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Crystal Serenity current location is at Caribbean Sea (coordinates 18.00942 N / -63.04814 W) cruising en route to PHILLIPSBURG. The AIS position was reported 41 minutes ago.

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Current itinerary of Crystal Serenity

Crystal Serenity current cruise is 23 days, round-trip Grand Journey Connoisseurs Caribbean - Miami Roundtrip. Prices start from USD 7305 (double occupancy rates). The itinerary starts on 19 Nov, 2021 and ends on 12 Dec, 2021.

Date / TimePort
19 Nov 18:00    Departing from Miami, Florida hotels
21 Nov 07:00 - 18:00    Cozumel, Quintana Roo Mexico, Riviera Maya
22 Nov 08:00 - 18:00    Costa Maya, Quintana Roo Mexico, Riviera Maya
23 Nov 08:00 - 18:00    Belize City
25 Nov 07:30 - 18:00    George Town, Grand Cayman Island
27 Nov 07:30 - 17:30    Key West, Florida
28 Nov 10:00 - 17:00    Miami, Florida
01 Dec 08:30 - 18:00    Basseterre, Port Zante, St Kitts Island
02 Dec 08:00 - 18:00    Castries, St Lucia Island
03 Dec 08:00 - 18:00    St Johns, Antigua
04 Dec 08:00 - 18:00    Saint Thomas Island, Charlotte Amalie, USVI
05 Dec 10:00 - 20:00    San Juan, Puerto Rico
06 Dec 08:00 - 07 Dec 06:00    Philipsburg, St Maarten Island, Dutch Antilles
07 Dec 07:30 - 21:00    Gustavia, Saint Barthelemy Island
08 Dec 09:00 - 17:00    Pointe-a-Pitre, Grande-Terre Island, Guadeloupe
10 Dec 08:00 - 17:00    Grand Turk Island, Cockburn Town, Turks and Caicos
12 Dec 06:00    Arriving in Miami, Florida hotels

Specifications of Crystal Serenity

Year built2003  /  Age: 18
Flag state Bahamas
BuilderChantiers de l’Atlantique (Saint-Nazaire, STX France)
Building costUSD 350 million
Owner(GHK) Genting Hong Kong Ltd
OperatorCrystal Cruises Inc (USA)
Speed22 kn / 41 kph / 25 mph
Length (LOA)250 m / 820 ft
Beam (width)32 m / 105 ft
Gross Tonnage68870 gt
Passengers980 - 1254
Passengers-to-space ratio54
Decks with cabins5
Last Refurbishment2018
Christened byJulie Andrews
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Crystal Serenity Itineraries

