Carnival Cruise Cabins

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Find here information on Carnival cruise rooms sizes, categories, amenities, cabin layouts (floor plans with furniture details). Learn also about the Carnival cruise suites and why booking suites on Carnival Cruise Lines ships is a good-deal for a most affordable sea travel vacation. The rule says "bigger is better", and with the Carnival cruise suites - bigger could be even cheaper.

Carnival Cruise Lines family staterooms are mainly connecting cabins (sharing a connecting inside door). The newest Carnival ships additionally offer grades of "Carnival Cloud 9 Spa" cabins and suites. Older ships in the fleet have grades of "Spa Carnival" staterooms (including suites, balcony and oceanview) in their S-grades accommodations for up to 5 guests.

Carnival Cruise Rooms

Carnival cruise ship staterooms are one of the major factors tipping the scale when considering booking both comfortable and affordable cruise travel deals. The Carnival fleet's "Fun Ships" are either new (recently built) or extensively refurbished (some even totally refitted) by the line's new Fun Ship 2 0 program. This a revolutionary multimillion dollar program for ship renovations and amenities enhancements. It adds new onboard facilities, even new cabins and venues, entertainment programs, new signature amenities, the WaterWorks park with the Twister slide, the outdoor Seaside Theater, specialty restaurants, Camp Carnival (renamed in 2015 to "Camp Ocean") kids program, the "Carnival Comfort Bed Sleep System" (custom-made mattresses and luxury bedding).

The cheap Carnival cruise suite deals are among the best choices for a "signature fun" Carnival all-inclusive vacation. Carnival ships' Interior staterooms are a top choice among the most spacious and cheap accommodations on cruise ships.

It is widely acknowledged that Carnival cruise accommodations are often cheapest cheap. But with their low prices also come coziness, comfort, private bathrooms, quality amenities, enough storage space for suitcases and clothing.

Carnival cabins types and sizes

  • "Small Interior" is the lowest cabin category, with 2 bunk beds - pretty spartan, but comfy, and cheapest.
  • "Interior" generally means "no-windows", good size, decent, and cheap enough.
  • "Ocean-view" has at least a porthole window (or 2 picture windows) to see the ports, and the coast line.
  • "Balcony" (Cove, Extended, and Premium) means style, intimate sunsets, a glass of wine, and the love-light of your life.
  • "Sute"- stylish luxury, VIP experiences, butler service, complimentary everything (almost).
  • Carnival Grand Suite Deals - simply the best luxury a Carnival ship has to offer - for all the "grand fans" of the Fun Line.
  • Even the standard cabins are of a good size, well equipped, jolly decorated. The Carnival ships feature 60-80% balconied staterooms, 13+ categories (20 max) and offer 22-25 wheelchair-accessible cabins on each vessel to accommodate guests with disabilities.

The smallest among Carnival Cruise Lines rooms is the Small Interior category (1A) with almost 160 sq ft (15 sq m). The following table shows Carnival cruise cabins sizes (in both ft2 and m2) by stateroom category.

Carnival Stateroom categories index Cabin Size
(sq ft / m2)
Small Interior / 1A 158 / 14,7 carnival cruise Small Interior cabin review
Interior / 4A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-J-K 185 / 17 -
Cloud 9 Spa Inside cabin/ 4S (2 guests, some 3 & 4) 185 / 17 -
Porthole (PT) / 5A 220 / 20,4 -
Ocean-view (6A-B-C), Deluxe Ocean-view (6L-M-N) 217 / 20,1 -
Family Stateroom / 6E 185 / 17 -
Cove Balcony / 7C / Dream-class, on Deck 2 (4 beds) 185 / 17
balcony 45 / 4,1
carnival cruise Cove Balcony cabin review
Balcony / 8A-B-C-D-E-F-M-N 185 / 17
balcony 35 / 3,2
Premium Balcony / 9B-C 230 / 21,4
balcony 75 / 6,9
Cloud 9 Spa Balcony stateroom / 8T 8S (2 guests, some 3) same as 9B-C -
(Junior) Suite /JS 275 / 25,5
balcony 65 / 6
Ocean Suite / OS, SS / OB (Obstructed) on Fantasy-class 275 / 25,5
balcony 65 / 6
Cloud 9 Spa Suite / SS (2 guests) same as SS -
Grand Suite (Penthouse) / GS 345 / 32
balcony 85 / 7,8
carnival cruise Grand Suite review pictures photos
Captain's Suite / CS, Conquest-class, on Deck 9 (4 beds) 507 / 47,1
balcony 255 / 23,7

Carnival cabins categories

The table below shows Carnival cruise ship cabins classification by type, also deck location, amenities and stateroom layouts.

