Crystal Endeavor

Specifications of Crystal Endeavor

Year built2021 new ship
BuilderLloyd Werft (MV Werften Stralsund) Germany
Classice-strengthened expedition mega-yacht
Building costUSD 195 million (EUR 180 million)
Owner(GHK) Genting Hong Kong Ltd
OperatorCrystal Yacht Cruises
Speed22 kn / 41 kph / 25 mph
Length (LOA)183 m / 600 ft
Beam (width)25 m / 82 ft
Gross Tonnage19800 gt
Decks with cabins4
Christened bytba
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Crystal Endeavor Itineraries

DateItineraryDeparture PortPrice from
2021 Jan 06 22 days, one-way from Hobart to Lyttelton-Christchurch Hobart
2021 Jan 28 22 days, one-way from Lyttelton-Christchurch to Hobart Lyttelton-Christchurch
2021 Feb 19 17 days, one-way from Hobart to Lyttelton-Christchurch Hobart
2021 Mar 08 15 days, one-way from Lyttelton-Christchurch to Melbourne Lyttelton-Christchurch
2021 Mar 24 10 days, one-way from Melbourne to Fremantle Melbourne
2021 Apr 03 12 days, one-way from Fremantle to Singapore Fremantle
2021 Apr 16 15 days, one-way from Singapore to Hong Kong Singapore
2021 May 01 14 days, one-way from Hong Kong to Tokyo Hong Kong
2021 May 15 13 days, one-way from Tokyo to Kobe Tokyo $16543
2021 May 29 13 days, one-way from Kobe to Otaru Kobe $13957
2021 Jun 12 18 days, one-way from Otaru to Seward Otaru $18002
2021 Jun 30 12 days, one-way from Seward to Vancouver Seward $11415
2021 Jul 12 11 days, round-trip 11 Night Alaska and the Inside Passage Cruise Vancouver $10298
2021 Jul 23 12 days, one-way from Vancouver to Seward Vancouver $11416
2021 Aug 04 13 days, one-way from Seward to Anadyr Seward $14790
2021 Aug 18 28 days, one-way from Anadyr to Tromso Anadyr $50072
2021 Sep 15 12 days, one-way from Tromso to London-Greenwich Tromso $14398
2021 Sep 28 10 days, one-way from London-Greenwich to Lisbon London-Greenwich $11518
2021 Oct 09 18 days, one-way from Lisbon to Rio de Janeiro Lisbon $13718
2021 Oct 28 8 days, one-way from Rio de Janeiro to Buenos Aires Rio de Janeiro $8550
2021 Nov 06 11 days, one-way from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia Buenos Aires $9232
2021 Nov 18 11 days, round-trip 11 Night Expedition Antarctica Cruise Ushuaia $13566
2021 Nov 29 11 days, round-trip 11 Night Expedition Antarctica Cruise Ushuaia $15956
2021 Dec 10 11 days, round-trip 11 Night Expedition Antarctica Cruise Ushuaia $13724
2021 Dec 21 15 days, round-trip 15 Night Antarctic Holiday Expedition Cruise Ushuaia $21973
2022 Jan 05 11 days, round-trip 11 Night Expedition Antarctica Cruise Ushuaia $15614
2022 Jan 16 19 days, round-trip 19 Night Falklands South Georgia and Antarctica Wildlife Expedition Cruise Ushuaia $27818
2022 Feb 04 11 days, round-trip 11 Night Expedition Antarctica Cruise Ushuaia $15621
2022 Feb 15 14 days, round-trip 14 Night Beyond the Antarctic Circle Cruise Ushuaia $20505
2022 Mar 01 19 days, one-way from Ushuaia to Cape Town Ushuaia $13865
2022 Mar 21 14 days, one-way from Cape Town to Tema Harbour Cape Town
2022 Apr 06 9 days, one-way from Tema Harbour to Dakar Tema Harbour
2022 Apr 17 11 days, one-way from Dakar to Malaga Dakar $10355
2022 Apr 29 13 days, one-way from Malaga to Bordeaux Malaga $12993
2022 May 14 10 days, one-way from Bordeaux to London-Greenwich Bordeaux $11224
2022 May 25 13 days, one-way from London-Greenwich to Leith-Edinburgh London-Greenwich $12982
2022 Jun 08 13 days, one-way from Leith-Edinburgh to Longyearbyen Leith-Edinburgh $18539
2022 Jun 22 10 days, round-trip 11 Night Expedition Svalbard In Search of Polar Bears Cruise Longyearbyen $16104
2022 Jul 03 10 days, round-trip 11 Night Expedition Svalbard In Search of Polar Bears Cruise Longyearbyen $16354
2022 Jul 14 13 days, one-way from Longyearbyen to Reykjavik Longyearbyen $20497
2022 Jul 29 9 days, round-trip 10 Night Expedition Iceland Cruise Reykjavik $14640
2022 Aug 08 9 days, round-trip 10 Night Expedition Iceland Cruise Reykjavik $14647
2022 Aug 18 14 days, one-way from Reykjavik to Kangerlussuaq Reykjavik $23719
2022 Sep 02 14 days, one-way from Kangerlussuaq to Montreal Kangerlussuaq $20788
2022 Sep 16 14 days, one-way from Montreal to West Palm Beach Montreal $9854
2022 Sep 30 8 days, one-way from West Palm Beach to Panama City West Palm Beach $6256
2022 Oct 09 9 days, one-way from Panama City to Callao Panama City $6939
2022 Oct 19 12 days, one-way from Callao to Puerto Montt Callao $8293
2022 Nov 01 10 days, one-way from Puerto Montt to Ushuaia Puerto Montt $10060
2022 Nov 12 11 days, round-trip 11 Night Antarctic Expedition In Search of the Emperor Cruise Ushuaia $16844
2022 Nov 23 19 days, round-trip 19 Night Falklands South Georgia and Antarctica Wildlife Expedition Cruise Ushuaia $27338
2022 Dec 12 11 days, round-trip 11 Night Expedition Antarctica Cruise Ushuaia $14653
2022 Dec 23 15 days, round-trip 15 Night Holiday Expedition Falkland Islands and Antarctica Cruise Ushuaia $22447
2023 Jan 07 11 days, round-trip 11 Night Expedition Antarctica Cruise Ushuaia $16109
2023 Jan 18 19 days, round-trip 19 Night Falklands South Georgia and Antarctica Wildlife Expedition Cruise Ushuaia $28301

