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Viking Mimir current location is at Europe Inland (coordinates 51.23586 N / 6.76992 E) cruising en route to BASEL. The AIS position was reported 5 minutes ago.

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Current itinerary of Viking Mimir

Viking Mimir current cruise is 7 days, one-way from Budapest to Passau. Prices start from USD 2195 (double occupancy rates). The itinerary starts on 01 Dec, 2023 and ends on 08 Dec, 2023.

Date / TimePort
01 Dec - 02 Dec    Departing from Budapest, Hungary hotels
03 Dec    Bratislava, Slovakia
04 Dec    Vienna, Wien, Austria
05 Dec    Krems an der Donau, Austria
05 Dec    Wachau Valley, Austria
06 Dec    Linz, Austria
07 Dec - 08 Dec    Arriving in Passau, Germany Bavaria hotels

Specifications of Viking Mimir

Year of build2015  /  Age: 8
Flag state Switzerland
BuilderNeptun Werft GmbH (Rostock, Germany)
ClassViking Longship
Speed15 kn / 28 km/h / 17 mph
Length (LOA)135 m / 443 ft
Beam (width)29 m / 95 ft
Gross Tonnage5000 gt
Passengers95 - 190
Decks with cabins3
Christened byJana Hudakova
OwnerViking Cruises
OperatorViking River Cruises

Viking Mimir Itineraries

DateItineraryDeparture PortPrice from
2023 Nov 17 14 days, one-way from Amsterdam to Budapest Amsterdam $5545
2023 Dec 01 7 days, one-way from Budapest to Passau Budapest $2195
2023 Dec 08 7 days, one-way from Passau to Budapest Passau $2195
2023 Dec 15 7 days, one-way from Budapest to Passau Budapest $2195

Viking Mimir Review

Review of Viking Mimir

Longship Viking Mimir boat cruises on Rhine, Main and Danube Rivers in the Netherlands, Austria, Slovakia, Germany and Hungary. This Viking longship is named after Mimir (meaning "rememberer") - in Norse mythology the god of wisdom and knowledge. Beheaded during the war between the two groups of gods (Venirs and Aesirs), Mimir's head was later on carried by Odin to receive secret knowledge.

Longship Viking Mimir cruise ship

The boat (ENI number 7002025) is currently Switzerland-flagged (MMSI 269057518) and registered in Basel.

Join the 2015 Viking Mimir Grand European Tour for 15 pleasant days along the Main, Danube and Rhine Rivers. You'll be able to see Holland’s windmills and tulip fields as well as Germany’s fairytale castles and the vineyards of Wachau Valley in Austria. Another chance gives the Romantic Danube itinerary - an 8-day sailing along the “Blue Danube” to explore fascinating Budapest, tour riverside in Austria’s Wachau Valley and experience the imperial architecture of Vienna.

Mimir has gained his wisdom by drinking from Well of Wisdom and was so wise that the Venir tribe called on him for counsel when the tribes of Aesir and Venir gods were at war. Mimir could not translate the words of guidance, so they beheaded him and sent his head to the Aesirs. Odin embalmed Mimir’s head and cast a spell empowering it to share secrets. This way Mimir guided Odin through the war until the two tribes unified into one.


Viking Mimir hosts 190 guests in 95 staterooms. The Mimir ship boasts the same design elements as the other Viking Longships, featuring deluxe accommodations, streamlined Scandinavian interiors and exceptional engineering. Viking Longships have new features including the revolutionary all-weather Aquavit Terrace bringing the outdoor scenery indoors, allowing passengers to enjoy the river views and al fresco dining. The Longships have two Explorer Suites which are the largest in Europe as well as seven Veranda Suites (two-room) with a veranda and a French balcony. The 39 Veranda Staterooms feature full-size balconies and there are also 22 French Balcony Staterooms.

Cabins Types/Categories (number, location), high to low

  • Suites - ES (x2, deck3), AA (x7, deck 3)
  • Balcony Staterooms - A (x20, deck3), B (x17, deck2)
  • French Balcony Staterooms (with floor to ceiling door-windows) - C (x5, deck3), D (x15, deck2)
  • RiverView Staterooms - E (x18, deck1), F (x7, deck1).