DateItineraryDeparture PortPrice from
2021 Nov 19 23 days, round-trip Grand Journey Connoisseurs Caribbean - Miami Roundtrip Miami $7305
2021 Nov 28 7 days, one-way from Miami to San Juan Miami $2149
2021 Dec 05 7 days, one-way from San Juan to Miami San Juan $2149
2021 Dec 05 17 days, one-way from San Juan to Miami San Juan $5357
2021 Dec 12 10 days, round-trip Caribbean Cachet - Miami Roundtrip Miami $3049
2021 Dec 22 14 days, round-trip Caribbean Holiday - Miami Roundtrip Miami $6699
2022 Jan 05 12 days, round-trip Captivating Caribbean - Miami Roundtrip Miami $3549
2022 Jan 17 13 days, one-way from Miami to Oranjestad Miami $3549
2022 Jan 17 116 days, round-trip Caribbean Idylls Mediterranean Masterpieces - Miami Roundtrip Miami $48345
2022 Jan 17 102 days, one-way from Miami to Monte Carlo Miami $33430
2022 Jan 17 132 days, one-way from Miami to Los Angeles Miami $54662
2022 Jan 30 10 days, one-way from Oranjestad to San Juan Oranjestad $2799
2022 Feb 09 9 days, one-way from San Juan to Bridgetown San Juan $2699
2022 Feb 18 14 days, one-way from Bridgetown to Santa Cruz de Tenerife Bridgetown $3499
2022 Mar 04 12 days, one-way from Santa Cruz de Tenerife to Barcelona Santa Cruz de Tenerife $3599
2022 Mar 16 10 days, round-trip Islands Of The Mediterranean The CocircTe DrsquoAzur - Barcelona Roundtrip Barcelona $3399
2022 Mar 26 10 days, one-way from Barcelona to Piraeus Barcelona $3399
2022 Apr 05 11 days, one-way from Piraeus to Istanbul Piraeus $3799
2022 Apr 16 13 days, one-way from Istanbul to Monte Carlo Istanbul $6509
2022 Apr 16 27 days, one-way from Istanbul to Miami Istanbul $9499
2022 Apr 29 14 days, one-way from Monte Carlo to Miami Monte Carlo $6139
2022 May 13 16 days, one-way from Miami to Los Angeles Miami $4799
2022 May 29 16 days, round-trip Hawaiian Island Shores - Los Angeles Roundtrip Los Angeles
2022 May 29 25 days, one-way from Los Angeles to Vancouver Los Angeles
2022 Jun 14 9 days, one-way from Los Angeles to Vancouver Los Angeles $3049
2022 Jun 23 7 days, one-way from Vancouver to Whittier Vancouver $2949
2022 Jun 30 7 days, one-way from Whittier to Vancouver Whittier $2949
2022 Jul 07 11 days, round-trip Fascinating Frontiers - Vancouver Roundtrip Vancouver $4599
2022 Jul 18 7 days, round-trip Treetops Totems - Vancouver Roundtrip Vancouver $3049
2022 Jul 25 7 days, one-way from Vancouver to Whittier Vancouver $2999
2022 Aug 01 7 days, one-way from Whittier to Vancouver Whittier $2999
2022 Aug 08 25 days, one-way from Vancouver to New York Vancouver $8122
2022 Aug 08 7 days, one-way from Vancouver to Los Angeles Vancouver $2549
2022 Aug 15 18 days, one-way from Los Angeles to New York Los Angeles $6099
2022 Sep 02 17 days, one-way from New York to Quebec City New York $6839
2022 Sep 02 7 days, round-trip New England Treasures - New York City Roundtrip New York $3049
2022 Sep 09 10 days, one-way from New York to Quebec City New York $4199
2022 Sep 19 8 days, one-way from Quebec City to New York Quebec City $3049
2022 Sep 27 8 days, one-way from New York to Quebec City New York $3099
2022 Oct 05 8 days, one-way from Quebec City to New York Quebec City $3349
2022 Oct 13 8 days, one-way from New York to Quebec City New York $3299
2022 Oct 21 14 days, one-way from Quebec City to Miami Quebec City $4499
2022 Nov 04 11 days, one-way from Miami to Puntarenas Miami $3149
2022 Nov 15 19 days, one-way from Puntarenas to San Juan Puntarenas $4797
2022 Nov 15 10 days, one-way from Puntarenas to Miami Puntarenas $2849
2022 Nov 25 9 days, one-way from Miami to San Juan Miami $2299
2022 Dec 04 8 days, round-trip Colors Of The Caribbean - San Juan Roundtrip San Juan $2149
2022 Dec 12 9 days, one-way from San Juan to Miami San Juan $2299
2022 Dec 21 14 days, round-trip East To West Caribbean Celebration - Miami Roundtrip Miami $5599
2023 Jan 04 7 days, round-trip Caribbean Interlude - Miami Roundtrip Miami $2349
2023 Jan 11 128 days, one-way from Miami to Venice Miami $63409
2023 Jan 11 140 days, one-way from Miami to Barcelona Miami $69489
2023 Jan 11 119 days, one-way from Miami to Piraeus Miami $58374
2023 Jan 11 15 days, one-way from Miami to Callao-Lima Miami $6199
2023 Jan 26 16 days, one-way from Callao-Lima to Papeete Callao-Lima $9649
2023 Feb 11 19 days, one-way from Papeete to Brisbane Papeete $10949
2023 Mar 02 23 days, one-way from Brisbane to Singapore Brisbane $12149
2023 Mar 25 14 days, one-way from Singapore to Colombo Singapore $5399
2023 Apr 08 14 days, one-way from Colombo to Mombasa Colombo $9199
2023 Apr 22 18 days, one-way from Mombasa to Piraeus Mombasa $7499
2023 May 10 9 days, one-way from Piraeus to Venice Piraeus $3599
2023 May 19 12 days, one-way from Venice to Barcelona Venice $4599
2023 Jun 19 8 days, one-way from Barcelona to Piraeus Barcelona $3599
2023 Jun 27 12 days, one-way from Piraeus to Istanbul Piraeus $6099
2023 Jul 09 9 days, one-way from Istanbul to Venice Istanbul $4399
2023 Jul 18 7 days, one-way from Venice to Monte Carlo Venice $3399
2023 Jul 25 7 days, one-way from Monte Carlo to Barcelona Monte Carlo $3399
2023 Aug 01 7 days, one-way from Barcelona to Civitavecchia Barcelona $3399
2023 Aug 08 9 days, one-way from Civitavecchia to Venice Civitavecchia $4099
2023 Aug 17 12 days, one-way from Venice to Barcelona Venice $5099
2023 Aug 29 7 days, one-way from Barcelona to Lisbon Barcelona $3099
2023 Sep 05 11 days, one-way from Lisbon to Le Havre Lisbon $4399
2023 Sep 16 11 days, one-way from Le Havre to New York Le Havre $4099
2023 Sep 27 7 days, round-trip New England Immersion - New York City Roundtrip New York $3099
2023 Oct 04 8 days, one-way from New York to Quebec City New York $3599
2023 Oct 12 8 days, one-way from Quebec City to New York Quebec City $3599
2023 Oct 20 8 days, one-way from New York to Quebec City New York $3399
2023 Oct 28 8 days, one-way from Quebec City to New York Quebec City $3399
2023 Nov 05 12 days, one-way from New York to Miami New York $3799
2023 Nov 17 11 days, round-trip Boutique Caribbean - Miami Roundtrip Miami $3299
2023 Nov 28 10 days, round-trip Sunkissed Tradewinds - Miami Roundtrip Miami $3299
2023 Dec 08 7 days, one-way from Miami to San Juan Miami $2299
2023 Dec 15 7 days, one-way from San Juan to Miami San Juan $2299
2023 Dec 22 14 days, round-trip Tropical Holiday Wonders - Miami Roundtrip Miami $5999
2024 Jan 05 106 days, one-way from Miami to Civitavecchia Miami $37284
2024 Jan 05 16 days, one-way from Miami to Los Angeles Miami $4499
2024 Jan 21 90 days, one-way from Los Angeles to Civitavecchia Los Angeles $32249
2024 Jan 21 13 days, one-way from Los Angeles to Papeete Los Angeles $4249
2024 Feb 03 15 days, one-way from Papeete to Auckland Papeete $4449
2024 Feb 18 17 days, one-way from Auckland to Sydney Auckland $8699
2024 Mar 06 14 days, one-way from Sydney to Singapore Sydney $5649
2024 Mar 20 13 days, one-way from Singapore to Mumbai Singapore $4849
2024 Apr 02 18 days, one-way from Mumbai to Civitavecchia Mumbai $4999

Crystal Serenity Review

Review of Crystal Serenity

The 2003-built Crystal Serenity cruise ship is the second/bigger of the two Crystal Ocean Cruises ships - with fleetmate Crystal Symphony (1995).

The vessel (IMO number 9243667) is currently Bahamas-flagged (MMSI 311536000) and registered in Nassau.

History - construction and ownership

One of the top-luxury passenger shipping companies, Crystal Cruises operates both ocean and river cruises on premium liners and newbuild riverboats with all-inclusive travel package deals. The company's ships are top-ranked in numerous categories, offer an intimate cruising experience, 5-star hotel amenities, superior service. The company was founded in 1988 as a subsidiary of the Japanese NYK Line (Nippon Yusen Kaisha) - one of the world's largest container shipping companies. In 2015, NYK Line sold Crystal Cruises to Genting Hong Kong (GHK). Following the acquisition, the company was renamed to Crystal Ltd. It currently includes the brands Crystal Cruises (ocean-going ships), Crystal River Cruises (European riverboats), Crystal Yacht Cruises (mega-yachts), Crystal Luxury Air (aircraft) and Crystal AirCruises (fly-cruise deals).

