Carnival Cruise Line Ships

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List of Carnival Cruise Lines ships - the Fun Ships names, age and sizes comparison, classes, details (specs & stats) - all is collected in one place - our new survey. If you're interested in how big is a Carnival cruise ship, here you'll find detailed specifications and statistics of all Carnival cruise ships - year built, cost to build, weight, dimensions (length, width), capacity, speed, registry (flags). Integrated with largest newest shipsCarnival Group (cruise brands)Carnival cruise information, tips and tricks and largest cruise companies.

Carnival cruise line ships

What are Carnival Fun Ships?

All Carnival cruise ships names have the prefix "Carnival", they are also referred to as "Carnival Fun Ships", and there's a very big reason for all that. The first Carnival ship (though a second-hand vessel) was quickly renamed "Mardi Gras" - there you have another big reason.

Carnival Fun Ships

Why all Carnival ships names feature the word "Carnival"? If you read to definition for the word "carnival" at Wikipedia, you'll find synonym words like festive, holiday, celebration, parade, party, fun. And the season and reason for this special human festivity is the time of new beginning - when Winter meets Spring. And all this tells you exactly what? We're living in a glorious time made of free choices by free-minded individuals seeking the limits of their imagination, special life experiences and the endless opportunities to incorporate in life their talents, interests, ideas, dreams, all that's sacred and special to them.All connected, almost as one. This is the best time to be - right in the middle between the empty-shell morals of the distant past, the absurdity of the recent past, the free now, the near future of reason and the magical distant future times. This is the time when Carnival happens - for a reason. Because this is the time for you to be Fun!

Carnival cruise lines ships are feature corporate products of the ever growing cruise ship travel industry, generating huge profits simply by making their customers happy. The Carnival Cruises ships are the best symbol of the current humanity - people making money to spend money, people spending money to have fun. All pertaining to the Carnival Lines ships has the aura of happiness and fun by high-energy "cool" activities, top-notch entertainment (both as venues and programs), using the latest innovations and technologies, unique facilities, offering spacious cruise accommodations and public areas, comfort and good vibrations provided by a professional and most amicable staff and crew of young people trying their best to turn your Carnival voyages into memories worthy of being kept forever. And all that works - once a Carnival fan, always a fun fan!

I won't be sugarcoating CCL and their ships anymore, simply because all of you interested in the subject know the truth better - as a first hand experience, as a real deal. CCL is the line that sells "carnival deals" for a real-time all-year-round Carnival at Sea!

The Carnival "Fun Ships" video

Soon all Carnival ships names will be linked each to its own review article about life on board and fun facts. Until then, for more "real time" information - check the ship-links from the table below for a detailed review of the ship's current itinerary and schedule (sailing calendar, all departure dates with indicative prices). And before the list of all Carnival cruise ships names, here's a group of related to the Fun Ships articles:

all Carnival cruise ships names age year built cost capacity flags

  • the closely integrated Carnival Cruise Ship (a future hub article about all the rest, including cabins, dining and entertainment, prices, ships reviews, etc.)
  • Carnival Cruise Ships Jobs (about what is like to be working on Carnival ships, and real job opportunities).
  • Carnival cruise news - latest updates, itinerary changes, incidents/accidents, Carnival Corp reports (with additional links).
  • Carnival cruise ships itineraries & schedules - sailing calendar with all departure dates, destinations, itinerary changes reviews, departure ports.

Carnival Cruise Lines ships of the old times - all former Carnival ships

Note: in brackets - the years they sailed for CCL.

Carnival cruise lines ships classes review

  • MARDI GRAS (1972-1993), the first Carnival cruise ship ever, an ocean liner built in 1961 as "Empress of Canada", scrapped 2003, weight 27,300, passengers 1,240, former names Olympic, Star of Texas, Lucky Star, Apollo, Apollon.
  • CARNIVALE (1975-1994), an ocean liner built in 1956 as "Empress of Britain", scrapped 2008, weight 25,500, passengers 1,124, former names Queen Anna Maria, Fiesta Marina, The Topaz.
  • FESTIVALE (1977-1996), an ocean liner built in 1962 as "Transvaal Castle", scrapped 2003, weight 32,700, passengers 726, former names SA Vaal, Island Breeze, Big Red Boat III.
  • ms TROPICALE (1982-2001), built 1982, tonnage 36,700 GT, the first newly built Carnival ship. Names after its Carnival service - Costa Tropicale, ms Pacific Star, and since 2008 - ms Ocean Dream.
  • ms JUBILEE (1986-2004), built 1986, weight 47,300 GT, passengers 1,490 (max 1,900), sold to P&O Australia in 2004 to become ms Pacific Sun, sold in 2012 to a small Chinese operator to become a gambling ship.
  • ms CELEBRATION (1987-2008, now ms Grand Celebration), built in Sweden, weight 47,300, passengers 1,490 (max 1,900), transferred to the Carnival's Spanish brand iberoCruceros.
  • ms HOLIDAY (1985-2009, now ms Grand Holiday), built in Denmark, weight 46,000, passengers 1,450 (max 1,800), transferred to iberoCruceros.