Crystal Endeavor Review

Review of Crystal Endeavor

Scheduled for inauguration in 2021, Crystal Endeavor cruise ship is a polar-class superyacht and Crystal Yacht Cruises' newest vessel - with fleetmate Crystal Esprit (1991-built). Endeavor is the world's first purpose-built cruise yacht with P6 (polar-class) hull designation.

History - construction and ownership

One of the top-luxury passenger shipping companies, Crystal Cruises operates both ocean and river cruises on premium liners and newbuild riverboats with all-inclusive travel package deals. Company's ships are top-ranked in numerous categories, offer intimate cruising experience, 5-star hotel amenities, superior service. The company was founded in 1988 as a subsidiary of the Japanese NYK Line (Nippon Yusen Kaisha) - one of world's largest container shipping companies. In 2015, NYK Line sold Crystal Cruises to Genting Hong Kong (GHK). Following the acquisition, the company was renamed to Crystal Ltd. It currently includes the brands Crystal Cruises (ocean-going ships), Crystal River Cruises (European riverboats), Crystal Yacht Cruises (mega-yachts), Crystal Luxury Air (aircraft) and Crystal AirCruises (fly-cruise deals).

The 200-passenger polar cruise ship is operated by Crystal Yacht Cruises - a division of Crystal Cruises Inc (USA), while the shipowner is Genting International Plc (Malaysia, subsidiary of Genting Hong Kong Ltd).

Crystal Endeavor cruise ship

The superyacht has its own underwater ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle), which is equipment extensively used in the offshore industry. On polar itineraries, the ROV is used for exploring sunken objects, including vessels (warships, galleons, passenger ships). The vessel (MV Werften hull number 124) has DWT (deadweight tonnage) 2025 tons, GT tonnage (volume) 19800 tons, draught 6 m (20 ft), 4x diesel engines (4-stroke).

Cruise itinerary program

Crystal Endeavor itinerary program includes as destinations Europe's and the Canadian Arctic and Antarctica (during winter), the Americas, Europe, Pacific and Atlantic islands, Russian Far East (including Kuril Islands), Australia New Zealand. Itineraries as length range between 12-22 days. Tropical wildlands are also included as the cruise yacht seasonally repositions to warm destinations. The list of inaugural cruises includes 12 unique itineraries, of which 3 are Japan-based (roundtrips from homeport Tokyo).