Shipboard facilities

All Viking Longships, including Viking Mimir, boast organic herb gardens and onboard solar panels. Their hybrid engines are energy-efficient and reduce vibrations for a smooth ride. Viking Mimir dining options include Mimir Restaurant (dining room) and Aquavit Terrace (al fresco). Other facilities include an Observation Lounge, Atrium (lobby), Library (Internet), Shop (gifts, souvenirs), top-deck (shaded relaxation area, Sky Bar, Herbal Garden, putting green, a walking track, shuffleboard). The Mimir longship doesn’t have a gym room, pool, jacuzzi, spa.

Viking Mimir cruise deals are inclusive of Internet (Wi-Fi), all tours/excursions, ground transfers, live evening entertainment, daily lecturers, food and wine tastings, 24-hour coffee/tea, replenished daily bottled water.

Viking Mimir river cruise prices are per person and based on double occupancy. These are only indicative of Viking cruise rates. They might be different when you book your Viking River Cruises Europe cruise tour deals, influenced by travel agency promotions, special offers and discounts, group travel booking or last-minute deals rates. On some Viking Mimir cruise tours, the line offers round-trip USA airfare discount deals (on select cabins or itineraries/dates).

River Cruise Itineraries

Follows the list of Viking Mimir river cruise itineraries as themes, officially announced by the Viking Cruises line:

  • "GRAND EUROPEAN TOUR" are 14-days Rhine and Danube cruises from Amsterdam to Budapest, and the reverse from Budapest to Amsterdam. These deals feature "Rhine-Main-Danube Canal" passage (Germany), 5 countries to visit (Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Holland) and 13 complimentary land tours/excursions. On departures from Budapest, the sailing part starts in the evening on the second day and ends in Amsterdam (with optional 2-night Amsterdam hotel package). Disembarkation in Budapest offers optional 3-night Prague hotel package (Czech Republic).
  • "ROMANTIC DANUBE" are 7-days cruises from Nuremberg to Budapest and reverse from Budapest to Nuremberg/Nurnberg. These deals offer 3 countries to visit (Austria, Germany, Hungary), with 6 complimentary land tours/excursions. Disembarkation in Nuremberg offers optional 2-night Nuremberg or 3-night Prague hotel packages. On departures from Germany (Nuremberg) the sailing part starts on the second day with the Main-Danube Canal cruise (passing through the locks) and ends in Budapest (optional 2-night hotel package).
  • "HEART OF GERMANY” are 6-days Main river cruises from Frankfurt to Nuremberg and the reverse from Nuremberg to Frankfurt. These deals offer 6 complimentary land tours/excursions. Also included in the fares are bus transfers Frankfurt to Heidelberg (for a full-day excursion), Wurzburg (full-day tour, bus travel to Rothenburg, embarkation in Gerlachshausen), Nuremberg (overnight dock). Optional luxury hotel packages are offered for Germany (2-night Nuremberg or 2-night Cologne/Koln) and Czech Republic (3-night Prague).

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Viking Mimir Wiki

To/from Viking Mimir boat transfers and airport meet&greet services are included in the fares only when airfares are purchased through the Viking cruise line.

Viking Mimir is one of the latest generation Viking Cruises longships. This is a new (patented) Viking river cruise boat design allowing bigger accommodations without the need to shrink public areas size and to compromise the vessel's general comfort. The Viking ship Mimir represents the line's latest Longship-class riverboat design. Viking Cruises longships feature energy-efficient hybrid engine technology, solar panels and interior design by "Yran & Storbraaten" (Norway). The patented "longship" design ("Rottet Studios", USA) allows much larger passenger accommodations with full-size balconies. The additional cabin space is created by 1 m (3,3 ft) off-centre shifting of the deck's corridor.

The riverboat’s godmother is Mrs Jana Hudakova - one of the line's long-serving employees (a Chief Receptionist). The list of other Viking Cruises longships launched in 2015 includes Astrild, Beyla, Eir, Gefjon, Lofn, Mani, Modi, Skirnir, Ve, Vidar and Vili.

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