Crystal Serenity cruise ship

The 980-passenger ship Crystal Serenity sailed on its Inaugural Cruise on July 7, 2003 - 14-day Baltic Sea itinerary from Southampton. Ship's first World Voyage started on January 14, 2004 (106-day itinerary from LA to NYC).

Crystal Serenity was launched after Crystal Harmony (1990, now Asuka 2) and followed by Crystal Symphony (1995). In response to demand, Crystal Serenity offers twice as many penthouse cabins in comparison to the fleet's other vessels. There are two paddle tennis courts (instead of one) as boat devotees are fiercely competitive in this field.

The Serenity ship is shiny, beautiful, very spacious, with a calm and quiet atmosphere, elegant decoration. Ship's interior colors are calming – muted golds, greens, blues, grays, and reds. Stateroom furniture and wood accents are in darker gamma, with lively colorful bedding, curtains, upholstery and wall coverings. Ship's interior spaces were designed by the companies Tillberg (Sweden), Garroni (Italy), Okada (Japan), Nix Firestone (USA), BBGM (USA), Stephen John (UK), II By IV (Canada).

Crystal Serenity cruise ship

Decks and Cabins

Most Crystal Serenity staterooms are 225-ft2 Balcony cabins (65%). There are a total of 623 staterooms (of which 108 Suite, 356 Balcony, no Inside rooms) in 13 categories, as well as 10 wheelchair-accessible cabins. The largest are the Crystal Penthouse Suites (1080 ft2 / 100 m2 plus 270 ft2 / 25 m2 terrace).

During the 2018 drydock refit, the ship received 36 Seabreeze Penthouses and 2 Seabreeze Penthouse Suites, while reducing capacity from 1070 to 980 passengers.

The boat has 13 decks, of which 9 are passenger-accessible and 5 with cabins.

Shipboard dining options - Food and Drinks

The formal restaurant on Crystal Serenity serves open-seating breakfast and lunch. Dinner is in two assigned seatings, or open seating. Although there is no additional charge for the Italian and Asian specialty restaurants, reservations are required. On select days, theme luncheons and dinners are offered poolside and special wine dinners are held in the Vintage Room. Other choices include the casual Lido buffet for breakfast and lunch; poolside grill for snacks and casual lunch; The Bistro specialty coffee & wine bar for snacks all day and evening. Afternoon tea is served in Crystal Serenity's Palm Court. Room service is available 24 hours, with an extensive menu. Selections can be delivered during dinner hours from the menu of the formal restaurant. Suite passengers can order from specialty restaurants.

Crystal Serenity cruise ship

Follows the complete list of Crystal Serenity restaurants and food bars.

  • “Crystal” (aft Dining Room, features a gourmet menu with regionally inspired and traditional dishes; offers “Dining by Reservation” option - guests can reserve each night at different times by contacting the Maitre D). Following the dry dock in October 2018, Crystal Dining Room was transformed into Waterside, with increased seating capacity, more tables for 2 and 4, and new decor.
  • “The Vintage Room” (10-seat fine dining venue with sommelier service, at surcharge US$200 plus, depending on the wine selection; on special voyages, it operates as “Ultimate Vintage Dining Room” and some of the rarest wines in the world are served - the cover charge sores up to US$1,000 and more)
  • “Silk Road” (Asian dinner-only specialty restaurant; reservations are recommended), was re-branded as Umi Uma & Sushi Bar after drydock 2018 refit but continues serving Nobu’s signature dishes.
  • “The Sushi Bar” (Japanese specialty dinner restaurant; reservations-only)
  • “Prego” (Italian specialty dinner only, reservations-only restaurant)
  • “Trident Bar & Grill” (fast-food venue; features lush greenery with live olive trees)
  • “Tastes” (waiter-service lido pool buffet; serves casual late Breakfast, Lunch and alfresco Dinner) became Silk Kitchen & Bar after 2018 refit and serves Chinese comfort food.
  • Marketplace & Churrascaria Buffet - “Lido Cafe” (self-service buffet restaurant serving the pool deck area) became The Marketplace during daytime and a Brazilian steakhouse, Churrascaria, in the evening.
  • Supper Club is a bar lounge with live music, part of Stardust Club. The Supper Club is offered on the first and last “Black Tie Optional” evenings on itineraries 8-days and longer. Club's capacity is up to 108 passengers. The seating starts at 6:30 pm. During the day, the lounge hosts trivia quizzes, bingo games, media presentations.

Shipboard entertainment options - Fun and Sport

The Galaxy Lounge on Crystal Serenity is the main showroom for headline entertainers and award-winning Broadway-style production shows. It features comfortable seating and a rising stage for optimum viewing. In addition to sophisticated staging, the shows each feature elaborate costumes created by renowned designers.

Crystal Serenity amenities include 24-Hour Room-Service, Internet/WiFi Access, Babysitting, Laundry & Self-Serve Laundromats.

Crystal Serenity cruise ship

Follows the complete list of Crystal Serenity lounges, clubs and other entertainment venues for kids, teens, and adults.

  • “Crystal Cove” (piano bar)
  • “Galaxy Lounge” (main show lounge for grand show productions; with a large hydraulic stage and a full orchestra)
  • The “Crystal Casino” (410 m2, with 86 slots and poker machines, gambling tables)
  • “Hollywood Theatre” (cinema with a stage for live performances; also hosts conferences, lectures, presentations, Broadway-style show productions, comedy shows)
  • “Pulse” disco & nightclub (hosts DJ program nightly, karaoke and trivia shows)
  • “Avenue of the Stars” (280 m2 shopping area; has four duty-free boutique shops - Crystal Collection, Apropos, Facets, Captain’s Choice)
  • “The Bistro” (Paris-inspired specialty coffee bar, all-complimentary)
  • The Serenity’s “Library” (3000+ books in different languages, movies, and videos, board games)
  • “Stardust Club” is a bar lounge hosting daily trivia quizzes, presentations, bingo games, lectures, classes, as well as live music performances (Crystal Sextet) in the evenings. Late-night snacks are served between 11 pm -12 midnight.
  • “PhotoShop” (photo and video services, accessories, equipment)
  • “Connoisseur Club” (fine cognac and cigar club/smoking lounge)
  • “Avenue Saloon” (piano bar)
  • “Computer University @ Sea” (24-hour 25-seat capacity Internet computers room; hosts computer and Internet classes)
  • “The Studio” (serves the “Creative Learning” enrichment program: language lessons, digital film making, Yamaha keyboard and piano lessons, all complimentary)
  • “Bridge Lounge” (cards playing room)
  • “Palm Court” (observation lounge & bar; serves Afternoon Tea, hosts art auctions, themed parties, classic concerts)
  • “Waves” (teen club lounge)
  • “Fantasia” (kids club lounge area with two playrooms for children 3-7yo and 8-12yo; babysitting is available for toddlers 1+ yo)
  • Seahorse Pool area (with a lap pool flanked by two Whirlpools); Neptune Pool area
  • “Scoops” (outdoor Ice Cream Bar)
  • “Fitness Center” (with panoramic floor-ceiling windows; has a separate room for complimentary classes (yoga, pilates, aerobics)
  • “Crystal Spa” (540 m2 Feng Shui-inspired Wellness Center; includes the Gym, relaxation area, treatment rooms, 2 saunas/steam rooms and the “Crystal Salon”)
  • Promenade deck (walking/jogging track; hosts the “Walk On Water” daily walking program)
  • The Sports Area (Tennis Tables, two Golf Driving Nets, Putting Green)
  • Deck Games (Shuffleboard); Tennis Tables; “Wimbledon Court” (2 tennis courts); Golf Putting Green.