  • (2020 August 10, Tokyo roundtrip) 17-day "Russian Far East Maiden Expedition" visits Hakodate, Rishiri, Wakkanai, Russian Far East (Korsakov, Tyuleny Island, Yankicha Island, Srednego Island, Paramushir Island, Atlasov Island, Russky Island, Korsakov (Sakhalin Island) and back to Japan (Otara, Tokyo).
  • (2020 August 27, Tokyo roundtrip) 17-day "Japan’s Cultural and Coastal Discovery" to Muroran, Hakodate, Ryotsu, Ogi, Kanazawa, Sakaiminato, Pohang, Hamada, Sazaki, Miyajima, Hiroshima, Takamatsu, Kobe, Hamajima, Shimizu.
  • (2020 September 13, from Tokyo to Taipei Taiwan) 16-day repositioning cruise visits Shingu, Osaka, Himeji, Tamano, Uwajima, Kagoshima, Anbo, Amami, Yoronjima, Motobu, Naha, Kerama, Shotu Islands, Iriomote Island, Ishigaki Island, Taipei (debarkation).
  • (September 29, 2020) "Philippines, Borneo and Indonesia Quest", 16-day from Taipei to Bali
  • (October 15, 2020) "Indonesian Immersive and The Great Barrier Reef", 16-day relocation from Asia to Australia (from Bali to Cairns Queensland)
  • (October 31, 2020) "Australian Offshore and The Great Barrier Reef", 14-day from Cairns to Sydney NSW
  • (November 4, 2020) "Tasmania and The Fjords of New Zealand", 14-day from Sydney to Christchurch New Zealand
  • (November 28, 2020) "New Zealand Immersion", 12-day from Christchurch to Auckland NZ
  • (December 10, 2020) "The Remote Coasts of New Zealand", 12-day from Auckland to Christchurch
  • (December 22, 2020) "Holiday Expedition to New Zealand and Australia", 15-day from Christchurch to Tasmania
  • (January 6, 2021) "Antarctica and The Ross Sea Expedition", 22-day from Hobart Tasmania to Christchurch
  • (January 28, 2021) "Antarctica and The Ross Sea Expedition", 22-day from Christchurch to Hobart.
  • Liner's complete 2021 schedule was officially opened for booking on March 13, 2019. Voyages rage between 10-28 days and visit destinations throughout Antarctica, Russia's Far East, Aleutian Islands, Alaska, Japan, China, Indonesia, Indian Ocean Islands, Australia New Zealand, Europe (including Norway Fjords, UK, Canary Islands), South America.

Crystal Endeavor cruises (inaugural season August 2020 - January 2021) were opened for booking in late-August 2018. Fares started from USD 12,750 per person.

In mid-February 2019 was announced a unique Arctic cruise itinerary route - from Anadyr Russia to Tromso Norway. Departing August 18, 2021, the 28-day "Northeast Passage" expedition visits some of the world's most remote islands and archipelagos in the Russian Arctic. Itinerary's most-unusual destinations include Franz Josef Land, Wrangel Island, New Siberian Islands, Severnaya Zemlya. The voyage also visits Murmansk and several other Russian Federation territories such as Novaya Zemlya and Solovetsky Island. Along with this route, Crystal Endeavor cruises through the Arctic Ocean and passing East Siberian Sea, White Sea, Barents Sea, Laptev Sea, with numerous opportunities for zodiac landings (depending on sea/weather conditions). Cruise deals are inclusive of a 1-night pre-cruise hotel in Anchorage Alaska and flight transfer to Anadyr. Bookings opened on February 20 (Crystal Society members) and March 13 (general customers). Prices started from USD 44,360 pp.

All 2021 cruises were opened for bookings in mid-March 2019. The itineraries range between 10-28 days and include Russian Far East, Antarctica, Alaska, Aleutian Islands, Atlantic and Indian oceans, Japan, Indonesia, Norway, UK, Western Europe, Canary Islands, Australia New Zealand, Tasmania, South America. Prices started from USD 9550 pp, with up to USD 10,000 savings per suite offered on bookings made by April 30, 2019.

Cruise yacht's 2022 itinerary program was opened for booking on November 13 (2019) with prices from USD 6,300 pp. It offers 28 cruises (9 to 19 nights in length) with ~2/3 of these advertized as “Remote Expeditions” to Antarctica, Arctic, Svalbard Norway, Greenland, Iceland, Falkland Islands, Chilean Patagonia (fjords and glaciers). Of the remaining voyages, the “Cultural Discovery” group are themed on the region's history, traditions and people, while “Destination Exploration” highlight the destination's nature. These itineraries visit Ivory Coast (Cote d'Ivoire, West Africa), Western Europe (and British Isles), Panama Canal, Caribbean.