Carnival Cruise Lines ships comparison by age (newest to oldest), sizes, classes, capacity, cost, flags, speed

Carnival cruise ships sizes comparison

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  • Ship links are also part of our new "Carnival Tracker" idea of showing the AIS ship position (current location at sea).
Carnival ships names, ordered by class (high to low) year built (age)-builder (newest to oldest)registry-flags (Flag State) cost to build (in millions of USD) Weight (Gross-Tonnage) sizes comparison-length overall & width in ft (m) speed (in mph (kmph) passenger capacity (normal - max), 5-star ship ratings
(newest vessels / Vista-class ships) - Vista, Horizon, Panorama Panama $800mill 133,500 1055 (322) - 122 (37,2) 26 (42) 3954 - 4683
 Carnival DREAM class ships (all by Fincantieri (Monfalcone) Italy, all registered in Panama $740mill 130,000 1004 (306) - 122 (37,2) 26 (42) .
Carnival BREEZE 2012 (1) - - - - 3690 - 4676
Carnival MAGIC 2011 (2) - - - - 3690 - 4676
Carnival DREAM 2009 (4) - - - - 3646 - 4631
Carnival SPIRIT class ships (all built in Kvaerner Masa-Yards/Turku, Finland, registered Panama $375mill 88,500 959,6 (292,2) - 105,6 (32,2) 25 (41) 2124 - 2680
Carnival MIRACLE 2004 (9) - -
Carnival LEGEND 2002 (11) - -
Carnival PRIDE 2001 (12) - -
Carnival SPIRIT 2001 (12)  - -
CONCORDIA class Carnival SPLENDOR (built 2008 by Fincantieri/Sestri Ponente (Genoa), registered Panama $700mill 113,300 951,4 (290,2) - 116,4 (335,5) 24 (39) 3006 - 3660
Carnival CONQUEST class ships (all built by Fincantieri (diff yards), registered Panama $500mill 110,000 951,4 (290,2) - 116,4 (35,5) 26 (42) 2974 - 3630
Carnival FREEDOM 2007 (6)-Marghera (Venice) -
Carnival LIBERTY 2005 (8)-Monfalcone (Gorizia) -
Carnival VALOR 2004 (9)-Monfalcone -
Carnival GLORY 2003 (10)-Marghera -
Carnival CONQUEST 2002 (11)-Monfalcone -
Carnival TRIUMPH class cruise ships (a modified Destiny-class, built in the Monfalcone yards) $420 101,509 272,8 - 116 26 (42) 2758 - 3330
Carnival VICTORY 2000 (13)(Panama) - - - - -
Carnival TRIUMPH 1999 (14)(Bahamas) - - - - -

(Monfalcone yards), registered in Bahamas

  • 1996
  • refit 2013
  • $410mill
  • $155mill
  • 101,353
  • 102,853
892,3 (272,2) - 116 (35,5) 26 (42)
  • 2642 - 3195
  • 3006-3640
(the oldest) Carnival FANTASY class ships (all built by Kvaerner Masa-Yards/Turku, Finland) - 70,367 855 (260,8) - 103 (31,5) 24 (39) 2056 - 2630
Carnival PARADISE 1998 (15)(Panama) $300mill -.
Carnival ELATION 1998 (15)(Panama) $250mill
Carnival INSPIRATION 1996 (17)(Bahamas) $270mill
Carnival IMAGINATION 1995 (18)(Bahamas) $330mill
Carnival FASCINATION 1994 (19)(Bahamas) $250mill
Carnival SENSATION 1993 (20)(Bahamas) $250mill
Carnival ECSTASY 1991 (22)(Panama) $320mill
the oldest Carnival cruise ship Carnival FANTASY 1990 (23)(Panama) $250mill

Carnival cruise ship Carnival Magic virtual tour

"Carnival Cruise Fun Ships" signifies "best-fun vacation" experiences, always the industry's lowest rates, irresistible discounts, the Early Saver "onboard bonus credit" frenzy, a large fleet of vacation ships from big to biggest in size. "Carnival Cruise Ships" also means numerous and most convenient departures from the biggest US ports, the most popular itineraries and the best cruise travel vacation regions of the world.