Crystal Serenity itinerary program is based on a World Cruise (out of Miami or San Francisco), Caribbean voyages, Mediterranean Sea and Canada-New England Fall Foliage cruises from Quebec and NYC.

Crystal Serenity itineraries also include the legendary Northwest Passage Cruises.

Following the Coronavirus-related suspension of voyages, Crystal Ocean restarted passenger shipping operations with the Serenity ship. The Europe-UK program was entirely canceled and a new Caribbean program (July 3 through October 17, 2021) was planned. The unique 7-night Caribbean itineraries (Luxury Bahamas Escapes) were roundtrips from Nassau and North Bimini Island (Bailey Town) and visiting Harbour Island, Great Exuma Island (Georgetown), San Salvador Island and Long Island. In August, to the Luxury Bahamas Escapes itinerary was added Miami Florida as both call port and homeport/departure port. The expanded itinerary's first departure was on August 7 (from Nassau) and August 9 (from Miami). This way, the 7-night Luxury Bahamas Escapes itinerary offered 3x embarkation ports - Nassau (Saturdays departures), North Bimini (Sundays), Miami (Mondays).

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Crystal Serenity Wiki

On July 9, 2002, the vessel's keel was laid at Chantiers de l'Atlantique Shipyard (in St Nazaire France). On July 3, 2003, the ship was christened in Southampton England by Julie Andrews (UK actress-singer, 1935-born as Julia Elizabeth Wells). On July 7, 2003, was the Inaugural Cruise - 14-day roundtrip from Southampton to Northern European ports.

On January 14, 2004, the ship started her first "Around The World Cruis", leaving from the USA (Los Angeles). The 106-day itinerary (Jan 14 through May 5) ended in New York City.

In Summer 2016, Crystal Serenity became the world's 3rd cruise ship with a Northwest Passage Cruise - after the 2013 voyages of Compagnie du Ponant's superyachts Le Soleal, and Le Boreal. The 32-days itinerary was from Seward Alaska to NYC New York (August 16 to September 16), with ports of call Kodiak Island Alaska (Aug 17), Dutch Harbor Unalaska (Aug 19), Nome Alaska (Aug 21), Victoria Island Nunavut Canada (Aug 27 and 29), Baffin Island Nunavut Canada (Sept 4), Ilulissat Greenland (Sept 7), Sisimiut Greenland (Sept 8), Nuuk Greenland (Sept 9), Bar Harbor Maine (Sept 13), Boston Massachusetts (Sept 14) and Newport Rhode Island (Sept 15).

  • Serenity's second Northwest Passage transit was in 2017. The 32-day itinerary (Seward to NYC/August 15 through September 15) included the same call ports - Kodiak Island (Aug 16), Dutch Harbor (Aug 18), Nome (Aug 20), Victoria Island (Aug 25-28), Baffin Island (Sept 3), Ilulissat Greenland (Sept 6), Sisimiut Greenland (Sept 7), Nuuk Greenland (Sept 8), Bar Harbor ME USA (Sept 12), Boston MA USA (Sept 13) and Newport RI USA (Sept 14). Prices started from around USD 22,000 per person (double occupancy rates).
  • During Northwest Passage 2017, Crystal Serenity navigated in the Arctic Ocean on the Arctic route (500 mi north of Arctic Circle) and the cruise ship was escorted by the icebreaker Ernest Shackleton. Ernest Shackleton was equipped with two helicopters for emergency use, tools for oil pollution containment, high-tech communications equipment, survival rations. For the voyage, Crystal Serenity was upgraded with an ice detection radar, ice navigation system, forward-looking sonar. The Navigation Bridge team received ice navigation training, and ice pilots boarded both vessels (Shackleton and Serenity) for the crossing. Icebreaker's crew also assisted with Crystal Cruises' "Unexpected Adventures" tours - like helicopter flightseeing, Zodiac boat wet landings, speedboat rides, kayaking.

Crystal Serenity refurbishments review

The last drydock refurbishment in 2018 (October 18 - November 6, done at Lloyd Werft in Bremerhaven Germany) reduced the ship's passenger capacity in order to enable single-seating dining. Following the dry-dock, Crystal Serenity offers to all its passengers free Wi-Fi (regardless of cabin category).