The ship carries 200 passengers in 100 suites, ranging from 400 ft2 (Deluxe) to 3120 ft2 (Owner). Each of the two Owner's Suites offers 150 m2 interior space plus the most generous 150 m2 balcony. These can be connected to Penthouse for combined footage of 3930 ft2 (365 m2). Suite passengers can relax in a private conservatory, in-cabin spa and gym with steam room, sauna, and private treatment room, indoor and outdoor Jacuzzi, in addition to vast living space (inside and out).

Shipboard dining options - Food and Drinks

Crystal Endeavor offers six dining venues, including the main dining room, outdoor cafe, self-serve snack spot, grill, and 24-hour room service. Crystal Endeavor's dining experience remains true to the standard of world-class cuisine and diverse menus offered on all Crystal River, Ocean and Yacht vessels, with all-inclusive dining, premium spirits and fine wines offered throughout.

Specialty restaurants onboard include Umi Uma, serving sushi and specialties by Master Chef Nobu Matsuhisa, and Prego, which offers traditional Italian fare, and hosts cruise company's "Vintage Room" winemaker dinners. Additionally, Crystal Endeavor features the elegant main dining room, Waterside, Asian-inspired Silk Kitchen & Bar, situated in the 2-story solarium during the evenings, and European-inspired Bistro Cafe, which offers full-service breakfast and lunch and is a go-to spot for teas and freshly brewed espresso.

Follows the complete list of Crystal Endeavor restaurants and food bars.

  • The Pantry (buffet restaurant, open 24 hours, operates as a self-service bistro and offers specialty teas and coffees, wine bar, light food)
  • Waterside (main dining room)
  • Silk Kitchen & Bar (Asian)
  • Bistro Cafe (European-inspired, offers full-service breakfast and lunch)
  • Compass Room (wine bar, specialty dining venue, reservation-only)
  • Yacht Club Restaurant (Main Dining Room for waiter-served Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner with "Modern Tasting" and "Classic" menus, offers contemporary and traditional gourmet specialties, food is prepared with local fresh ingredients)
  • Patio Cafe (Yacht Club's outdoor extension/alternative restaurant, features light food menu choices, offers waiter-served Breakfast and Lunch)
  • The Grill (fast-food alternative dining venue)
  • Umi Uma (sushi and specialties by Nobu Matsuhisa)
  • Prego (traditional Italian fare)
  • Sunset Bar (casual eatery/outdoor bar).

Shipboard entertainment options - Fun and Sport

Crystal Endeavor offers personalized services along with 1:1 crew-to-guest ratio. This ultra-luxury yacht has its own fleet of 8 electric amphibious zodiacs, 2 submarines (7-person mini-subs), 2 helicopters (for flight tours) and 2 landing pads (helipads). The ship provides complimentary jet skis, sea kayaks, wave runners, paddle boards, fishing facilities, snorkeling-scuba diving equipment, recompression chamber, multi-person ATVs. Passengers can also experience a ride on Endeavour's SEABOB, the most technically advanced underwater scooter in the world.

The vessel is the world's first purpose-built "Polar Code" compliant yacht which enables it to cruise in polar regions (Arctic and Antarctica) during summer and autumn months in medium ice conditions (first-year ice packs).

Crystal Endeavor yacht cruise ship

The cruise vessel is fitted with top-notch dynamic positioning technology and computer-controlled systems (DPS - dynamic positioning system) in order to automatically maintain its position using its own propulsion units (thrusters and propellers), even in adverse weather conditions. This allows the yacht to float above coral reefs without the need to drop anchors, which could damage the seabed.

At Palm Court Lounge are offered afternoon tea service, dancing, specialty cocktails, onboard enrichment lectures, media presentations, classes, evening entertainment. Other social spaces include the only Casino Lounge on an expedition yacht, Connoisseur Club (cigar/smoking lounge) Crystal Cove where guests gather for guest speakers, pre-dinner drinks and late-night entertainment.

Enrichment venues include the Library, Captain's Lounge, Expedition Lounge, and Helicopter Lounge. The Promenade stretches from Crystal Cove to the Waterside and is a more intimate spot to enjoy cocktails and spectacular views. Crystal's onboard boutique shops, Apropos, and Facets provide designer and fine jewelry shopping.