Category Name Index Deck Position Concise Information on Carnival Cruise Lines Accommodations, cabin layouts
common features - -
  • Min 2 beds per cabin (double occupancy), the exclusive "Carnival Comfort Bed Sleep System" - highest quality mattress sets, standard and king size pillows, premium cotton pillow cases and shams, deluxe sheet sets.
  • Well equipped and appealingly decorated cabins, flat TV, phone, individual air-conditioning, personal safe, mini-bar, sitting area,, full private bath with shower, complimentary bathroom amenities (disposable razors, toothpaste, soap, deodorant), hair dryer, terry bathrobes, cotton towels.
  • With the exception of "small interior", all have twin beds (converting to king or queen), some are equipped with additional single /double convertible sofa bed and/or upper bunk beds (a 3rd and 4rth person option).
  • Complimentary 24-hr room service.
SPA ship staterooms 4S-6S-8P-8S-SS only on Spa Deck 11 Carnival Spa and Cloud 9 Spa amenities - priority spa-reservations, unlimited pass to the Thermal Suite and the Thalassotherapy Pool, 2 free of charge fitness classes, spa bathrobes and slippers, upgraded bath amenities. The above listed amenities are per cabin (applicable only to first and second guests).
Small Interior 1A 1-2-6-7-8-9-11 Upper and lower bunks, up to 4 persons.
Interior 4A-B-C-D-E-F-H 1-2-6-7-8-9-10 a sitting area with chair and coffee table, max 4 persons.
Cloud 9 Spa Interior 4S Spa-deck 11 3 closets, a vanity desk, spa amenities, max 4 guests.
Picture Window 4J Lido-6-7-9 a picture window, max 4.
Port Hole PT 1-2 2 port-hole windows, max 3 guests.
Ocean View 6A-B-C 1-2 (Picture Window), max 3. The Carnival Family cabins in 6E on Dream-class accommodate up to 5 persons.
Deluxe Ocean View 6L-M-N 1-2 a separate washroom, up to 5 guests.
Cloud 9 Spa Ocean View 6S Spa-deck 11 a picture window, spa amenities, max 5.
Cove Balcony 7C 2 located very close to the waterline, with a private balcony (sliding doors), patio chairs and a table, max 4 guests.
Balcony 8A-B-C-D-E-F-G Lido-6-7-8-9-11 some with obstructed view, depending on deck and location, up to 4 guests.
Extended Balcony 8M-N 6-7-8-9 a larger balcony, best deck positions, max 3 persons.
Cloud 9 Spa Balcony 8P-S Spa-deck 11 spa amenities, up to 5 guests.
Premium Balcony 9B-C 6-7-8 wrap around balcony (the aft corners), max 4 guests.
(Junior) Suite JS 9
  • 275 sq-ft (26 m2), large balcony, sitting area with armchair and coffee table, sofa, dressing area with vanity, 2 large closets, wall safe, refrigerator, mini bar, bath with double sinks and whirlpool tub.
  • Carnival Suite accommodations also means 24-hr butler service, priority embarkation-disembarkation and tender services (luggage delivery), and the dining "upgrades" - welcome champagne and chocolates, daily served canapes, complimentary club (specialty) dining.

Ocean Suite OS-OB 7 the most cheap suites deals, huge balcony (65-110 sq-ft - 6-10 m2), walk-in closet, VIP check-in, bath with a whirlpool tub and double sinks, up to 4 "very important persons". Cat OB (Obstructed) - only on Fantasy-class ships.
Cloud 9 Spa Suite SS Spa-deck 11 spa-amenities for top luxury accommodations.
Grand Suite GS 7 the most spacious accommodations (345 sq-ft - 32 m2), with the largest balconies (85 sq-ft - 7,8 m2), separate dressing area with vanity and chair, walk-in closet with vanity, sitting area with 2-armchairs, sofa and coffee table, double sofa bed, up to 4 guests.
Captain's Suite CS 9 On Conquest-class ships. An extravagance of 507 sq ft (47 m2), and 255 (23,7) in balcony. A separate bedroom of 221 sq ft (20,5 m2), living area 291 sq ft (27 m2), double sofa, one Pullman.

Carnival cabins total number by vessel class.

Carnival Ships Names by Class (high to low) Total Cabins Balcony Ocean-View Inside Suites WheelchairAccessible
DREAM class ships - Breeze (2012), Magic (2011), Dream (2009) 1,823 887 258 678 52 25
SPIRIT class ships - Miracle (2004), Legend (2002), Pride (2002), Spirit (2001) 1,057 677 167 213 49 16
CONCORDIA class - Splendor (2008) 1,503 590 348 565 52 25
SUNSHINE-class - Carnival Sunshine (2013, Destiny ship refitted) 1,503 509 479 515 48 25
CONQUEST class ships - Freedom (2007), Liberty (2005), Valor (2004), Glory (2003), Conquest (2002) 1,484 552 365 576 52 25
TRIUMPH class ships - Victory (2000), Triumph (1999) 1,379 508 345 526 50 25
DESTINY class - Destiny (1996) 1,321 418 388 515 48 26
FANTASY class ships - Paradise (1998), Elation (1998), Inspiration (1996), Imagination (1995), Fascination (1994), Sensation (1993), Ecstasy (1991), Fantasy (1990). 1,028 54 566 408 54 22.