  • On deck 9, two new balcony cabin categories were introduced - Seabreeze Penthouse Suite (12 new suites added) and Seabreeze Penthouse (28 new suites added). The new staterooms have the same size as the existing Penthouse (365 ft2 / 34 m2) and Penthouse Suite (490 ft2 / 46 m2). Seabreeze Penthouses are connecting cabins (sharing an entryway).
  • All Penthouses offer enhanced all-inclusive amenities, including butler service, in-cabin dining, complimentary specialty restaurant dining).
  • Cabin conversions reduced the ship's capacity from 1254 to 980, thus increasing the guest-to-space ratio to 70,3.
  • Stardust Club (deck 6) was redesigned and upgraded with new accent lighting, upholsteries of banquettes, new loose seating (replacing the dance floor).
  • Crystal Dining Room (deck 7) was renamed "Waterside" and upgraded with additional 2- and 4-seat tables. New open-seating dining (between 6-9:30 pm) replaced the old assigned seating and required dinner reservations. Breakfasts and lunches are served as usual. Dining room changes also included new marble flooring, new screen dividers, new seating configuration (increased 2-4-seat tables), new chandelier.
  • Lido Cafe operates as Marketplace (during the day) and as Churrascaria (steakhouse, by night). The restaurant features an open kitchen and made-to-order dishes. Marketplace serves buffet breakfast and lunch, while Churrascaria serves casual dinner (between 6-9 pm). The Brazilian-themed Churrascaria restaurant features Caipirinha (welcome cocktail event) and selection of Brazilian dishes (grilled seafood and meats, tapas, ceviche, salads). Meats are served by "gauchos" (dedicated staff) on traditional meat skewers.
  • On Deck 12, Tastes restaurant was redesigned (with Asian-themed interior) and renamed "Silk Kitchen and Bar". The menu was upgraded with modern Chinese fare (family-size dinner plates) served throughout the day. Self-service is available at breakfast and lunch, and also includes traditional Chinese food (dumplings, Chinois salad, soup, noodle bar). Dinners at Silk Kitchen are open-seating (reservations-recommended) and served between 6-9 pm.
  • Trident Bar and Grill serves casual grilled food (including fast food - burgers, sandwiches).
  • Silk Road and The Sushi Bar (both specialty restaurants by celebrity-chef Nobu Matsuhisa) were renamed "Umi Uma". Umi Uma offers Nobu-inspired dishes prepared by Nobu-trained chefs.
  • Umi Uma and Prego restaurants reservations are complimentary for Penthouse passengers. To all other cabin categories, 1 complimentary specialty dining is offered (additional reservations are available at a surcharge).
  • "Computer University at Sea" (enrichment workshops) were updated and redesigned.

The new free-of-charge Wi-Fi is shipwide, and the result of the company's investment in new hardware and software for expanded onboard connectivity and faster (doubled) satellite Internet speed. Crystal Connect is the ship's new onboard portal for internet connections and various shipboard info (menus, news, scheduled activities, shore excursions, itinerary ports, international digital news media, movies library, lectures, etc). Crystal Connect (mobile app) is available for personal devices.

All passenger cabins were upgraded with new 42-inch smart TVs with interactive panels (infotainment system). Among the redesigned public spaces is the fore-located Palm Court (observation lounge on deck 12), where was added more intimate seating. The Lounge's stage was relocated, and the former stage area was transformed into a dedicated "Afternoon Tea" space offering fresh leaf teas and house-made pastries in the afternoons. Palm Court's bar was also renovated.

Along with all Lloyd Werft workers, the refurbishment project also involved several hundred crew and sub-contractors. Almaco Group (1998-founded company) was the project's supervisor.

During 2016 drydock (May), the ship received overhauls of all Penthouse Suites. Also renovated were the Lido Deck's Trident Grill, Lido Cafe, and Tastes restaurant. The 2016 drydock (at Navantia Shipyard in Cadiz Spain) also included general maintenance works.

Deckplan changes after the November 2013 drydock included:

  • general maintenance work, including propulsion upgrade (left-side Rolls-Royce Azimuth thruster replacement), new hull coating, air ducts cleaning, reverse osmosis plant inspection.
  • introducing of new "Deluxe PURE" category of staterooms (hypoallergenic cabins)
  • redesign of the Tastes buffet and the Lido area (deck 12)
  • new LED lighting in public rooms.

Drydock 2013 refurbishment project's total cost was USD 17 million.

Crystal Serenity ex-Nassau Bahamas cruises 2021 summer

Following the Coronavirus crisis, Crystal Ocean restarted passenger shipping operations with the Serenity ship. The Europe-UK program was entirely canceled and a new Caribbean program (July 3 through October 17, 2021) was planned.

The company operated two 7-night Caribbean itineraries roundtrips from either Nassau (New Providence Island) or Bailey Town (North Bimini Island).

7-day "Luxury Bahamas Escape - Nassau Roundtrip" itinerary

Date / TimePort
03 Jul 19:00Departing from Nassau
04 Jul 08:00 - 18:00Bimini Island, Bailey Town
05 Jul 07:00 - 19:00Harbour Island
06 Jul 07:00 - 19:00Great Exuma Island, George Town
07 Jul 07:00 - 19:00San Salvador Island, Cockburn Town
08 Jul 07:00 - 19:00Long Island
10 Jul 06:00Arriving in Nassau

Prices started from USD 2000 per person with double occupancy.

7-day "Luxury Bahamas Escape - Bimini Roundtrip" itinerary

Date / TimePort
04 Jul 18:00Departing from Bimini Island
05 Jul 07:00 - 19:00Harbour Island
06 Jul 07:00 - 19:00Great Exuma Island, George Town
07 Jul 07:00 - 19:00San Salvador Island, Cockburn Town
08 Jul 07:00 - 19:00Long Island
10 Jul 06:00 - 19:00Nassau, New Providence Island
11 Jul 08:00Arriving in Bimini Island, Bailey Town

Prices started from USD 2450 pp.

Crystal World Cruise 2024

In mid-September 2021 was announced Crystal Serenity's 105-night "World Cruise 2024" (January 5 thru April 20) leaving from PortMiami and ending in Civitavecchia-Rome.

Crystal's 27th World Cruise (themed "Celebrated Cultures & Treasured Temples") itinerary visits 49x ports (in 22x countries), 14x overnights, access to 45x UNESCO sites, signature destinations like the Caribbean, Panama Canal, South Pacific Islands, Australia-New Zealand, Southeast Asia (Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka), Arabia-Red Sea, Suez Canal, Europe-Mediterranean islands (Crete, Cyprus, Sicily).

All bookings on the canceled "World Cruise 2022" enjoyed an exclusive booking window (September 21-30, 2021), while general public bookings opened on October 1st. Early bookings received 2-for-1 fares plus Book Now Savings (up to USD 17250 per person with double occupancy).

The Grand Voyage was also offered in shorter itinerary segments - ranging from the 89-night World Cruise (Los Angeles to Rome) to 7x short itineraries (13- to 18-night in lengths).

