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Budapest cruise port

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47.50185 N, 19.04195 E

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Budapest is a Danube River cruise port in Europe. Most operated are the Danube cruise itineraries from Budapest and Bucharest and the reverse from Bucharest to Budapest. The longest itineraries are from Holland - Amsterdam to Budapest, and the reverse. They include cruising on the rivers Danube, Main and Rhine.

Budapest is the Hungary's capital and largest city, as well as the country's commercial, industrial and transportation centre. It population is about 2 million. On November 17, 1873 it became a single city occupying both banks of Danube River, with the unification of Obuda, Buda and Pest.

The city of Budapest was originally a Celtic settlement. During the Roman Empire, it became the capital of Lower Pannonia. In the 9th century Hungarians arrived. Their first settlement was pillaged by the Mongols in 124–242. Next dark period was the Battle of Mohacs and the following 150 year Ottoman rule. Budapest became the second capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire (together with Vienna).

Among the city's landmarks are the Buda Castle Quarter, the Heroes' Square, the Millennium Underground Railway, its 80 geothermal springs (world's largest thermal water cave system), the Dohány Street Synagogue (world's 2nd largest), the Hungarian Parliament Building (world's 3rd largest). Each year, the city attracts around 4,4 million tourists, ranking it the world's 25th most popular and the Europe's 6th most popular city tour destination.

Highlights: St. Matthias church, Fisherman's Bastion, Gellert hill (Buda), Hero's Square, Parliament building (Pest)

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  1. September, 2016
Day Ships in port
10 September, 2016
Viking Gefjon(departing at 10 Sep)
11 September, 2016
Viking Ingvi(departing at 11 Sep)
12 September, 2016
Viking Bestla(departing at 12 Sep)
Scenic Jasper(arriving at 12 Sep - departing at 13 Sep)
13 September, 2016
Viking Skirnir(departing at 13 Sep)
Scenic Emerald(arriving at 13 Sep - departing at 14 Sep)
14 September, 2016
Scenic Emerald(departing at 14 Sep)
16 September, 2016
AmaViola(departing at 16 Sep)
17 September, 2016
Avalon Illumination(departing at 17 Sep)
Scenic Emerald(arriving at 17 Sep - departing at 18 Sep)
18 September, 2016
Viking Bragi(departing at 18 Sep)
ms La Boheme(departing at 08:00)
19 September, 2016
Viking Atla(departing at 19 Sep)
ms Beethoven(arriving at 01:00 - departing at 20 Sep)
21 September, 2016
Avalon Impression(departing at 21 Sep)
Viking Embla(arriving at 21 Sep)
Scenic Jewel(arriving at 21 Sep - departing at 22 Sep)
22 September, 2016
River Duchess(departing at 22 Sep)
Viking Aegir(arriving at 22 Sep)
23 September, 2016
Viking Aegir(departing at 23 Sep)
Viking Alsvin(arriving at 23 Sep)
Avalon Passion(arriving at 23 Sep - departing at 24 Sep)
ms L'Europe(arriving at 16:00)
24 September, 2016
Viking Var(departing at 24 Sep)
River Beatrice(arriving at 24 Sep)
25 September, 2016
Viking Alsvin(departing at 25 Sep)
ms L'Europe(departing at 21:00)
Avalon Vista(arriving at 25 Sep)
26 September, 2016
River Beatrice(departing at 26 Sep)
Avalon Expression(arriving at 26 Sep)
AmaVerde(arriving at 26 Sep - departing at 26 Sep)
ms Beethoven(arriving at 01:00 - departing at 27 Sep)
27 September, 2016
Avalon Vista(departing at 27 Sep)
Scenic Ruby(arriving at 27 Sep)
28 September, 2016
Avalon Expression(departing at 28 Sep)
Viking Egil(arriving at 28 Sep)
ms Vivaldi(arriving at 06:00 - departing at 23:00)
29 September, 2016
Scenic Ruby(departing at 29 Sep)
Avalon Illumination(arriving at 29 Sep - departing at 30 Sep)
30 September, 2016
Avalon Illumination(departing at 30 Sep)
Avalon Panorama(arriving at 30 Sep)
Scenic Emerald(arriving at 30 Sep - departing at 01 Oct)
20 September, 2016
River Duchess(arriving at 20 Sep - departing at 22 Sep)