silk Road and The Sushi Bar (both specialty restaurants by celebrity chef Nobu Matsuhisa) were combined and renamed to "Umi Uma". Umi Uma offers Nobu-inspired dishes prepared by Nobu-trained chefs.

    Dining reservations for Umi Uma and Prego restaurants are now complimentary for Penthouse passengers. To all other cabin categories, 1 complimentary specialty dining is offered (additional reservations are available at a surcharge).

    The new free-of-charge shipwide Wi-Fi is the result of the company's investment in new hardware and software for expanded onboard connectivity and faster (doubled) satellite Internet speed.

    Crystal Connect is the new onboard portal for Internet connections and various shipboard info (menus, news, scheduled activities, shore excursions, itinerary ports, international digital news media, movies library, lectures, etc). Crystal Connect (mobile app) is available for personal devices.

    Computer University at Sea (enrichment workshops venue) was updated and redesigned.

    • Among the redesigned public spaces is the midship located Starlite Club (panoramic floor-ceiling windows).

    All passenger cabins were upgraded with new 42-inch smart HDTVs with interactive panels (infotainment system).

    Along with all Lloyd Werft workers, the refurbishment project also involved several hundred crew and sub-contractors. Almaco Group (1998-founded company) was the project's supervisor.

    Crystal Symphony refurbishment 2016 review

    The list of deck plan changes after the ship's 2016 drydock refurbishment (done by Blohm+Voss in Hamburg Germany, project cost USD 15 million) included:

    • general maintenance works, that included propulsion system upgrades (Rolls-Royce Azimuth thrusters were replaced with new ones), new hull coating, air ducts cleaning, reverse osmosis plant inspection.
    • Introduced was the company's new “Deluxe PURE” category of staterooms (hypoallergenic cabins).
    • On deck 12 were redesigned the Tastes (buffet restaurant) and the Lido area.
    • New energy-saving LED lighting was installed in all public rooms.
    • All Penthouse Suites were overhauled.

    The 2016 drydocking project's total cost was USD 15 million.

    Crystal Symphony was extensively refitted in 2006 (in Norfolk VA, for USD 23 million) and in 2009 (in Boston MA, for USD 25 million).