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07:00 22 Jan 2018

Civitavecchia, Molo Vespucci, Civitavecchia Italy 00053

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Port Civitavecchia (cruise port to Rome) is located almost an hour by train from Rome (Italy's capital city) and approx 1 hour by car from Leonardo da Vinci International Airport (aka Fiumicino Airport). As shipping traffic, Civitavecchia port handles over 2000 ferry ship and cruise liner movements and almost 2 million passengers annually, ranking it Europe's 3rd busiest and Mediterranean's largest port.

Civitavecchia cruise port (Rome, Italy)

  • The name Civitavecchia is translated to "ancient town". The port city covers a total area of approx 71,95 km2 (27,78 ml2) and has a population of around 53,000 inhabitants (2015 census).
  • The huge Forte Michelangelo was commissioned for the first time from Donato Bramante by Pope Julius II, in order to defend the port of Rome. However, the upper part of the "maschio" tower was designed by Michelangelo, and his name is generally applied to this fortress.
  • At Ficoncella, north of the city, are located the Terme Taurine baths that are frequented by Romans and are still well known by the Civitavecchiesi. The contemporary name stems from the fig plants among the pools. Also next to the town is the site of the cruise ship docks. 
  • Civitavecchia-Rome port has a total of 8 cruise ship terminals, with 15 berths (quays), 5 parking lots, over 3200 m / 9850 ft in piers. Civitavecchia Cruise Terminal ("Terminal Venezia Passeggeri" in Italian) is the world's 13th busiest cruise port. Ships arrive in Civitavecchia-Rome from Adriatic Sea via Guidecca Canal. Civitavecchia-Rome is a major turn-around port and among the most popular ports of call in Mediterranean, and Europe.

Find information about Civitavecchia/Rome cruise port terminal – address, location and map, parking information and fees. Check the cruise ship schedule and explore Civitavecchia city tours possibilities.

Civitavecchia port

Cruise itineraries to and from Civitavecchia-Rome

The list of destinations visited by cruise ships departing from Civitavecchia-Rome Italy includes:

Highlights: Rome, Vatican, Ostia Antica, Tarquinia

Civitavecchia cruise terminal

Civitavecchia port is the cruise port of Rome. It is located approx 80 km (50 ml) from Rome in northwestern direction. The city's name in Italian translates as “ancient town”.

Civitavecchia (Rome, Italy) cruise port map (printable)

  • The port is used for ferries, cargo and cruise ships. The distance between the Civitavecchia port and Rome’s International Airports is almost 31 miles, or 50 minutes traveling time from the airport to the pier. The rate of a taxi is about 160 euros.
  • The Civitavecchia Port was founded in the 2nd century by Emperor Trajan, a Roman one. He gave the name Centumcellae and still you can see Trajan’s Port remains. In the end of 15th century, pirates damaged the port. This was the reason for building a fortress to protect the Civitavecchia Port. This was done in 1537 by Michelangelo, instigated by Pope Julius II.
  • To go Civitavecchia most passengers first take flight to Rome's airport (Aeroporto Internazionale Leonardo da Vinci di Fiumicino) then travel by train Civitavecchia. Travel time is between 1:30-1:45 hours. From the rail station to the cruise port is approx 1 km (0,6 ml). However, the distance is easily walkable (along the pebbled beach). At the port's entrance are available 3 car parks. Also from here passengers take the free bus shuttle. Shuttles serve both ferry and cruise ship passengers. Be careful, as different shuttles go to different terminals.

(NEW) "12 B North" cruise ship terminal

In November 2016, Port Civitavecchia started the construction of a new cruise ship terminal facility, with scheduled completion in 2018. The 10,000 m2 (107,650 ft2) modern building will be able to handle around 4,500 cruise passengers and around 9,000 pieces of luggage at a time.

Civitavecchia new cruise terminal

The EUR 20 million project includes building 2 terminals - the bigger "12 B North" and the smaller "Terminal 12" (more details comming soon). The building has a 280 m2 / 3000 ft2 baggage claim area, a 410 m2 / 4400 ft2 waiting area, large bus parking, taxi drop off and pick-up area.

Civitavecchia port new cruise ship terminal

The following YouTube video reveals more building design and infrastructure details of the new passenger terminal.

"Rome Cruise Terminal" (RCT)

  • Terminal's address is "Civitavecchia, Molo Vespucci, Civitavecchia Italy 00053".
  • The port is used for ferries, cargo and cruise ships. The distance between the Civitavecchia port and Rome’s International Airports is almost 50 km (30 ml), or 50 min travel time from the airport to the pier.
  • The port's biggest parts serve container (cargo) ships and ferries. Cruise ships dock at piers Traianea (11), Antemurale Colombo (12,12B,13A and 13B) and Commerciale (25).
  • To the cruise port go the local “Argo” buses leaving from the city center “Largo della Pace” (aka Porta di Città). From the bus stop you can reach the cruise piers (for embarkation) through the provided free shuttle service.