Crystal World Cruise 2023

Crystal Serenity's "World Cruise 2023" prices started from just USD 43360 per person (USD 310 per day). The 140-day itinerary (westbound out of Miami Florida USA) visits ports and island destinations in the Caribbean, South America, South Pacific Ocean, Southeast Asia, Africa, Southern Europe (Mediterranean).

Date / TimePort
11 Jan 17:00Departing from Miami, Florida
14 Jan 08:00 - 22:00Gustavia, Saint Barthelemy Island
16 Jan 08:00 - 18:00Willemstad, Curacao Island, Dutch Antilles
18 JanPanama Canal
18 Jan 19:00 - 19 Jan 17:00 (overnight)Panama City
21 Jan 05:00 - 17:00Manta, Ecuador
22 Jan 07:00 - 20:00Guayaquil, Ecuador
24 Jan 08:00 - 16:00Salaverry-Trujillo, Peru
25 Jan 08:30 - 26 Jan 18:00 (overnight)Callao-Lima, Peru
31 Jan 08:00 - 01 Feb 16:00 (overnight)Easter Island, Chile
04 Feb 08:00 - 16:00Pitcairn Island, UK
07 Feb 08:00 - 18:00Moorea Island, Society Islands, French Polynesia
08 Feb 07:30 - 09 Feb 06:00 (overnight)Bora Bora Island, Society Islands, French Polynesia
09 Feb 08:30 - 18:00Raiatea Island, Uturoa, French Polynesia
10 Feb 08:00 - 11 Feb 17:00 (overnight)Papeete, Tahiti Island, French Polynesia
13 Feb 08:00 - 18:00Rarotonga Island, Cook Islands NZ
17 Feb 08:00 - 18:00Nukualofa-Tongatapu, Tonga
19 Feb 07:30 - 18:00Lautoka, Fiji
20 Feb 07:30 - 16:00Yasawa Island, Fiji
22 Feb 08:00 - 18:00Lifou Island, New Caledonia
23 Feb 08:00 - 18:00Isle of Pines, New Caledonia
24 Feb 08:00 - 18:00Noumea, Grande Terre island, New Caledonia
27 Feb 08:00 - 28 Feb 18:00 (overnight)Sydney, NSW Australia
02 Mar 10:00 - 22:00Brisbane, Queensland Australia
03 Mar 08:00 - 17:00Mooloolaba, Queensland Australia
04 Mar 08:00 - 17:00Gladstone, Queensland Australia
07 Mar 08:00 - 18:00Honiara-Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands
08 Mar 08:00 - 16:00Gizo-Ghizo, Solomon Islands
09 Mar 15:00 - 10 Mar 18:00 (overnight)Rabaul, New Britain Island, Papua New Guinea
12 Mar 07:00 - 18:00Madang, Papua New Guinea
13 Mar 07:00 - 18:00Wewak, Papua New Guinea
16 Mar 07:00 - 17:00Pulau Ternate Island, Maluku Indonesia
18 Mar 09:30 - 18:00Pulau Komodo Island, East Nusa Tenggara Indonesia
19 Mar 10:00 - 20 Mar 22:00 (overnight)Benoa, Bali Indonesia
22 Mar 07:00 - 19:30Semarang, Java Indonesia
24 Mar 12:00 - 25 Mar 18:00 (overnight)Singapore
26 Mar 08:00 - 19:00Klang-Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
27 Mar 08:00 - 18:00Pulau Langkawi Island, Malaysia
28 Mar 08:00 - 22:00Phuket, Thailand
30 Mar 12:00 - 01 Apr 12:00 (overnight)Yangon-Rangoon, Myanmar
03 Apr 06:00 - 18:00Port Blair, South Andaman Island, India
05 Apr 13:00 - 06 Apr 18:00 (overnight)Chennai-Madras, India
08 Apr 10:00 - 09 Apr 19:00 (overnight)Colombo, Sri Lanka
11 Apr 07:00 - 18:00Haa Alif Atoll, Maldives
12 Apr 07:30 - 17:00Male, Kaafu Atoll, Maldives
15 Apr 08:00 - 16 Apr 06:00 (overnight)Mahe Island, Victoria, Seychelles
16 Apr 07:30 - 18:00Praslin Island, Seychelles
19 Apr 07:00 - 22:00Zanzibar, Tanzania
20 Apr 07:00 - 19:00Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
21 Apr 06:00 - 23 Apr 18:00 (overnight)Mombasa, Kenya
28 Apr 07:00 - 13:00Salalah, Oman
02 May 09:00 - 21:30Aqaba-Petra, Jordan
03 May 07:00 - 23:59Safaga, Egypt
04 May 07:00 - 21:00Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
05 May 07:30 - 23:00Sokhna, Egypt
06 MaySuez Canal
08 May 08:00 - 23:00Kusadasi-Ephesus, Turkey
09 May 07:30 - 18:00Mykonos Island, Greece
10 May 10:00 - 18:00Piraeus-Athens, Greece
11 May 08:00 - 22:00Bodrum, Turkey
12 May 07:00 - 22:00Santorini Island, Greece
13 May 08:00 - 22:00Crete Island, Greece
15 May 08:00 - 21:00Brindisi, Italy
16 May 01:00 - 18:00Dubrovnik, Croatia
17 May 13:00 - 20:00Koper, Slovenia
18 May 08:00 - 20 May 17:00 (overnight)Venice, Italy
21 May 08:00 - 18:00Split, Croatia
22 May 08:00 - 17:00Kotor, Montenegro
23 May 08:00 - 22:00Corfu Island, Greece
25 May 07:00 - 20:00Sorrento, Italy
26 May 08:00 - 20:00Civitavecchia-Rome, Italy
27 May 08:00 - 18:00Genoa-Milan, Italy
28 May 07:00 - 22:00Monte Carlo, Monaco
29 May 07:30 - 18:00Saint-Tropez, France Riviera
31 MayArriving in Barcelona, Spain

Also available for booking were shorter itineraries (segments of the World Voyage 2023) including 128-days (Miami to Venice, USD 39000 pp) and 119-days (Miami to Piraeus-Athens, USD 35670 pp).