Carnival cruise rooms deck location

"Fun Ships" listed by vessel class
(high to low class)
(2 beds)
(4 beds)
(4 beds)
Family Cabins
(5 beds)
(4 beds)
Spa & Premium
Breeze, Magic, Dream 1-2-6-8-9-11 1-2-6-7-8-9-10 1-2 2-11, cat. 4S, 6E, 6S 6-7-8-9-10-11 6-7-8
(4 beds)
(4 beds)
(4 beds)
Miracle, Legend, Pride, Spirit - 1-4-5-6-7 1 2, cat. 6E 4-5-6-7-8 5-6-7-8
(3 beds)
(4 beds)
Splendor 1-2-6-7-8-10 (2b) 1-2-6-7-8-9-10 1-2 10, cat. SS, 6S, 8S 6-7-8-9-10 6-7-8
(3 beds)
(4 beds)
(4 beds)
Sunshine 1-2-5-6 1-2-3-5-6 1-2-3-9 tba 5-6-7-8-10-11-12 5-6-7-8-10-12 7 7-10
(2 beds)
Freedom, Liberty, Valor, Glory, Conquest 1-2-6-7-8 1-2-6-7-8-9-10 1-2-11 11 6-7-8-9-10 6-7-8
(3 beds)
(3 beds)
(4 beds)
Victory, Triumph 1-2-6-7-8 1-2-6-7-8-9-10 1-2 11 6-7-8-9-10 6-7-8
(3 beds)
(3 beds)
(4 beds)
Destiny 1-2-6 1-2-6-7-8-9 1-2 connecting cabins, deck 2 6-7-8-9-10 6-7-8
(4 beds)
(2 beds)
(2 beds)
Paradise, Elation, Inspiration, Imagination, Fascination, Sensation, Ecstasy, Fantasy 1-3-4 1-2-3-4-8 1-2-3-4 connecting cabins, deck 1 2-3-4 - 8
(3 beds)
(4 beds).

Carnival Cruise Suites

Booking Carnival suite and penthouse categories means getting the best of the best "Fun Ship" cruise accommodations your ship can offer. Carnival suites are also traditionally for this line affordably cheap. Among the grades are family suites - a perfect choice for families of 4-5-6 members for less than the price of two connecting cabins.

Still, Carnival cruise suite prices, inclusions and amenities perks are what makes these ship accommodations so attractive deals. Carnival suites are an all-inclusive deal. These staterooms are with the best location (noise is never an issue), and suite passengers are considered VIP. Suite guests enjoy as a bonus amenity top-quality concierge services. Carnival suite accommodations boast some of the largest private balconies at sea (up to 255 ft2 / 24 m2), a separate sitting area, a whirlpool bath and separate shower in bathrooms, large walk-in closet, large vanity desk, 2 lower beds that convert to a king-size. Some of the largest suites at sea, the Carnival Grand Suite boast 345 ft2 (32 m2, balcony excluded). The Carnival Owners Suite (aka Captain's Suite) on newest ships is 507 ft2 (47 m2). Category 11 suites measure 340 ft2 (32 m2, balcony included), and Category 12 Suites are sized 430 ft2 (40m2).

Suite perks

Booking Carnival cruise suite staterooms adds more points by the line's Past Guest loyalty program VIFp Club ("Very Important Fun Person"). The Carnival's loyalty program was launched for the first time in 2006 under the name "Carnival Concierge Club". Additionally offered benefits and perks are:

  • priority services (check-in, tendering in ports of call, early embarkation-disembarkation, Spa and shore excursions reservations)
  • guaranteed reservations for supper clubs and specialty restaurants
  • free laundry /ironing
  • discounted deals and special rates on VIFP Club themed cruises
  • car rental, hotel and package discounts, generous onboard credits
  • fresh fruit and flowers, concierge-served en-suite dining
  • complimentary cocktail parties, invitations to the Captain's Cocktail Party.

What is the cost of Carnival cruise suites?

The best way to compare Carnival cruise suite prices is to the comparison of rates Per Person Per Day (double occupancy). And Carnival is simply the world's cheapest as to the cabin sizes and amenities included. The smallest cabins (Small Interior) are at $50-60 PP per sailing. The smallest Carnival suites cost around $110-120 PP per day. Most of the line's Caribbean cruises as prices of Suite rooms are at around $200 PP per day, and rarely exceed $300 (generally on Holiday sailings). Many consider the Carnival's Premium Balcony rooms as a Suite-substitute (cabin+balcony 230+75 ft2, or 22+7 m2). So you may also book some of those - they run at $90-100 PP per day, and go up to $150 on Holidays.