Port Civitavecchia Rome Cruise Terminal (RCT)

Civitavecchia cruise port schedule has itineraries planned through the whole year.

  • UN-LOCODE (United Nations location code) - ITVCE
  • supported by excellent road, rail and air infrastructure
  • deep channel water and berths
  • sheltered harbor area
  • access unrestricted by tides
  • capability to accommodate 12 vessels at a time
  • The Civitavecchia-Rome cruise ship terminal provides shore-to-ship power (shore-side electricity supply) which reduces significantly the levels of emissions, noise and vibration in port. The "cold ironing" (shoreside power) is provided to ships docking in Tagliamento quay (at berths 107-108 and 109-110).
  • The cruise port is accessible the whole year round – 24/7, 365 days a tear.
  • Cruise ships usually arrive in Civitavecchia in early morning (at 7 or 9 am) and depart from Civitavecchia in late afternoon or in the evening (at 4, 4:30, 5 or 6 pm).

Civitavecchia tours, shore excursions, hotels

City Tours and Shore Excursions

Civitavecchia is a great place to spend some time. As this is the port of Rome, most of the passengers rush to see the capital city with its Colosseum, Vatican City, Trevi Fountain, the Sistine Chapel and the Spanish Steps, but Civitavecchia has a lot to show too. It is among the most fascinating culturally cities in Europe. You can learn a lot about the Italian life and history. Among the interestins places are the old hospital, the fountain of Benedict XIV, the walls of the old city and quaint squares. Also you can visit:

  • Forte Michelangelo: fortress dating since the 16th century. Pope Julius II commissioned it and in 1535 Giulano Leno finished it. Michelangelo designed the center tower. The walls of the fortress are thick over 6 meters and it is built on Roman barracks’ remains.
  • The Cathedral of San Francesco d’Assisi: built on 17th Century church by Francesco Navona, an architect. The Cathedral of Cathedral of San Francesco d’Assisi is impressive with stained glass frescos and windows designed in Neoclassical-Baroque style.
  • Civitavecchia Beach: find amazing, clean sea and beautiful beach with yellow sand opposite the railway station, just some steps away of the seafront promenade. La Scaglia Necropolis: dating since the 6th and 5th Centuries BC, take a look at the underground works in a chilling atmosphere.
  • Civitavecchia’s Archaelogical Museum: the building was property of Pope Clemente XIII. It was made for the garrison of the pope and dates from the 18th century. There is Roman and Estrucan artifacts exhibition.

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Port Civitavecchia cruise ship schedule shows timetable calendars of all arrival and departure dates by month. The port's schedule lists all ships (in links) with cruises going to or leaving from Civitavecchia, Rome, Italy. To see the full itineraries (ports of call dates and arrival / departure times) and their lowest rates – just follow the corresponding ship-link.

Day Ships in port
1 November, 2017
MSC Fantasia(arriving at 09:00 - departing at 19:00)
2 November, 2017
Norwegian Spirit(arriving at 06:00)
ms Prinsendam(arriving at 07:00 - departing at 16:00)
Costa Magica(arriving at 09:00)
4 November, 2017
Crystal Symphony(departing at 18:00)
5 November, 2017
Thomson Majesty(arriving at 07:00 - departing at 19:00)
10 November, 2017
Viking Star(departing at 10 Nov)
ms Veendam(departing at 20:00)
12 November, 2017
Celebrity Constellation(departing at 17:00)
Norwegian Spirit(departing at 17:00)
Seven Seas Explorer(departing at 18:00)
14 November, 2017
Oceania Riviera(departing at 17:00)
15 November, 2017
Silver Spirit(departing at 18:00)
16 November, 2017
Costa Diadema(departing at 19:00)
18 November, 2017
Costa Pacifica(departing at 18:00)
20 November, 2017
AIDAperla(arriving at 08:00 - departing at 20:00)
MSC Meraviglia(departing at 18:00)
24 November, 2017
Costa Diadema(departing at 19:00)
MSC Orchestra(departing at 19:00)
25 November, 2017
Costa Pacifica(arriving at 08:00 - departing at 18:00)
Costa Mediterranea(departing at 19:00)
27 November, 2017
AIDAperla(arriving at 08:00 - departing at 20:00)
MSC Meraviglia(departing at 18:00)
30 November, 2017
Costa Deliziosa(departing at 18:00)
2017 November