Crystal Serenity World Cruise 2022

In September 2021, Crystal announced Serenity's "2022 Grand Voyage" (132-night "Caribbean Idylls and Mediterranean Masterpieces" itinerary) starting in PortMiami (January 17) and ending in Los Angeles (May 29).

The Grand Voyage was offered as 3x full-length itineraries (102-night, 117-day, 132-night) plus 11x smaller itinerary segments (9- to 16-nights). The 132-night/133-day itinerary visits a total of 82x ports/destinations (including 45x islands) in 32x countries and features 19x Caribbean and 6x Canaries destinations, as well as 11x overnights in large port cities and two Transatlantic crossings.

Some of the visited islands are in the Caribbean (19 total), Spain's Canaries (6), Portugal's Azores-Madeira-Cape Verde, Mediterranean (France's Corsica, Spain's Balearics, Itali's Sicily and Sardinia, Malta, Greece's Cyprus, Crete, Greek Isles), Bermuda.

Jan 17Miami, Florida-7 PM
Jan 19Progreso, Mexico8 AM5 PM
Jan 20Cozumel, Mexico9 AM6 PM
Jan 22Ocho Rios, Jamaica8 AM6 PM
Jan 23Port Royal, Jamaica8 AM6 PM
Jan 25Puerto Limon, Costa Rica7 AM6 PM
Jan 26Colon, Panama7 AM6 PM
Jan 27San Blas Island, Panama7:30 AM5 PM
Jan 28Cartagena, Colombia7 AM2 PM
Jan 29-30Oranjestad, Aruba (overnight)1 PM5 PM
Jan 31Willemstad, Curacao8 AM10 PM
Feb 1Kralendijk, Bonaire7 AM6 PM
Feb 3Port-of-Spain, Trinidad7 AM10 PM
Feb 4Scarborough, Tobago8 AM6 PM
Feb 5St George's, Grenada8 AM5 PM
Feb 6-7Pointe-a-Pitre, Guadeloupe8 AM10 PM
Feb 7Roseau, Dominica8 AM6 PM
Feb 8Gustavia, St Barts7:30 AM6 PM
Feb 9San Juan, Puerto Rico8 AM10 PM
Feb 10Cruz Bay, St John USVI8 AM6 PM
Feb 11Christiansted, St Croix USVI8 AM10 PM
Feb 12Road Town, Tortola BVI7 AM6 PM
Feb 13St Johns, Antigua8 AM6 PM
Feb 14Iles des Saintes, Guadeloupe8 AM10 PM
Feb 15Fort de France, Martinique8 AM10 PM
Feb 16Castries, St Lucia8 AM6 PM
Feb 17-18Bridgetown, Barbados (overnight)8 AM5 PM
Feb 19-20-21-22-23Transatlantic crossing--
Feb 24Praia, Cape Verde7 AM6 PM
Feb 25Cotonou-Porto Novo, Benin7:30 AM6 PM
Mar 1Puerto del Rosario, Canaries Spain8 AM6 PM
Mar 2San Sebastian de La Gomera, Canaries Spain7:30 AM6 PM
Mar 3Santa Cruz de La Palma, Canaries Spain8 AM6 PM
Mar 4-5Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canaries Spain (overnight)6 AM6 PM
Mar 6Arrecife de Lanzerote, Canaries Spain8 AM6 PM
Mar 7-8Funchal, Madeira Portugal (overnight)1 PM6 PM
Mar 10Casablanca, Morocco7 AM9 PM
Mar 11Tangier, Morocco8 AM12:30 PM
Mar 11-12Malaga, Spain (overnight)7 PM7 PM
Mar 13Alicante, Spain12 PM6 PM
Mar 14Valencia, Spain8 AM10 PM
Mar 15Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Canaries Spain8 AM6 PM
Mar 16Barcelona, Spain7 AM10 PM
Mar 17Ciutadella de Menorca, Balearic Spain8 AM4 PM
Mar 18Cagliari, Sardinia Italy8 AM4 PM
Mar 19Valletta, Malta12 PM10 PM
Mar 20Siracusa, Sicily Italy8 AM6 PM
Mar 21Palermo, Sicily Italy8 AM6 PM
Mar 22Amalfi, Italy7 AM6 PM
Mar 24St Tropez, France7:30 AM10 PM
Mar 25Marseille, France8 AM6 PM
Mar 26Barcelona, Spain6 AM6 PM
Mar 27-28Cannes, France (overnight)2 PM6 PM
Mar 29Genoa, Italy8 AM6 PM
Mar 30Ajaccio, Corsica France8 AM4 PM
Mar 31Gaeta, Italy8 AM2 PM
Mar 31 - Apr 1Naples, Italy (overnight)5:30 PM6 PM
Apr 3Heraklion, Crete Greece9 AM6 PM
Apr 4Santorini Island, Greece7 AM6 PM
Apr 5Piraeus-Athens, Greece3 AM6 PM
Apr 6Patmos Island, Greece7:30 AM10 PM
Apr 7Kusadasi-Ephesus, Turkey8 AM10 PM
Apr 8Mykonos Island, Greece8 AM7 PM
Apr 10Haifa, Israel6 AM10 PM
Apr 11-12Ashdod-Jerusalem, Israel ((overnight))7 AM7 PM
Apr 13Limassol, Cyprus Greece8 AM4 PM
Apr 14Rhodes Island, Greece9 AM6 PM
Apr 15Dardanelles Strait--
Apr 16-17Istanbul, Turkey ((overnight))6 AM6 PM
Apr 18Nessebar, BG7:30 AM4 PM
Apr 19Odessa, Ukraine7:30 AM11 PM
Apr 20Constanta-Bucharest, Romania9 AM9 PM
Apr 21Dardanelles Strait--
Apr 22Piraeus-Athens, Greece8 AM6 PM
Apr 23Katakolon-Olympia, Greece8 AM3 PM
Apr 24Naxos, Sicily Italy7:30 AM6 PM
Apr 25Sorrento, Italy7 AM6 PM
Apr 26Civitavecchia-Rome, Italy7 AM9 PM
Apr 27Livorno-Florence, Italy7 AM7 PM
Apr 28-29Monte Carlo, Monaco (overnight)8 AM6 PM
May 1Cartagena, Spain8:30 AM5 PM
May 2Gibraltar UK9 AM6 PM
May 5Ponta Delgada, Azores8 AM5 PM
May 6-7-8-9Transatlantic crossing--
May 10Hamilton, Bermuda8 AM6 PM
May 13Miami, Florida6 AM-

Bookings for the new "Grand Voyage 2022" were opened for loyalty program members on September 14, and to the general public on Sept 24, 2021.

