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48.57564 N, 13.46641 E

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Passau is a Danube River cruise port located in Lower Bavaria, Germany. The town covers a total area of approx 69,58 km2 (26,86 ml2) and has a population of around 50,000 people (including over 11,000 students at the University of Passau). The town is also known as "City of Three Rivers" as Danube here is joined by the rivers Ilz (north) and Inn (south).Passau (Germany) river cruise port

  • Among the Passau's landmarks are the St Stephen's Cathedral (with the world's 2nd biggest church pipe organ - 233 registers, 17774 pipes), after the First Congregational Church's organ in Los Angeles. During summer tourist season, organ concerts at the church are held daily. St.Stephen's is a masterpiece of Italian Baroque, created by Italian architect Carlo Lurago (1615-1684) and decorated by Carpoforo Tencalla (1623-1685).
  • Most of the Danube River cruises offer departures from Passau to Vienna, Austria, and the reverse from Vienna to Passau. There is a cycling path going all the way down to Vienna. The city is also notable for its baroque and gothic architecture. Passau is dominated by Veste Oberhaus and former fortress of the Bishop, located on the mountain crest between Danube and Ilz rivers. Beside the town hall is Scharfrichterhaus, an important cabaret and jazz stage on which political cabaret is featured.
  • An interesting fact is that during the Renaissance and early modern period, the town of Passau was among the most prolific German centres of sword and bladed weapon manufacture (after Solingen). The smiths stamped their blades with Passau wolf, a rather simplified rendering of the wolf on city's coat-of-arms. Warriors who were more superstitious believed that Passau wolf conferred invulnerability on blade's bearer, and this way Passau swords acquired great premium.
  • On June 2, 2013 Passau's old town suffered from severe flooding due to its location at the confluence of 3 rivers and several days of rain. As early as 1501, peak elevations of floods are displayed on a wall at Old City Hall. On average once every five years flood water reaches that wall's base.
  • Due to town's location on the German-Austrian border, as well as in the south-east of the country, the town of Passau has become an important migrant entry point into Germany. Economic migrants and refugees from Asia, Africa and the Middle East, who have reached Europe, usually entering either overland through Greece or across the sea through the Mediterranean, then head north and enter Germany. In 2015 The BBC reported in 2015 that traffickers drive refugees and migrants via Austria and leave them on the autobahn's side. The refugees and migrants then often walk unaccompanied into the city of Passau, the first in Germany situated northwards. The situation caused the government to divert funds from flood prevention to feeding and housing the migrants and refugees.

Highlights: Veste Oberhaus (Fortress), St. Stephen's Cathedral,

Passau cruise terminal

The follwoing photo shows the terminal / docking area where cruise ships in Passau are berthed.Passau (Germany) cruise ship terminal

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Day Ships in port
1 May, 2017
SS Maria Theresa(arriving at 01 May - departing at 01 May)
Viking Vilhjalm(arriving at 01 May)
10 May, 2017
MS Amadeus Royal(departing at 10 May)
Viking Bestla(arriving at 10 May - departing at 10 May)
14 May, 2017
MS Amadeus Brilliant(departing at 14 May)
Avalon Expression(arriving at 14 May - departing at 14 May)
ms La Boheme(arriving at 14 May - departing at 15 May)
15 May, 2017
SS Maria Theresa(arriving at 15 May - departing at 15 May)
Viking Vilhjalm(arriving at 15 May)
17 May, 2017
MS Amadeus Royal(arriving at 17 May)
Avalon Impression(arriving at 17 May - departing at 17 May)
Crystal Mozart(arriving at 08:00 - departing at 18 May)
21 May, 2017
MS Swiss Tiara(departing at 21 May)
MS Amadeus Brilliant(arriving at 21 May)
Avalon Visionary(arriving at 21 May - departing at 21 May)
24 May, 2017
ms La Boheme(arriving at 24 May)
Viking Var(arriving at 24 May - departing at 24 May)
26 May, 2017
ms Vivaldi(departing at 26 May)
Avalon Vista(arriving at 26 May - departing at 26 May)
29 May, 2017
SS Maria Theresa(departing at 29 May)
Viking Vilhjalm(arriving at 29 May)
Avalon Artistry II(arriving at 29 May - departing at 29 May)
2 May, 2017
SS Maria Theresa(arriving at 02 May - departing at 02 May)
3 May, 2017
Viking Var(arriving at 03 May - departing at 03 May)
4 May, 2017
Viking Freya(arriving at 04 May - departing at 04 May)
5 May, 2017
Viking Jarl(arriving at 05 May - departing at 05 May)
ms Symphonie(arriving at 05 May - departing at 06 May)
6 May, 2017
Avalon Expression(arriving at 06 May - departing at 06 May)
7 May, 2017
MS Amadeus Brilliant(arriving at 07 May)
MS Jane Austen(arriving at 07 May - departing at 07 May)
8 May, 2017
Avalon Illumination(arriving at 08 May - departing at 08 May)
9 May, 2017
MS Savor(arriving at 09 May - departing at 09 May)
11 May, 2017
Viking Freya(arriving at 11 May - departing at 11 May)
12 May, 2017
River Ambassador(arriving at 12 May - departing at 12 May)
13 May, 2017
Avalon Visionary(arriving at 13 May - departing at 13 May)
16 May, 2017
River Princess(arriving at 16 May - departing at 16 May)
18 May, 2017
River Ambassador(arriving at 18 May - departing at 18 May)
Crystal Mozart(arriving at 18 May - departing at 14:00)
19 May, 2017
MS Savor(arriving at 19 May - departing at 19 May)
20 May, 2017
Avalon Expression(arriving at 20 May - departing at 20 May)
22 May, 2017
MS Savor(arriving at 22 May - departing at 22 May)
23 May, 2017
Avalon Impression(arriving at 23 May - departing at 23 May)
25 May, 2017
ms Symphonie(arriving at 25 May)
River Queen(arriving at 25 May - departing at 25 May)
27 May, 2017
River Beatrice(arriving at 27 May - departing at 27 May)
Crystal Mozart(arriving at 08:00 - departing at 28 May)
28 May, 2017
Avalon Panorama(arriving at 28 May - departing at 28 May)
Crystal Mozart(arriving at 28 May - departing at 14:00)
30 May, 2017
SS Maria Theresa(arriving at 30 May - departing at 30 May)
31 May, 2017
MS Amadeus Royal(arriving at 31 May)
Avalon Impression(arriving at 31 May - departing at 31 May)