Wellness options include a fully-equipped fitness center. The dedicated "Crystal Life Spa and Salon" wellness complex covers an area of 930 m2 (10,000 ft2) and has gym room, full-service spa with 3 treatment rooms, unisex steam rooms and saunas, jacuzzis, relaxation room, and full-service salon services. The 2-story solarium pool deck is enclosed under the glass-domed roof. The expansive mud rooms accommodate preparation for the adventures of the day and offer cleaning of equipment and boots upon return from a day full of exploration.


Follows the complete list of Crystal Endeavor lounges, clubs and other entertainment venues for kids, teens, and adults.

  • Palm Court (with 270-degree panoramic views providing wildlife watching)
  • Connoisseur Club cigar lounge
  • Crystal Cove
  • The Library, Captain's Lounge, Expedition Lounge, Helicopter Lounge
  • Spa and Conservatory (10,000 ft2 area providing full-service spa, salon, wellness center, jacuzzis, and Crystal Life Fitness for spinning, yoga, pilates, and personal training)
  • Infinity pool (with a base that can be lifted to convert it into alfresco dining area/dance floor)
  • Theatre (200 seats)
  • Lecture rooms, Cinema, Card Room, Casino
  • Computer Centre.

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    Crystal Endeavor Wiki

    On January 15, 2018, was the vessel's steel-cutting ceremony held at MV Werften shipyard (Stralsund, Germany). The special event was attended by Tan Sri Lim Kok Thay (GHK's Chairman and CEO), Tom Wolber (Crystal Cruises' President and CEO), Harry Glawe (Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania’s Economics Minister), Alexander Badrow (Stralsund Mayor), Jarmo Laakso (shipyard's CEO).

    On August 21, 2018, was held vessel's keel-laying ceremony, attended by Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel.


    Vessel's launch (float-out from drydock) was on December 23, 2019, with planned delivery to Crystal Cruises Inc (USA) and shipowner Genting International Plc (Malaysia) on June 30, 2020. Ship's Captain (Master) is Thomas Larsen. The inaugural cruise season starts on August 10, 2020, from Tokyo Japan.


    This is the world's first newbuild mega-yacht designed as a polar-class P6 passenger ship. Its name honours HMS Endeavor - British Royal Navy sail ship used by James Cook (1728-1779) on his first Pacific Ocean voyage (1769-1771) to Terra Australis Incognita / Australia New Zealand, reaching Australia (Botany Bay) in April 1770.

    In late-December 2019, the shipowner GHK put Crystal Endeavor on sale (sale-and-leaseback) for EUR 350 million (~USD 390 million), with interest rate 7%. Soon GHK announced that the new ship will be sold to SNC ENDEAVOR LEASING (Societe en Nom Collectif ENDEAVOR LEASING), which is a 2019-founded French joint venture owned by CAFI HESTER and DOUMER FINANCE. Both companies are part of Credit Agricole Group - Montrouge France-based French bank cooperative, currently ranked world's largest cooperative financial institution (reported revenue ~EUR 30,43 billion / ~USD 34 billion for FY2016).

    Within 5 days after the acquisition deal is signed, SNC ENDEAVOR LEASING will pay GHK EUR 280 million, while the remaining balance will be paid upon vessel's delivery from the shipbuilder Lloyd Werft (part of MV Werften). For Crystal Endeavor, GHK also signed two agreements - bareboat charter (for chartering the yacht) and share purchase (future option to acquire the vessel after the lease expires). In late-September 2019, GHK sold Genting Dream (2016-built liner) via sale-and-leaseback deal. The liner was sold for USD 900 million (~EUR 805 million) or 80% of its market value (USD 1,18 billion). The liner was immediately bareboat chartered (leased back to GHK) for 12 years and will be purchased back by GHK in 2031.

    In early-April 2020, were cancelled the first 6 scheduled for Crystal Endeavor itineraries due to postponed delivery. The delay was a result of the temporary shutdown of the shipbuilding yard (Lloyd Werft) due to the global Coronavirus pandemic. The cancelled cruises included the maiden voyage (Aug 10), which was rescheduled for Nov 14. In early-June 2020, Crystal Yacht Cruises cancelled the remainder of Crystal Endeavor's 2020 program. The decision was based on international travel restrictions, including Australia's and New Zealand's bans for cruise ships. For more information see the ship's CruiseMinus page.

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