Full Grand Voyage prices (double occupancy) started at USD 31100 per passenger. Early booking promos included USD 10500 pp (Book Now Saving), USD 2500 pp OBC (onboard credit), 2,5% (Crystal Society/loyalty program savings), 2% (New-to-Crystal promo savings), 15% reduced deposit.

Segment Grand Voyage prices (double occupancy) started at USD 2700 pp, with promo offers inclusive of USD 1000 pp (Book Now Savings), 2,5% (Crystal Society savings), 2% (New-to-Crystal savings), 5% (B2B/Back-to-Back cruise savings).

Crystal World Cruise 2022 (canceled)

In late-March 2019 was announced the company's 27th world voyage ("2022 Full World Cruise") on Crystal Serenity. The circumnavigation itinerary offered 5x embarkation/disembarkation ports (segments ranging from 82 to 116 days). However, due to the Coronavirus-crisis (international travel uncertainties), this voyage was canceled and replaced with the new (132-night Grand Voyage) "Caribbean Idylls and Mediterranean Masterpieces"

Itinerary's most popular sea travel destinations included Mediterranean, Azores, Transatlantic crossing, Caribbean (Nicaragua, Jamaica, Guatemala), Panama Canal, Hawaii, Tonga, Samoa, Australia New Zealand, Indonesia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, India, Maldives, Holy Land, Arabian Gulf, Suez Canal, Black Sea (Bulgaria, Ukraine, Romania, Turkey), Greece (Crete, Rhodes), French Riviera. Smaller segments (12-19-day each) were also available for booking.

Date / TimePort
17 Jan 17:00Departing from Miami, Florida
19 Jan 08:00 - 17:00Ocho Rios, Jamaica
21 Jan 08:00 - 14:00Cartagena, Colombia
22 JanPanama Canal
24 Jan 08:00 - 17:00Corinto, Nicaragua
25 Jan 08:00 - 18:00Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala
27 Jan 09:00 - 18:00Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, Mexico
28 Jan 08:00 - 18:00Manzanillo, Mexico
30 Jan 07:00 - 17:00Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
01 Feb 10:00 - 18:00San Diego, California
02 Feb 10:00 - 17:00Los Angeles, California
08 Feb 08:00 - 23:59Honolulu, Oahu Island, Hawaii
09 Feb 08:00 - 18:00Nawiliwili, Lihue, Kauai Island, Hawaii
16 Feb 08:00 - 18:00Apia, Upolu Island, Samoa
18 Feb 08:00 - 17:00Nukualofa, Tongatapu, Tonga
21 Feb 10:00 - 22 Feb 18:00Auckland, New Zealand
23 Feb 07:30 - 20:45Tauranga-Rotorua, New Zealand
25 Feb 07:00 - 17:00Picton, New Zealand
28 Feb 12:00 - 01 Mar 18:00Sydney, NSW Australia
02 Mar 08:00 - 18:00Eden, NSW Australia
04 Mar 08:00 - 23:30Melbourne, Victoria Australia
06 Mar 08:00 - 23:00Adelaide, South Australia
10 Mar 08:00 - 18:00Margaret River, Western Australia
11 Mar 10:00 - 18:00Fremantle-Perth, Western Australia
13 Mar 07:30 - 18:00Exmouth, Western Australia
16 Mar 09:00 - 17 Mar 10:00Benoa, Bali Indonesia
19 Mar 17:00 - 20 Mar 18:00Singapore
24 Mar 08:00 - 18:00Colombo, Sri Lanka
26 Mar 07:00 - 18:00Male, Kaafu Atoll, Maldives
29 Mar 10:00 - 30 Mar 18:00Mumbai, Bombay, India
02 Apr 07:00 - 17:00Salalah, Oman
06 Apr 07:00 - 07 Apr 18:00Safaga, Egypt
08 Apr 07:00 - 21:00Aqaba-Petra, Jordan
10 AprSuez Canal
11 Apr 07:00 - 12 Apr 19:00Ashdod-Jerusalem, Israel
13 Apr 08:00 - 17:00Limassol, Cyprus
14 Apr 09:00 - 17:30Rhodes Island, Greece
16 Apr 10:00 - 17 Apr 18:00Istanbul, Turkey
18 Apr 07:30 - 16:00Nessebar, Bulgaria
19 Apr 07:30 - 23:00Odessa, Ukraine
20 Apr 09:00 - 21:00Constanta, Romania
22 Apr 08:00 - 18:00Piraeus-Athens, Greece
23 Apr 08:00 - 15:00Katakolon-Olympia, Greece
24 Apr 07:30 - 18:00Giardini-Naxos/Taormina, Sicily Italy
25 Apr 07:00 - 18:00Sorrento, Italy
26 Apr 07:00 - 21:00Civitavecchia-Rome, Italy
27 Apr 07:00 - 19:00Livorno, Italy
28 Apr 08:00 - 29 Apr 18:00Monte Carlo, Monaco
01 May 08:30 - 17:00Cartagena, Spain
02 May 09:00 - 18:00Gibraltar, UK
05 May 08:00 - 17:00Ponta Delgada, Sao Miguel Island, Azores
10 May 08:00 - 18:00Hamilton, Bermuda
13 May 06:30Arriving in Miami, Florida

Full World Cruise was bookable as roundtrip from Miami or Los Angeles (116-days), Miami to Monte Carlo (102-day), Los Angeles to Monte Carlo (100-day) or Los Angeles to Miami (86-day). General public bookings were opened on April 10, 2019.

Crystal Serenity User Reviews

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The best small ship at sea.

by Craigscruises4u
38 Reviews written
8 days, round-trip from Los Angeles, San Pedro-Long Beach, California
Departure date: 05 Jan 2004
Cruise number 29 , PSARA cruise management event hosted by Crystal Cruises on board Crystal Serenity 5th January 2004 Cabin number : 9051.- midship , deck 9 - Seabreeze deck deluxe stateroom with verandha Total pax : 1070, Crew :655 : Decks :13 Cruise for 7 nights - see map LA / Santa...

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